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Find spots, see tricks others already did and battle for the best trick.. to OWN the spot!

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OWNR is an application for skateboarders, snowboarders, BMX’ers and all other kinds of action sports. It helps you to find spots, put yourself in the spotlights and earn something everyday!


SpotFirst, it allows you to find spots directly around you from your telephone, using GPS technology. Where is a nice stair to jump? Where can we find that bike trail?

Spotview, Mapview



The fun starts when you add your videos! If you captured the trick you did on film, you can link it directly to the spot. Now everyone can see the trick you did!



Now what happens if somebody else adds a video as well? We get a small battle – who did the best trick? And as we say.. Who OWNs the spot?


Do you want to become someone in the scene of your sport? OWNR is your tool to do this! When Peter owns 12 spots, Victor 23 and Cris 35, a ranking starts to form. Who is the top athlete in the area? Who owns the best spots in the country? Make sure you are the top OWNR in your area! Start owning a lot of spots!

Battle & Ranking


And what do you think happens when you challenge your favorite Pro-rider with a better trick? What if you beat him? This will put you in the spotlight directly, within OWNR, all it’s linked social media and the mind of the pro-rider you just challenged!


Challenging each other is something we love to do. Within OWNR, the possibilities for challenges and events are limitless! Best kickflip on the 15 stair? You get some fresh shoes from your favorite shoebrand! Finished all 10 spot missions within the Brand area in Downtown New York? You will be the next rider on their pro team! From a local spot battle to an inner-city territory claim, anything is possible! Your life in action sports will truly be like a video game..


OWNR helps you to find spots, put yourself in the spotlights and earn something everyday. You nail it, you own it!

About me

My name is Michiel Roukens. I have been into action sports since I was 10 years old. First I travelled the country to skate, then I travelled the world to snowboard. The idea of OWNR formed at my art school, during a presentation about Augmented Reality. I realized OWNR is the tool that was always missing, and a hell of fun thing to have! Since then, my life has been about creating this amazing tool for the new generation of riders to come.















The Team

I started looking for guys who could help me create OWNR, and i have found some of the best!
The team now consists of San, a great App developer and Cris, a top designer who have both worked for some of the biggest brands in the industry and have great skill in their area of expertise. But to make this happen, we’re going to need your support!



We need your help!

OWNR is a big project to develop: we need a lot of extra hands! With your help, we will be able to hire a team of programmers, who can work fulltime to launch OWNR in 2012! With the money raised, we will be able to fund:

- A fulltime iOS developer
- Two more fulltime back-end developers
- Set up the office
- Set up the servers and all our testing equipment
- Promotion and Launch!

The rewards

As a thank you, we have created some pretty nice rewards, in collaboration with local designers and brands: Some of the rewards are in-game. How about naming your own spot? Creating a challenge for your friends? Make sure to check out the full list, and pick the one that suits you best!

OWNR Crowdfunding Pitch - Iphone 4 case

OWNR Iphone Case! Available for Iphone 4,3, Samsung Galaxy S2 & HTC Desire

OWNR Crowdfunding Pitch - Skatedeck!

The OWNR Skatedeck! Available in sizes 7,25 - 7,83 - 8 - 8,25. These babies will give you the right pop to OWN that spots!

There are many great perks available, select the one you like best!

What people say

'Seeing what others have done, will get you so hyped to do a trick no-one has done before' - Ricardo Paterno, Pro Skateboarder

This is Sick! Huge Potential! Nitro is all in! - Andi Aurhammer, Nitro Snowboards International

'This will get you so stoked to 1-up the spot'- Nicky van der Veen, Pro BMX'er

Douwe Macare Stickertime

'This is a beast. You want to let it out of its cage' - Jan Prokes,  Marketing Manager Volcom Europe

'The kids are gonna love this' - Lauri Heiskari, Pro Snowboarder

'This is freaking awesome!' - Emmanuel Labadie, Media Manager DC Europe

Support OWNR!

OWNR is gonna be amazing! Even though we got our team ready, we really need your support to make this happen. We are going to need that team to work fulltime on OWNR, to be able to bring it to you! Make sure to check out our Perks, help spread the word on social media, and let's make this happen!

So support us, and you'll be OWNING spots in no-time!

Frequently Asked Questions


For what sports will OWNR be available?
In the beginning, OWNR will be available for the most suitable and popular of action sports: Skateboarding and Snowboarding. As soon as our platform is established, OWNR will be in no-time available for other suitable sports: BMX, Surfing, Free-ski, Wakeboarding.. you name it! Eventually, OWNR will be available for all action sports!

How do you decide who owns the spot?
To keep the voting as honest as possible, you, the user decides who OWNS the spot! With a simple versus voting system, the trick with the most votes OWNS! A spot will be in battle for a fixed amount of time, in which the winner will be decided.

Can I add video’s to spots without challenging the OWNR? I just want to show my tricks to my friends!
When you add your video to the spot, you can decide if you want to challenge the current OWNing video - or not! This way, you are able to link your video and show your trick to others, without going into battle!

How do you add spots?
Adding spots is very simple. Make a picture of the spot you like to add, Select its GPS location on the Map, fill in a few details and your good to go! You can add a spot at any time, whether you are at the spot or comfortably at home.

Can i keep spots secret? I dont want others to OWN it before i go there myself!
When you add a spot, you have the choice of who can see the spot: Everyone, or only you. In later versions, you can create crews, and make spots availbable to only the people you like to ride with the most! This way, you can be sure that you will always be the first to ride your newly discovered spot!

How do you plan to fill the spots? Are you going to do that yourself?
Before the first launch of OWNR, we are working hard to make the most interesting spots allready available in OWNR. By working together with pro-teams of industry leading brands, and creating spot-OWNING openings events, we will have our spot map filled in no-time! 

Development / Availability

When will OWNR be released? I can't wait!
After our crowdfunding campaign, we will be able to hire a team of programmers. This will drastically increase our development, speeding it up enormously. Our planned release now is Fall/Winter 2012. But the more you help us raise funds, the faster we will be able to start building and bring OWNR to you!

Will OWNR be available in country X?
In terms of marketing, OWNR focusses on the main countries in Europe first. However, the technique of our platform is not bound by borders, meaning you are able to tag and own spots anywhere and everywhere in the world, straight from the beginning!
I don’t have a smartphone! Will I be able to acces OWNR another way?
Next to our app we will have a complete functional web version available. We think everybody should be able to OWN spots and join our platform!

What mobile platforms will OWNR be available for?
During our launch, the first release will be avaible for Google's Android and Iphone's iOS. After that, we will research the mobile market to see what platform is used the most in action sports, and work hard to make OWNR available for all kinds of mobile phones.

Do i need to pay for the app? Will OWNR be free?
OWNR's first and basic version will always be free! We think everybody should be able to show his skills to the world. Online paying options and money itself cannot be a border, therefore OWNR's basic version will always be free!


What kind of Phone cases do you have available? I don't have an iPhone!
The cases we deliver our created by www.futurefunk.nl, and are available for iPhone 3, 4 & 4s, Samsung Galaxy S1 & S2, HTC Desire, Blackberry Bold and Blackberry Curve.

What are the skateboards made of? 
The OWNR skateboardes are printed in France by Europe's number one skateboard producer. Available in sizes 7,25 - 7,83 - 8 - 8,25, this babies don't only look good on your wall, but will actually give your some great pop to get that tricks.

Can I name a spot after my brand/company?
If you decide to name a spot, you can name it whatever you like! However, we do filter how we name a spot, no sexual or violent names are permitted. A name is a name, no tag-line or marketing phrase! We do have some more indept marketing possiblities, please contact us if you are interested! 



How do you plan to keep OWNR running?
After our initial launch, OWNR will deliver great marketing possibilities for action sports related brands. Providing this marketing possibilities will be our main source of income, which will keep our servers running and enables us to make expands OWNR's wide array of possibilities. As long as you keep OWNing spots, we will be able to keep you online!

Why don't you just have big brand X create this with you?
We think the independency of OWNR is very important for the succes of our platform. Making OWNR the most fun for you, the rider, should always be our first concern. Offcourse, we are giving brands the opportunity to get involved, but never exclusively: OWNR has to be about OWNing spots!

What Marketing options are there? I'm a brand in action sports and want to get involved!
OWNR provides a large array of possiblities for you as an action sports brand/company to get involved. Some of them will be available from the beginning! If you are interested, please contact us. 

What is Augmented Reality?
Augmented Reality, or AR is a a new technique which allows app creators to place visual, interactive objects in the real world, linked to interactive locations. Seeing this object trough the lens of your phone, AR allows programmers to place dragons, houses, persons and objects straight in front of you! Imagine a pro rider standing right in front of you at a spot, challenging you to do a trick and giving you an example? What about objects to collect, to open up a new level of spots? The possibilities with Augmented Reality are amazing, making your life in OWNR truly like a video game..

What else can i do to support OWNR?
If you want OWNR to get there, please support us buy donating to one of our perks, and make as many people stoked about OWNR as you can! Show them the video, share our crowdfunding links and like our facebook page to stay up to date! If you really want to show your support, take the picture at the bottom of the page and use it as your Facebook Cover!

OWNR: Find Spots, Put Yourself in the Spotlights and Earn something Everyday! Support our pitch, and let's OWN them spots!

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