Paperdoll Sprites software

PaperDoll Sprites will allow you to create spritesheets and animated gif's from single sprites.


Why Paperdoll Sprites ?

I like to program old style, retro games, sprites and Paperdoll Sprites idea born because is hard to get and manage custom dress-able sprites to simplify the process of in-game content creation.

I'm programming since 1996 and tired of databases and web pages and decided to get my hands on my inspiration for computers: game programming.

Paperdoll Sprites will allow to create assemble spritesheets and animated gif's from single frame sprites also you can create skins or cloths for your sprites and visualize it on the fly.
If you try to create a eight direction sprite character animation with an armor, suppose the animation of four frames then you need 32 frames for the base character. suppose the armor is composed by head, chest, legs, feet and arms
 to get simple then you need

The basic setup:
  • head: 32 frames.
  • chest: 32 frames.
  • legs: 32 frames.
  • feet: 32 frames.
  • arms: 32 frames.
Also you need the following combinations:
  • head+chest
  • head+legs
  • chest+legs
  • chest+feet
  • head+chest+legs
and so on (you get the point).

with Paperdoll Sprites you only need the basic setup of this to work because you are dressing the character and only create a dress piece
only once and you can combine it in every form you like.

Why I'm using Indiegogo?

 I need to raise funds to cover the initial costs, open an international bank account, set up a website with an acceptable bandwidth
and adjust my work schedules without affect my income because I have to pay the bills too.

What Paperdoll will really do ?

Well Paperdoll Sprites will help you to assemble, organize and visualize your sprites, export sprite-sheets (combined and with clothes) and gif's.
I'm planning to add editing features with layers in the next releases but on the initial release of the application editing is not planned.

Other Ways You Can Help

tell your friends !
tell me if I misspelled some words in this page I'm not an english native speaker.
Platforms that Paperdoll will support

Im using Java as my main programming languaje in Linux and Windows and if you have Java 7 installed and running is supposed to Paperdoll will work without problems, also maybe will include Android on future releases.

Application startup with empty project

Application startup


Eight direction sprites with all frames loaded.

8 direction

Clothes and accesories will show on the right and you can previsualize composed with the main sprites.

without clothes


with clothes

Sample exported spritesheet



Also you can create your Web avatar with Paperdoll Spritesheet and change it every day




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