P.S. 154x Grows to Learn

Help our Bronx, NY school garden expand and grow by donating to our campaign and spreading the news.

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P.S. 154x Grows to Learn is part of the 100 Urban Gardens Initiative, a partnership between PACT, Whole Kids Foundation & Indiegogo to build 100 urban gardens across 100 cities in the US.

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Why Gardens?
Because gardens produce healthier food. Only 2% of American children eat enough fruits and vegetables, and 1 in 3 American children born after 2000 is at risk for Type II diabetes. A garden is an introduction to the real, healthy food students and families need access to.

Because gardens can help fix America's nature deficit. With more than 80% of Americans living in cities and suburbs, we need to work harder than ever to teach the values of natural processes.

Because gardens are a living laboratory for education. Not just healthy food—a lesson on what producing healthy food requires. Not just exposure to nature—a way for children to literally harvest the fruits of their labor.

A True Seed Investment
For as little as $10, you can help a community reap all the benefits a garden has to offer. In just 39 days, we plan to raise $2500 per garden; to feed,  teach, and inspire people in each of these 100 communities. Here are a few things our garden plans to do with your donations:

P.S. I54x is a Title one elementary school in the South Bronx. Our school is located in a high poverty area and many of our students live in the neighboring housing projects. In the winter of 2011 P.S. 154x received a garden grant from Grow to Learn. Our school planted five raised garden beds and harvested cucumbers, raspberries, herbs and much more. The garden is a wonderful presence in our urban area and has helped cut back on litter and vandalism on the school grounds. Our hope for the upcoming school year is to expand the school garden into a outdoor classroom. We plan to do this by mulching the entire front plot, build additional beds and put in benches. We would even like to expand our school mural or renew the mural entirely. We have seen what the garden has added to our school and urban community and hope to keep the positive momentum for years to come.


Look Good, Do Good
With every contribution to our garden, donors will receive organic, ethical perks from PACT. Our socks, undies, and t-shirts are produced to high standards of sustainability, with the comfiest organic materials we can find. You'll be giving out of the goodness of your heart, and in return you'll get PACT goodies. It's a win-win situation.



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