In a world after a zombie apocalypse where the undead are no longer feared; one family battle a new horror...real life



Introduction to PEST

Hello, and welcome! We at BigSleep films are about to embark on a grand adventure of making a high quality short film for a very small amount of money, £2000 to be precise.  You are about to watch the 7 signs of Zombification, an informative and instructional video which will hopefully help you should you every be faced with the threat of the undead! This video was done with the help of some talented friends, and also  the amazing support and equipment from SAE Institute London. We did this on a ZERO budget, imagine what we could create with your hard earned cash and support. The money will mainly go towards expenses, production design (making those few remaining zombies look really cool!) and feeding our hard working cast and crew (Brains, intestines, etc)  over the course of the shoot. Whatever you can give would be most appreciative, and as an added incentive you can also end up with some high quality prizes to say thank you for your donation. Thank you for your support.



P.E.S.T. is set in the near future where Ed, Alice and Joe are finally building a conventional family life together in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. The horrors of the walking dead have subsided, treatments for infection are being tested and regional infrastructure is beginning to take shape once more. Government organisations have started on the long road to normality and routine. The Pathogenic and Environmental Sanitation Team (P.E.S.T.) are responsible for rounding up the few remaining zombies for testing and extermination. Ed arrives home one day only to be greeted by an unwanted visitor. After calling in P.E.S.T and visiting his local field surgery, Ed receives some unwanted news that unsettles his new family.



one-armed zombie

Why we need your support

Even though we have managed to gather a talented and passionate team of filmmakers and actors we still need to feed them and cover their traveling costs. Zombie make-up, prosthetics, props, costumes etc., etc. We want everything to be perfect and look perfect! The more funds we raise the greater the final product will be! Trust us, we are filmmakers!

Behind the scenes...

How else you can help?

We understand that not everyone can make a financial contribution but there are other ways you can help us reach our goal. Spread the word and make as much noise about the campaign as you can. Don't forget to share our page and video on your soical media sites! Remember anything you can give will help.

Risk and challenges

The old Zombie proverb says ‘no risk no fun’. We have managed to get through the whole preproduction process successfully. We have great crew, amazing cast, high-end equipment, locations we wanted, great original script and plenty of enthusiasm. The only one risk now is that our cast and crew will be starving on set or won’t get there at all. Traveling cost and catering is the absolute minimum we need to provide for all the professionals involved. Everything that we will rise on top of that will help us to improve production value. Simply: more money, more zombies!

 7 signs


Team on This Campaign: