Panchito Chepas

A satirical point and click adventure filled with quirky characters, handmade animations and challenging puzzles.
Pinodrom Studios
San Sebastián
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English PC version - 83,4 MB

Versión PC en Español - 83,4 MB

Mac version English/Spanish - 218.8 MB

Remember that this is an Alpha demo, we would love to improve several aspects of the game like the translation or even adding some voices. 

Right now the Demo is only available for PC as we will have to work on the Mac and Linux version once the game is finished.

In this game you play the role of Panchito Chepasa seemingly innocent character who has just come to a godforsaken town. You will discover that gold is the real engine of the town, and all the dirty tricks you know will be put to the test in order to acquire all the precious gold.

This is no game for a person of high morals; to get through you will have to be a real bastard.

We have been playing all sorts of adventure games since we were kids, and have grown up with the illusion of one day making one. We do not claim to be developing the best adventure ever, but certainly aim to leave our mark.

This is the first chapter of the game, if we reach our goal of making more chapters, then all of you who have donated € 5 or more will get all the chapters.

- A lot of ingenious and enjoyable puzzles.

- More than 20 crazy characters to trick and interact with.

- 30 scenarios and counting.

- About 40 items to pick up without any permission from the owners.

- Over 5000 hilarious dialog lines.

- 2000 hand drawed sprites.

- A delightful soundtrack.

*Note that these features are for the first chapter. 

To be available on:

This town was once a thriving place where gold mines were full, and its citizens were used to spend the precious metal in decadent vices. Now, prosperity has long gone, but not corruption. Thus, the once healthy town has been overrun by a plague of thieves, hustlers and all kind of scum. All of them lead by a ruthless and tyranical mayor. Anyway, there is still some remaining gold hidden in their houses and here is where Panchito comes in.

However, the game is not bound by the towns limits; you will find some other full of magic scenarios, to which civilisations reeks are only slowly starting to arrive.

We have chosen a simple style of clear line and plain colors, resembling the old European comic book tradition.

Characters and scenery have been designed as a mixture of classic western cinema and our own peculiar fantasy world.

The downfall of the town can be seen in every scenario, where rundown and abandoned buildings prevail.

We are working hard on the puzzles in our effort to maintain the taste of the old adventure games, where you had to rack your brains (but without risk of explosion). The puzzles that you would gradually solve after getting stuck sometimes, but would fill you with great satisfaction at the end.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we are doing creating them.

These are some of the characters of the game

Pantchito Chepas: He is the main character, just arrived in town and is already in jail for unknown crimes. He loves animals.

Mayor: A small charlatan who rules over the town. The only thing he longs for more than gold, is the power he obtains from it. He would sell his grandmother for a gold coin.

Camporedondo: This skinny and quiet guy is the town's sheriff. He wants to maintain law and order in Papadero Creek, so he will soon notice Panchito.


Troll: Captured and educated in the most rude and rough ways, this magic being guards the prison.

Truhan: Born in some far away lands, this charismatic trickster will make himself a name in town, and as much business as he can with Panchito.

And much more you will be able to discover in game.

We are a small company from Spain made up of three friends. We are nostalgic of old graphic adventures, and we want to create a game for our families to stop looking at us with pity and disgust.

These are our different tasks:

  -Eneko is the cartoonist and animator.

  -Charlie is the programmer.

  -Julen is the voice of reason behind the two of us.

However, the three of us work together in creating dialogues and puzzles, which we consider the pillars of the genre.

Being a small company with limited resources has made us come to the crowdfunding family. One of the reasons we are here is because crowdfunding could help us to dedicate ourselves full-time to our game.

We believe we can contribute somehow to the genre, so judging if we are worth giving a try is entirely up to you.





Which is your favourite animal?

“If the project gets finally funded, we will build our particular Noe’s arch in the form of a big drawing with all the backed animals and send a digital copy to all of you. Those animals who are not backed will be sacrificed, could you live with it?” 

Thank you for all your support!

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    Tyrannosaurus Rex

    You will be characterized as the God worshiped by the sect. In fact, you will determine the doctrine and dogma concerning to the sect and what your acolytes must do in order to satisfy your will. All the above (except the exclusives).

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