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I'm a famous, hyphy, bike-riding blogger (www.pdbird.com) from San Francisco. Help upgrade my blog/bike tour 2013

Thank you for taking the time to check out this crazy Indiegog caimpaign! Patricia Dolores is a Greencheek conure Cinnamon mutation. She is 100% cage free and has riden bicycle with me(Popi) over 10,000+miles in the last3.5 years. We have riden most of that in the city of San Francisco where P.D. has because somewhat of a local "Celebirdy" But also on 2 road trips down the coast of California from San francisco to Big Sur Ca and back. About 2 and a half years ago we started to blog and share our adventures at the suggestions of some friends who work in tech in SF.
 So here we are. P.D. does all the reporting,blogging and Popi(me) do all the picture taking and spell checking for her. 
 If this sounds totally fun and crazy it is.
The blog has become somewhat of a local SF mission legand and it was even featured nationally in the Huffington post online.
Just google the words "PDbird"and you can see that this is real.
Anyway,This story/blog is just a small glimpse into an amazing relationship that I am blessed enough to share with Patricia and this was our attempt to show several things thru our action,and not by making some boring tutorial. 
1) That Conures are just as smart as the larger parrots and to educate the masses of the wonderful mini macaws,the mighty green cheek conure.
 2)To show what the power of love is capible of.
 3)To show that animals of any kind are Alot smarter then we as humans give them credit for.
  4) To show that a car free lifestyle does not have to be boring or restrictive and that anyone can do almost anything by bike.
 Patricia is with me 24 hours a day,7 days a week.
 She goes to any event I attend and then she blogs about it. 
Baseball games,farmers markets,party's,Dolores park,or just bike rides around the city or parks.
Last summer we spent 1 whole month on the road and camping in Big sur CA.
 This year we want to bring everyone with us on the trip! With daily and even live blog updates and video we want to share our journey this summer with everyone.
 No matter where we go there tends to be some sort of history or story that we hear, we would love to be able to blog and share these and our own adventures with the masses. 
 Right now we do all this on hand me down equipment and a bike that is not really made for the long tours we want to do this summer.
If you donate, you can keep the ride going - so that we can spread happiness, and knowledge, to more and more people in the world.

For safety and for the future of PD's adventures, we need a new bike and other blog related iteams. Anything we get past our goal will make bike tour 2013 that much more sucsessful. 
So what, exactly, do we need?

A new bike with a custom front rack designed for Patricia's comfort 

  • shade 
  • food
  • perches 
  • chews
  • water

A go-pro camera - $400

Some sort of tablet or small pc to blog from-500

A wireless internet setup - $500

food + living expenses for bike trip 2013 -1000

We want to live-blog my adventures 24/7 - so that you can visit pdbird.com at any time to see what Popi and I are up to. 
If we get enough donations, we want to go on a California-wide road trip, so that we can share you a quirky part of California, or some funny adventure we went on. 
With these upgrades we should be able to keep the blog and biking adventures going for years to come,not only this summer! This is a chance to help a real blog continue to be fun,wity relavent and fresh. 
 We have 80 pages of blog that you should take some time to go look at,help us make 80 more! 
Cheers   PDBird.com

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