Pantyhose for Men: 4x30 seconds web commercials

Creating 30 seconds tv commercials for the web to promote the idea of male pantyhose / mantyhose as a regular clothing item, educating a global audience

Our Story - Pantyhose for Men / Mantyhose

I am promoting mantyhose through my website e-mancipate.net, and with photos that I occassionally take and publish.

While I do know there are some much more important issues generally in life, I strongly believe that pantyhose - at least patterned tights - could be again part of he male fashion wardrobe just like they were for centuries. While they are a bit of a surprise at first sight, actually they look fine on the male legs.

If you're new to pantyhose for men (mantyhose) please visit http://www.e-mancipate.net or just do a search on the subject to see why there are a growing number of men who like to wear them - it's for health reasons, for sports, for the feeling or, as for me, for the outfit / fashion.

Previous campaigns

With my previous photo campaign - I have uploaded my photos to a news agent in the UK - we got a relatively high coverage: about five million printed copies altogether in different newspapers and magazines in about six countries. Additionally, images done by me have been on tv screens about fifty million times (est.) through ABC / NBC / CNN and other mainstream tv channels. 

As a consequence, new pantyhose for men manufacturers and shops were coming to the scene, and from time to time there is a hype about the issue.

The present campaign

The general image of the issue is still close to what you see in the pilot video above, and I want to move forward now.

Looking at previous campaign's numbers it's quite clear that video is about ten times more effective than photos.

So this time I plan to produce a series of rather classical, 30 seconds commercials that would be uploaded to Youtube, which means a global audience now. The videos will be subtitled in several languages, and they are expected to be used (by embedding) by local online media worldwide, creating an awareness of the issue again, and hopefully pushing it forward by opening the eyes of pantyhose manufacturers and fashion designers on a larger scale than before.

Additionally, I will able to provide tv channels with raw footage that they can use for their own programming.

The content

There are four commercials planned. 

The first three are showing everyday situations - chat with a tennis trainer after a match, arriving to friends at a pub after a tiring day at work, and talking about approaching a pretty girl -, and the only specialty is that some of the people (men) seen on screen are wearing pantyhose with shorts (in a tasteful and fashionable way). 

The message of these shorts are that mantyhose are nothing special, and could be part of the everyday life just like ties and socks (see storyboards in the pilot video).

The fourth commercial (no storyboard) shows different guys one after one, in a medium shot that allows to see only their upper body. Each of them are saying a sentence about something that they like - for health, for sports, for warmth, for comfort, for fashion - but it's not clear what they are talking about, until in a second series of shots we see their legs as well - and they are wearing all these different type of pantyhose made for men.

All shorts are finished with an animated end title, probably showing some manufacturers and websites as well.

What We Need & What You Get

As some of you already know, I work as a film/tv producer when not promoting pantyhose for men -- so it comes handy now.

The roughly 15.000 Euros would be enough for two days of shooting with professional digital cinema equipment and lighting, paying a director, a director of photography, 1st and 2nd assistants, gaffer, grips, pro audio recording equipment and sound engineer, line producer / production manager and an assistant, stylist and wardrobe, makeup, about five real actors (not photo models!) and for a separate casting event to find them. It should pay for locations hire and for the location scouting to find the right places, crew transportation, communications, electricity used during the shooting. The budget includes necessary postproduction, especially color grading and end-title animation, and even music composing (without original music it will be off YouTube in a day). We will also have still photos out from the film shooting.

Generally speaking, there would be about 20 persons on set for two days, about two truckloads of equipment, and about 3-5 person would work for about a month on the project.

While the budget seems quite high compared to everyday life, it's a very low budget compared to what tv commercials usually have - so we will run low budget, and it's absolutely fine as I can't wait to do these films.

At the end there will by HD (1080p) shorts digitally delivered to YouTube, also promoted via e-MANcipate.net.

Raw materials shot would be available for general media use for free through e-MANcipate.net - so next time a tv show approaching me I'll able to feed them full HD shots.

So what if I don't reach the targeted budget? I will do less than four commercials, depending on the actual ending.

Other Ways You Can Help

You probably already know how to spread te word - please visit your forum, twitter of facebook page and link to this page!

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