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  • $10USD

    In Spanish, chico/chica doesn't just mean guy or girl, it means you're our pal, and we send our pals a thank you card explaining how thier gift will impact lives of other chicos/chicas in Guatemala.

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  • $25USD

    As an amigo/amiga, you're a friend! For being a friend of the campaign, and of the work you're helping to support, we'll send you an adorable chicken pot holder and a Semilla Nueva sticker, so that you can tell show your friends that you're a friend of Semilla Nueva!

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  • $50USD

    In the tight-knit communities of rural Guatemala, being a vecino, a neighbor, doesn't just mean you live near each other. Vecinos share life together! As a vecino/vecina, you can share with your neighbors how you invested in social change as you serve them delicious pigeonpea recipe-in-a-bag with your chicken pot holder set!

    27 claimed

  • $75USD

    A compañero/a is a companion, a best buddy who's always there. When you get compliments on your hand-woven scarf, you can share with your campañeros how your contribution to Semilla Nueva is helping family farmers find sustainable solutions.

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  • $100USD

    Promotores/promotoras, or promoters, play the vital role of sharing knowledge in the communities where they live. Since you are helping us spread the good word of pigeonpea, we'll send you a colorful shoulder bag made from hand-woven materials.

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  • $250USD

    An alcalde is a mayor, and the top leader of the community. Because your gift is helping us train agriculutral leaders, we'll send you a beautiful hand-woven table runner.

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  • $500USD

    You'll relax like a Guatemalan paisana/paisano, or citizen, after a day of planting pigeonpea in your comfy hammock.

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  • $1,000USD

    Be served like a Minister with a pound of Guatemalan coffee, 2 bars of Guatemalan chocolate, a set of pure jade earrings and a colorful apron.

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  • $5,000USD
    El Presidente

    You'll get the same treatment as a president does when we cover basic airfare, lodging and food on your week long trip to Guatemala, hosted by Semilla Nueva staff, visiting the communities your gift is supporting.

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