Passive Fist

Sometimes it's easier for us to let go of violence than it is for violence to let go of us.

The Story

Our story follows John Moon; a man at a crossroads.  Having quit the force five years ago, he traded in his old life as a detective for a new life as a monk.  After being called to return to the town he hates, he finds himself forced to chose which of these lives he'll lose and at what cost.

Our Story

We are a collection of filmmakers that have been making movies for the last three years at great personal and financial expense to ourselves and families.  We're committed to creating this awesome film and excited since it's our most ambitious one yet. Even though we've made many movies without a dime, the story and the talent that we've assembled warrant us doing this one the right way. There is something to be said about overcoming financial limitations with the power of sheer creativity problem solving.  However, the truth is, financing would afford us the freedom to create in a method that does not compromise safety, laws, friendships and most importantly adheres to the initial vision of the story.

Production for this project will begin March 2011.  We expect to have a completed product by late June with DVD's authored and distributed soon after.

What We Need & What You Get

We'll be using the funding to cover the following expenses in order of magnitude: camera/equipment rental, production insurance, location rental, food, costumes/materials and pay for cast and crew.  

Whatever we're unable to raise through this fundraiser, will require me to dip into my own pocket to cover the difference.  As a father of two little ones and the sole source of income in my household, this is something I do with much regret. So please, please, please, please help us.  You will be happy that you did.

Other Ways You Can Help

Not everyone has money to give.  We're all artists and know very well that couch-surfing is just one of those dues that simply needs to be paid some times.  But that doesn't mean you can't help out.  Please take this URL and send it to your friends or post it and repost it and repost it and you'll be able to help us as much as any contribution.

Send us an email of your posting efforts and we might even provide you with an extra bonus.  Reach us at dimpictures at gmail dot com.

Team on This Campaign: