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Robert Rodrigo
Albany, New York
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"If you ever can bring about revolutionary changes two things would be required: young people... and music."

At the age of eighteen, I started PANDA to combat the indefinite detention provisions of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).Since that time, we have worked on a national, state, and local level to defeat those sections, introducing 18 pieces of state level and numerous pieces of local legislation. Two years later, we reach anywhere from 30,000 to 1.5 million people per week. 

As a result of PANDA's efforts, and those of the #NDAAResistance, the movement we spawned, four cities have banned the NDAA, and 60 more are considering it. People across America are demanding their rights more than ever before. 

Now, we're launching our biggest project yet. We've realized that there is a serious lack of music, and thus young people, in the fight for our future. We intend to change that, and with your help, we will. 

Welcome to the PANDA Take Back Tour. 


The Take Back Tour will start off small and manageable. This year, we will travel to three cities:

Kalamazoo, MI - April 19th, 2014 - James R. Miller Auditorium

Atlanta, GA - May 25th, 2014 - Mable House Amphitheater

Albany, NY - June 7th, 2014 - The Armory

We have invited over 20 artists, including The Siren, Tatiana Moroz, Chris Black, Immortal Technique, Saving Abel, Rage Against the Machine, Jordan Page, Mirk, the Ameros, Derran Day, Aviva and the Flying Penguins, Rustic Justice and more, several of whom have already signed on to the event.

Robert Rodrigo is leading the event team, assisted by Rustic Justice Productions. He is an experienced event planner/promoter who has managed and promoted events like the Susquehanna Valley Rockfest, Festival of Nations, An Evening with Doc Severinsen, and more, and has promoted for Staind. Coldplay, Breaking Benjamin, Rob Thomas, and Cirque De Soleil.

PANDA has worked with over 500 organizations since I founded it in 2012, including these, and we are reaching out to each and every one of them to sponsor this Tour as soon as we get the funds to make it happen. They will be listed below as the Tour gets going. 

We are also cosponsoring, and have helped promote, the Free and Equal United We Stand Fest. This is a one-day event in Los Angeles, CA coming May 10th, 2014, with artists, speakers, and a powerful activist message, promoted by the one organization to hold a Third-Party, nationally televised, professionally moderated, debate in 2012. 

We have the pieces set in place. We just have to raise the funds necessary to put on the event, and we can bring the NDAA to a completely new audience. The $10,000 we're asking for here will give us the immediate funding we need to:

1. Start advertising
2. Sign contracts for artists and speakers
3. Arrange travel and logistics
4. Secure arenas
5. Secure the other $10,000 needed to pull of the Tour.

Goals of the Tour

For too long, this nation has looked to the Federal government as the solution to all our problems. When, in the few instances that they do, state legislatures take action, that action is often paltry and, as a result, our local officials have completely neglected their Oaths of office and forgotten that it is they who must stand for our rights. 

This tour is designed, through powerful music and inspirational speakers, to focus on solving national issues at a local level, how the NDAA threatens every person with a voice, and what we must do to fight it. It is designed to:

1. Bring awareness to the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). 

This is the most dangerous law in American history, that could reauthorize a WWII Japanese American style detention in America, and targets average Americans for none other than being suspected of terrorism. The USA PATRIOT Act allows the Federal government to look at your phone, the 2012 NDAA allows the military to take you without a trial...violating 14 provisions of the Constitution and risking a repeat of the greatest civil rights disaster in U.S. history. 

The best way to bring awareness to a problem is through music. This Tour has the potential to do just that. 

2. Encourage local-level action on national issues.

Why has America always looked to Congress to solve our problems, when person after person, year after year, continues to betray us? As a movement on the cutting edge of taking back our cities and towns, we have found that Congress is far too corrupt, too bought and paid for, too distant to really see our problems and respond to our demands, regardless of the issue. 

This is why we took our campaign to a local level, and have achieved major success since then. Four cities, including the capitol of New York, have taken action to protect the rights of their people against an oppressive government. 60 cities are considering the same action, you can see people across the nation speaking out on the Gallery page. 

We want to teach other movements how to do this. Movements across the nation have forgotten the power of local level action to defend our rights. They have forgotten that each and every official takes an Oath to defend those rights. They have forgotten the basic tenets of our nation, that the number one purpose of all government, at all levels, is to defend our rights, our liberty, and our lives. We want to give our model to the nation, so they can start pushing back against an oppressive, over-militarized, rampant government. 

3. Bring the youth together to find common ground.

My generation, the next generation,will have to deal with the decisions we make today. The money we spend today, the human lives we extinguish, the right we trample on, they will all have a great effect on the freedom of our youth. We will have a great many speakers and artists at this event, from many different backgrounds, and speaking about many different issues. 

Some issues many will agree with, some issues many will not. Each issue has the potential to open minds, each issue is designed to limit government, and each issue has a local solution. We have all come together for a similar goal, to defeat the 2012 NDAA, and from there we will find common ground where people from the right, the left, and across the spectrum could never before have known they agreed. The Common Ground Movement has recognized our efforts, and supports the Tour. 

This tour can get America's youth active in the fight for our future. It can spark a fire for freedom in the music industry. It can literally change our culture back to freedom. 

With your help, it will.

What’s all the fuss about the NDAA?

It’s a big deal.

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) is a bill that normally funds the military.  However, in 2012, two sections (1021 & 1022) made the NDAA the most dangerous law since the U.S. Civil War. Repeating the mistakes of WWII, when we detained 120,000 Japanese-Americans on race alone, this law authorizes the indefinite military detention of any person suspected of an affiliation with terrorism.  This law applies to American citizens in America, non-citizens in America, and American citizens abroad. It doesn’t matter.

No charge. No trial. No day in court. Passed 93-7 in the Senate, 283-136 in the House.

How does it affect you?

The government just redefined a “terrorist.” It’s not someone convicted of blowing up buildings anymore. It’s everyone. According to multiple documents from the FBI, Department of Homeland Security, and other agencies, It’s people who are “reverent of individual liberty,” “suspicious of centralized authority,” and “antifederalists.” It’s people who carry cash instead of credit. It’s people who are against fracking. It’s Constitutionalists, Ron Paul supporters, Democrats, Republicans, tea partiers and occupiers. Essentially, it’s everyone.

So, why should I donate?

Just yesterday, the Pentagon announced it will assassinate another American citizen. Last week, Justice Antonin Scalia told us the Supreme Court would approve another Japanese-American style detention. Last year, the U.S. Military, supported by militarized law enforcement, conducted house-to-house searches in two U.S. cities, dragging families out by gunpoint, searching reporters, and locking down the city. Police forces are becoming more militarized every day. 

All these events show a disturbing trend. We are losing our rights, and liberties, while the government claims it can indefinitely detain anyone without charge or trial. As a movement, we have focused on passing legislation, forcing city, county, police, and sheriff's departments to stop the military from detaining someone in their city/county. These resolutions are starting to pick up steam, and, little by little, are making it less likely for a person to be picked up for political beliefs or a suspected "belligerent act." 

However, in order to stop this, we cannot just change the law. We must change the culture. We must change the youth. We must change the arts. We must change the minds of the artists. We must change the music.

The Take Back Concert tour is designed to take back our music. 7 of the artists who have confirmed have specific songs about the NDAA, or are creating them for the tour. And once we take back the music, we can take back the youth, the generation that needs to stand up to oppression now. 

You can help me, help us, take back my generation. Together, we show the next generation WHY liberty, and create a culture where the NDAA will be impossible to enforce, and where young people are engaged with their local government...a culture where young people have a voice, and use it. 

Please donate today to make that happen. 

We change the nation by taking back our cities.

We take back our cities by changing the culture. 

We change the culture by changing the music. 

Welcome to the PANDA Take Back Concert Tour 2014. 

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