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Yes, you read that right. Muggle Quidditch is a real thing, created by fans of Harry Potter at Middlebury College in 2005. The game is played holding broomsticks between the legs, and can best be compared to a combination of rugby, handball, and dodgeball with hockey style line changes and two people trying to take a tennis ball in a sock from a person dressed in yellow. Since its beginning eight years ago, the sport has grown to include over 800 teams from all around the world, with a governing body, the International Quidditch Association, made to facilitate competitive play.

Who We Are

We are Owls Quidditch. The team practices at and primarily made up of students from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, FL, but is open to anyone in the area that wants to join. Currently the team is placed 117 in the league after a strong effort at the Southern Regionals, placing seventh, one place shy of a bid for World Cup VI in Kissimmee, FL on April 13th and 14th. Now the team has gotten a spot in Division 2 of the World Cup, but needs help to get there.

Why We Need Help

I can already tell what you're going to be wondering, "Why does a Florida team need help getting up to the World Cup when it's in Florida?" Suffice to say is that we're broke college students. Unlike last year, the university is not giving the team any money, save for a small loan that wouldn't even cover the cost of gas to get the team to the cup. Because of the lack of funding we already had to drop out of one tournament, choosing to save our own money in order to make the trip to the regional championship in Augusta, GA. Because of that we have all but completely expended our own personal funds, leaving us very little to make the trip to the Cup and any tournaments in the future. Every little bit helps. Even if you can't donate, spreading the word around about this will be just as important. Anything you can do to help us will get our undying gratitude!

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  • $1USD
    Personal Thank You

    If you donate at least $1 we will write a thank you message to you on all of our social networks, Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook, so that the world can see how awesome you are and how much we appreciate even the smallest bit of help. In addition, you're name will be placed on a page of our team's Tumblr to immortalize our gratitude. All perks above this contain this in addition to the perk for that level.

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  • $5USD
    Signed Action Shot of a Player

    By donating $5 we will send you an photo of one of the players in action during a game, signed by the player with a personalized message expressing our gratitude. If you would prefer a particular player, we will have all of the available photos online for you to select from. If you would like more than one, simply add another $5, or pay $50 for a set from the entire fourteen person team.

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  • $10USD
    Video Message From the Team

    The entire team will make a personalized video message thanking you for donation to help us get to the cup, made on the grounds of World Cup VI at Austin-Tindall park in Kissimmee.

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  • $20USD
    Signed Team Picture

    By donating at least $20, we will send you a photo of the entire team, signed by each player. This photo will be taken on the grounds of World Cup VI at Austin-Tindall park in Kissimmee.

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  • $35USD
    Fan T-Shirt

    By donating at least $35, you can wear your support of Owls Quidditch proudly with your own Owls t-shirt! The final design will be posted shortly, but expect it to include our logo (the small image of this campaign). For an extra $5, you can have the shirt signed by the team! International donors, please add $5 for shipping.

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  • $50USD
    Hand Carved Wand

    By donating at least $50, you can own a hand carved by our own beater, Spenser Tousignant! Details and pictures will be posted shortly. International donors, please add $10 for shipping.

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  • $75USD
    Owls Jersey

    By donating at least $75, you can own an official Owls Quidditch jersey! For an additional $5, you can have it with the name and number of a player on the team or personalized to your liking, otherwise the back will be blank. Photos of jersey are in the gallery. International donors, please add $5 for shipping.

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  • $150USD
    Set of Quidditch Pong Hoops

    For donating at least $150, the team will make and send you a set of hoops for your own game of quidditch pong! If you haven't heard of quidditch pong, it is a new variant of traditional beer pong that is quickly becoming popular among Quidditch players and other Harry Potter fans! Pictures will be available shortly. International donors, please add $40 for shipping.

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