Pass the Constitutional amendment to get money out of politics!

Join the FIRST-EVER fundraising campaign supporting the grassroots work to pass a Constitutional amendment to get money out of politics.

Support the grassroots work that is getting money out of politics!

4 years ago, Barack Obama and John McCain didn't agree on much.

Now, they both support a Constitutional amendment that reduces the corrupting power of money in politics.  Elections - and politicians - should not be bought.  We're sure you'll agree.  Polls say 87% of Americans do!  But a divided, partisan Congress will never pass the Constitutional amendment we need.

So you and we are doing this - together.

Who we are

We are the local activists of the national organizations working on this issue: Common Cause, Move To Amend, Public Citizen, and United Republic. 

The challenge is these organizations don't have the money for enough grassroots organizing.

The solution is that we are joining forces, across organizations, to do the grassroots gruntwork - to get our states to pass the Constitutional amendment that everyone is talking about.

6 states have already passed the necessary resolution calling for an amendment to be officially proposed. We are on our way to the 34 needed to call a constitutional amendment.  We are using the tremendous momentum in Illinois to make it the 7th state, and continuing the momement and fundraising efforts to support grassroots activists nationwide, all the way to 34 states.

Show President Barack Obama, and our officials after election season - we want to take our democracy back. And we are doing it.

What your support will do

"It will take millions of people to defeat billions of dollars." -United Republic

The funding is being overseen by a board of diverse citizens, led by a professional communty organizer who helped Cesar Chavez organize for farmers' labor rights.

Your support will help with the following:

  • Fliers informing voters of the ballot resolutions in their communities
  • Materials for meetings and educational events
  • Supplies to gather signatures
  • Hiring new, local staff to support the volunteers
  • Creating the infrastructure for a sustainable grassroots fundraising model for the future
  • And any unforeseen costs that may (but hopefully don't) arise!

Simply printing 25,000 fliers for $1,000 - a relatively small expense - becomes a huge headache when activists on the ground don't have the resources needed to actually get our resolutions passed. We can never defeat the moneyed interests this way.

We need funds to actually inform and engage people like you in our work!

And we will use the funds you provide in this campaign to help create an infrastructure for future fundraising from people and organizations that believe in this work.

What you get in return!

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  • Get recognition for your support!
  • Get the swag you need to spread the word about this movement, and look cool doing it! (You'll even get to vote for which awesome design we print!)
  • Know how long you are funding our movement for!
  • Meet/talk with the activists pushing the initiative forward!

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More on the issue

In 2010 the Supreme Court made a controversial ruling called Citizens United v. FEC crystallizing "corporations as people" and "money as free speech." It, along with other misguided decisions, led to Super PACs and elections that are even more corrupt before (and they weren't good before). Now, 87% of Americans agree that, to put it simply, government + well-financed special interests = corruption

What does the Constitutional amendment say? Basically, it gives local, state, and federal governments the ability to regulate money in elections. This necessarily includes regulating corporations, as well. You see, the Court has a history of saying corporations are people, so they get the Constitutional right of free speech (i.e. unlimited money in elections). But you and we know, only people are people.

For a comprehensive explanation of the amendment process and wording, check out http://www.MoveToAmend.org

The plan is working so far - now we just need your support to finish the job!

In conclusion

Everyone who donates can select:

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  • to receive updates on what we are doing with your funding
  • to receive information on how to volunteer in your area

"It will take millions of people to defeat billions of dollars."

The plan is working so far, we just need your support to finish the job.

Select your perk!

Donate however much you are able, then use the sharing tools to spread the word.

Thank you so much, from all the volunteers and staff who are working hard to get this done.

We mean it. We are grateful for your support.


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