Papi Is Happy! - My 21st Birthday Wish

Mark (My Papi) has been disabled and struggling for seven years, and recently circumstances have gotten worse. My family needs and appreciates your help!
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Papi's Wishes- 

To those who do not know, Papi has passed on to a better place. He is no longer in pain, and he finally gets the break he has deserved for such a long time. If you would have asked me One month ago, when I started this campaign, if this would happen I wouldn't know what to say. Though it truly has been the most beneficial and comforting effort I have ever endured, knowing that more than any monetary amount my father could have gained, Papi left this world with hope and faith in the people around him because of all of your support. He had always said that anything he did was about the kids, so for those wondering I will be making sure that the money raised goes towards the kids and any needs that they will have in the coming months. Thank you All for your continued support, thoughts, prayers, and Love. 


We are SO Grateful for all of the help, and with over a month left we are going to keep the momentum moving and go for a NEW GOAL! We are aiming to raise  $5,000 by the end of the campaign. This will be enough to cover my father's expenses until I graduate college and am able to support him in May. Thank you SO much for the continued support!

Our Story

Most people have had that feeling where something goes wrong, and then another thing goes wrong, and then it turns into a snowball effect of unfortunate events. This is my father's life for the past seven years.  He lost his leg and contracted a Staph infection, which led to MRSA. He developed COPD, which requires him to be on oxygen constantly. Then his back broke from Osteoporosis.

We are a big family. Up to about seven years ago, our father needed his leg amputated because of an infection that spread from him stepping on a rusty nail while on the job as a commercial painter. 

His health never seemed to recover. He has continued to develop different illnesses that keep him from complete recovery. 

Despite any illness, our father has always stayed strong and supported his kids in any way he could. Even on the brink of death he made sure he gave us the passion, understanding, and love we always needed. He is a fighter and always makes sure that we have what we need. 

He is the father of 8 kids. Cassie is 32, Robert is 28, Eric is 28, I am 20, Austin is 16, Luke is 12, Barbara Jean (Sissy) is 10, and Patty is 6. The youngest under me are still between homes and even in illness they are the main focus of my father. 

I wanted to do something to make sure that he gets what he needs for a first. 

I am a senior at the University of South Florida Saint Petersburg. I am the first in my family to go to a university and I try my best to make a difference in the world around me. I enjoy entrepreneurship, music, sports, health, friends, competition, and risk. My name is Mark Lombardi-Nelson and for my 21st Birthday, I want to help my dad provide for his family. 

Our Needs 

If this campaign is successful, my dad can enjoy one month without a worry. The following necessities would be cared for:

$500 - Rent

$200 - Electric/Utility

$300 - Food for the family

If our goal is not reached, funds raised will go towards the most pressing bills to assist with the costs of the month.

Our Hopes

Our family and Papi would appreciate your help. We understand that it is tough for a lot of people out there, but your help is invaluable. 

If you can't donate, please share our story and cause. Bring it up at your next meeting or even in your workplace. Share our page on your Facebook or tweet our story. Your virtual support goes the distance.

We appreciate your help, your prayers, and your well-wishes.

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    A Family

    Welcome to the family. This is such a significant donation that words can not describe how this impacts us on the daily. We will send you a family picture of our smiling faces to show you how much you mean to us! Plus Every bit of love offered above!

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    A Night With The Family

    Meet the Family! We will set aside the time to have a nice home-cooked meal, and enjoyable night of fun. Talk to the kids, listen to the family stories, and be with the people whose lives you have changed!

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