A modern western about a little girl who dreams of becoming an outlaw.

What is "Pancha"?

Pancha is a modern western told from the perspective of a little girl who dreams of becoming an outlaw like her hero, the revolutionary Pancho Villa. When her friend's doll is kidnapped by a gang of rowdy boys, Pancha offers them a tempting trade that gets her into serious trouble with the law. After discovering the true meaning of heroism, she rallies up the girls to get back at the boys once and for all...  

In other words: an epic little ten-minute narrative shot on 35mm film. 

About Us

This project is a collaborative effort between Writer/Director Kurtis Gnagey and Director of Photography Thomas Cameron, two filmmakers currently based in Chicago, Illinois. It will also be Thomas's thesis film through his studies in cinematography at Columbia College. Production will be in late April of 2011, and the final film will be completed this summer. 

Why We Need Your Help
Every penny raised will go toward making this dream a reality. We've got our camera, but we still need help with the following:

  • 35mm film stock
  • Processing and lab costs
  • Sound equipment
  • Production design
  • Location fees
  • Transportation costs
  • Catering costs (40+ people for five full days of production)

Help Spread the Word!
We can't thank you enough for your help. Any amount you could donate would mean the world to us. Even if you can't help us yourself, we would still appreciate your help in getting the word out about this project; if you know anyone that might be interested, please pass this page along. 

Also be sure to visit our blog and Facebook page, where we'll be keeping track of our pre-production progress.

The Pancha Team  

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