P.E.I. Midwives Association Need

To apply for regulation of midwives in PEI the PEIMA's need is to raise funding for lawyer fees and application fee estimated to be $1000.00.

The Prince Edward Island Department of Health's Proposed Health Professions Legislation is a window through which midwives could become regulated to practice in PEI. The Prince Edward Island Midwives Association (PEIMA)(of 6 members) will apply when the legislation is enacted. Midwives are reluctat to practice where there are no regulations and where there is no regulation liability insurance cannot be purchased.  The application does not mean that the Minister of Health will agree to regulation of midwives, but this is a baby step toward that goal. We are the last province in Canada to offer midwifery care to families.Thank-you for helping us to meet that goal.

Joyce England, PEIMA president

Team on This Campaign: