ParaShoot: Smart Wearable Video Mini HD Camera

Capture life on the go. Connects to your phone. Wireless. Versatile. Customizable. Share instantly.
Team ParaShoot
New York, New York
United States
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*You can dress this little camera up in many different ways, with your own custom skins.

Development & Manufacturing

We started with the idea of a neck wearable camera that could capture both videos and photos allowing to share the footage instantly.  We launched and successfully crowdfunded a production campaign on IndieGoGo.

Internally on the hardware, we upgraded to the premier video processing chipset for fast speed and HD wireless processing.  The multitude of features we deployed in the ParaShoot hardware and software are currently not available in any other product of the same size, versatility of use and build quality.  We successfully completed the manufacturing of the ParaShoot HD Luck. 

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Our Team

We are comprised of industrial, electrical and computer engineers, as well as consumer product specialists and production managers, located in the USA, Asia, and Europe.  

Over the years our team has worked for Philips Electronics, IBM, AMD, Spansion, ASML, and CraneCo.  We have a passion for fun, innovative electronics and consumer products, and an expertise in wireless systems and technologies.  

We developed the ParaShoot because we fundamentally believe in connecting people together, and photos & videos are the way we share our lives and experiences with loved ones.    

Safe Use and Legality

We encourage you to use your ParaShoot safely and securely.  You are always responsible for what you shoot, so please observe video and photography policies as applicable in daily and commercial use.  Do not violate any bans, and do not infringe on anyone's privacy or integrity.  Apply care and caution to your parashooting.  If you are asked to stop the use of your ParaShoot, please do so.

Risks and challenges

The manufacturing involved in the ParaShoot project was complex and spanned a number of suppliers and objectives.  Our greatest challenge is listening to our users and providing the best support possible.  We are looking forward to you joining the community and recording meaningful moments with your ParaShoot.

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