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Specializing in pierogies and all things natural. Help us go big time, Bay Area!

Our Story

Carmen graduated from The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College in Philadelphia and also took several continuing education classes at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park,New York.  She has worked at fine dining restaurants and hotels, enjoys baking, and makes the best empanadas you've ever tasted! Maggie, hailing from Pittsburgh,PA, attended Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition in Berkeley,CA.  She has been cooking for families in their homes, specializing in organic baby foods and desserts catering to food allergies.  We are excited to combine our knowledge and expertise to create a natural food business in line with our love of food and nature. Pierogies have been our first focus and we are serving this niche market with both the classic flavor (potato,cheese,onion) and new flare (sweet potato rosemary,chive.)

We have been developing our products over the past five months and selling them at underground farmers markets including New Taste Marketplace (http://www.newtastemarketplace.org) and Homegrown Marin (http://www.homegrownmarinmarket.com) with great reception! We also filled the pierogi needs of many an expatriate Pittsburgher during this year's Super Bowl.  We've chopped,boiled,fried, and recipe tested and now we're ready to take our business to the next level. We'd love your help!

What we need and what you get

A local restaurant (will be announced shortly) is opening a new location in the heart of the San Francisco Mission food district and wants to feature our pierogies on their menu! That means we need to step up our production capability substantially and quickly.  The best way for us to do this is to purchase a few keep pieces of equipment that will allow us to make as many pierogies in an hour as we do now in a day.  Our fundraising goal is only enough to cover the basic machinery.  We will need more funds to acquire everything on our wishlist.Please be generous and pass this along! Look at the sidebar to see the great schwag you can get for helping us out! Our goal  is what we need to get only the main items so every bit helps.

Our holy trinity of mass pierogi making machinery include:

1.  Commercial Mixer!- This is imperative for us to be able to produce mass quantities of dumpling dough and would make mashed potatoes a lot smoother as well. $900

2.  Dough Sheeter!- In order to get a nice uniformly even dough in mass quantity, without injuring ourselves, we are going to need one of these lovely machines. $1200

3.  Turnover machine!-  This could help us significantly increase the number of orders we are able to take per week,  This tool would also help us expand our menu in the future.  We can purchase addition die cuts to make Carmen's famous empanadas for the masses! $895

Other equipment that we need or would help us out tremedously:

Cambro transport box, Sauerkraut crock, Vacuum sealer, sheet pans,cooling racks,pots, pans, and all the small accoutrements that will facilitate our day to day production.
Other Ways You Can Help

Please donate and pass this video along to your friends!  Press the share buttons! Let people know about something amazing/delicious/interesting/inspiring!  The more people who visit our site, the more chances we have to reach our goal.  Pachamama Cookery was only born in January, but we are light years beyond most people in their first five months of existence! While most food businesses can expect not to make a profit until year two, with a guaranteed restaurant client, low-cost commercial kitchen space, and extremely low start-up cost, Pachamama Cookery and her two small business owners will be a thriving entity in no time!

Imagine, just a few short months from now you'll be able to say "I helped grow a thriving, sustainable, local, women-owned food business!" Doesn't that feel good?

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