Paris after Marville & Atget

Peter Sramek's photographs revisit Parisian views by Charles Marville from 1865-77. Join the campaign - go to the online store and order the book / buy a print.


The participation of many people in this funding campaign has helped me with production costs -  the printing of a museum quality, colour edition of the new book, Piercing Time - Paris after Marville and Atget. The fundraising continues now through the store where you can pre-order the book or buy a print. The blog continues to present images and commentary on the project:  http://parisaftermarville.tumblr.com.

Although we met the goal, this is less than half of the funds needed. But... we are on the way there.

Peter Sramek (sramek.ca) has been a photographic artist since the 1970s and has produced many series of black and white photographs related to historic sites in France, Italy, Czech Republic, Germany and in Canada where he lives. He is Chair of Photography at OCAD University and is represented by the Stephen Bulger Gallery (www.bulgergallery.com).

The campaign is specifically to raise the funds which Sramek has committed himself to find in order to keep the final cover price down while producing a large, expensively printed monograph.

What can you do? Begin by spreading the word to your contacts and then donate what you can, to support the project and receive the great 'perks'.

Book Maquette Image

The book is to be published by Intellect Press (www.intellectbooks.co.uk) and released through the University of Chicago Press in the fall of 2013. Production costs will be about $30,000. and financial support is needed for the high quality printing of so many image pages. The historical images will come from new, high resolution digital copywork from the Parisienne de Photographie agency in Paris who have been extremely supportive of this project.

 In his own words:

I am really excited about the many themes which run though this project and I want the book to reflect this in its quality of production. This is probably the most significant body of work I have done to date. It will add to a wide range of fields, opening up the Marville archive in new ways for visitors to Paris as well as scholars of urban studies and photographic history. By bringing in local voices, it will give a window onto how people feel today about urban change and connect this with historical attitudes about development in this key city which brought Europe into the modern age.

Although I need $15,000 in total, this campaign aims modestly to raise a portion of this. If we can actually get to our ultimate goal, then I can move forward with our vision of high quality printing without cutting corners while still keeping the final price affordable.

After 4 years in the making (and nearly 150 years after Marville's photographs) your participation at whatever level you choose is necessary to get this project out into the world as a physical, printed reality. Wouldn't you rather hold this in your hands than simply look at examples on youfr screen? Help us to make this book a reality.

 The Rewards

Although you are being asked to support this project because you are excited about it, the rewards are definitely a bargain. The prints are being offered below value for this limited period, but still as signed and numbered editions. Buying the book ahead of time will give you a signed copy as soon as it is available while giving you images for your desktop right away. Prints will be produced as soon as the campaign ends. Check out further reward details and other images from the project at ParisAfterMarville.tumblr.com.

 Rue du Chat-qui-Pêche     Eglise St-Eustache

   Rue du Chat-qui-Pêche            Rue du Jour - Eglise St-Eustache


 Rue de Bièvre     Rue du Maître-Albert

            Rue de Bièvre                      Rue du Maître-Albert 

Your Support

Whatever you are able to do will be appreciated. Simply buying a copy of the book now, will help make its production possible. Pre-sales are a substantial way to demonstrate the interest in the forthcoming publication and they assure the publisher of sales potential.

And even if you are unable to assist financially, the key to Indiegogo is getting the word out. Your actions are needed to make the campaign a success.

There are many people who are interested in Paris, photography, urban development, old architecture, maps and history. This book will be of interest to them, but only if they know about it.

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We will be providing new images and updates on these sites during and after the campaign.

Sample of ScreenSaver Animated Collage

The Team

This is not a commercial project. I have devoted 4 years of time and energy, research, photography and writing, not to mention funds.  Françoise Reynaud and Jean-Baptiste-Woloch at the Musée Carnavalet have generously shared their time and expertise. Min K Lee of Swarthmore College and Shalini Le Gall of NYU Paris have carried out their research and written texts. The travel and photography has been partially supported by OCAD University faculty funding and by a Google Research Award. Four assistants have helped with various aspects – Pat Navarro  and Miko Sramek have assisted with database entry and digital processing. Melissa Clark and Shanon Fujioka are working to design and moderate the social media including this campaign.

In the end, production of a large photo book is very expensive and one just hopes to cover costs. This is a labour of love, of cultural work, which hopes to gain your support.

The Project Details

The book documents 184 street locations of Paris and will be illustrated with almost 500 images – by Charles Marville (1860s-70s), Eugène Atget (early 1900s) and Peter Sramek (present day). Related historical maps will locate the images accurately. Texts have been written by historians Min K Lee and Shalini Le Gall, as well as Peter Sramek and interviews with Parisians will bring in a contemporary popular view of urban change. Historical images are coming from the Musée Carnavalet with whom Sramek has worked closely and also from the Bibliothèque Historique, Bibliothèque Nationale and MOMA (NYC).

Release of the book will coincide with a large exhibition of Marville photographs curated by Sarah Kennel of the National Gallery in Washington. This show will then travel to the Metropolitan Museum in NY, to the Carnavalet in Paris and the National Gallery in Ottawa.

The project is described more fully in the Blog which will feature details of the Perks, more example images and annoucements: ParisAfterMarville.tumblr.com 



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