A short film about how a movie palace in a small town connects with three generations of cinema-goers.


About the film

Palace is a short film about how the magic of cinema connects three generations of moviegoers through a timeless movie palace. 

Think back to the first time you stepped into a movie theater. Do you remember that one movie that took you from your seat and catapulted you into another place, another time, another world?

This is story is about that spectacular feeling when the movie flickered for the first time in front of your eyes. It’s a story about that magical place where wonderful stories are told. This is not a story about a movie theater. It is more than that; it is a tale of a Palace.

Brief synopsis:

In the 1940’s the Carlisle Theater has opened its doors to the world in a glow of lights, glamour and success. Fast-forward 50 years and the dilapidated movie palace is falling apart and up for sale. Leo, the theater’s owner, after providing his community 50 years of a majestic cinematic experience, now struggles with the theater’s demise as a corporation threatens to buy and demolish the Carlisle. Palace captures the nostalgia and the magic of a movie palace that may be facing its own extinction.

How you can help:

Palace needs a community of supporters to help make it a reality. All donations will go to the production of the film.


  • Professional RED camera system & accessories
  • Lighting
  • Actors
  • Sets & Location fees
  • Wardrobe
  • Make-Up
  • Travel
  • Food and on-set essentials

Our Goal:

The $7000 goal will only cover our most basic expenses to make Palace a reality. However, we want to showcase this story with as much quality as possible. If we reach and surpass our goal, we will be able to pay for better equipment as well as improve upon our wardrobe and art direction and even acquire better locations. These are key elements of the film that will take it to the next level:

  • Cinema Lenses (PL Mount)
  • HMI Lighting
  • Moving Camera Equipment such as jib arms and dollies
  • High-end city locations (corporate offices in the city)


Perks & Incentives:

As a thank you for your donation, we have set up a system of incentives so that your experience in making Palace a reality is as rewarding as possible. 


  • Thank you and recognition on our Official Palace website (Click here)
  • HD download of Palace
  • Special Edition 1st Release DVD
  • Digital download of the Palace script
  • Concept art signed by our artists
  • Official Promotional Poster of the film
  • Blu-Ray of Palace
  • Limited Edition Palace Crew-Only T-Shirt
  • Specially-bound signed copy of the script
  • Extremely Limited Edition "Classic Style" signed movie poster
  • A credited role as an extra
  • Invitation to a VIP screening
  • Associate Producer credit
  • Executive Producer credit

Your Impact

The story of historic cinemas that is woven throughout Palace is something that needs to be shared. Our cinematic past started in these theaters and cannot be forgotten. 

Palace's story will help put the focus back on the importance and history of these theaters. We need your help to do it. 

Other Ways You Can Help

Not everyone can donate, and that's okay. Here are some ways you can help:

Spread the word about Palace. Go to your local downtown theater. Tell them that a story is being told that they would be interested in. Share and follow Palace on facebook and twitter. Here are our links:

Palace Palace Website: www.palacethefilm.com

Facebook Facebook: www.facebook.com/palaceshortfilm

Twitter Twitter: www.twitter.com/palacethefilm

Please remember to share the campaign wherever you can! Thanks for helping to bring Palace to life!


- Rolando Vega, Director & Producer of Palace


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