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We hit our initial goal but please continue to donate! Owen's clinical trial could last for 3 months and he will need his family's support!!
Natasha Hamblin
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Vancouver, British Columbia
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Owen Story

OwenOwen was born to loving parents Jem and Don Barrett in 1998. Life was bliss for them with their first child until things started to deteriorate with Owens health early on. After many Doctors visits and confusion, the Barrett family finally found out what was transpiring.

Owen was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia when he was only 5 years old.

After numerous Chemo shots, Owen successfully went into remission only to eventually relapse. This played out time and time again and each time relapse ultimately won over. Finally, Owen was granted a Stem Cell Procedure in 2012, which was initially successful, yet, just a few months later he relapsed making it the 5th time that Owen would be battling cancer.

Despite his 10 years of treatment and bouts with remission and relapse, this final relapse has left Owen and his family with only two choices:

Palliative care or a Clinical Trial.

Owen has bravely chosen the Clinical Trial. His attitude is that if he doesn't make it in this last ditch effort of a Clinical Trial, ...at least another kid may have a chance to live.

Sadly, his decision comes with a few caveats.

This treatment will either save his Life. Or kill him.

The clinical trial is in the USA. Owen will be sent to Washington, DC for his treatment on the 28th of March, 2013 ...if he is stable.

UpdateDue to medical complications, Owen’s travel date to his clinical trial is yet to be determined. We will post updates when the date is confirmed.


"so much pain so little time" -Owen Barrett

Clinical Trial

Owen chose to have a relatively New Age Clinical Trial to hopefully save his Life. I mean, kudo's be to the Warrior who chooses a "cutting edge" type process to hopefully give a chance to not only himself, but all those who might follow after.

The Clinical Trial will happen in Maryland, Washington, DC.

The success rate of this particular type of clinical trial may not yet have the numbers to promote absolute 100% success. But who's counting? Are you Counting?! I am not counting!! 

Regardless, Owen has decided it is only this option left.

So if such a WARRIOR decides this to be the best option for battle ... then it is Definite to be a promising one!



Owens full treatment will be covered by a private donor.

Yet, Jem (mother) and Derek (younger brother) do not have the funds to join them on what may be the last (and most important) battle of Owen's young life. In addition to this, the Family will need funds for day to day expenses and for anything that Owen may need.

This is where YOU! might come into play! If your willing to help...

Your donations will help with the family's airfare, lodging, and day-to-day expenses... but, MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL, allowing the Family to be with Owen during his treatment.

Some may ask, "what do I get in return?"

You could potentially save a Child who encompasses a passionate, young Soul whom WILL FIGHT TO SAVE many, MANY more, both beside and after Him. Owen Barrett is a Warrior. A title not lightly held, but Warrior Owen Barrett is Like No Warrior you have ever met. 

This campaign, albeit personal, will also aid others who are afflicted with Cancer. [FUCK Cancer!!!]

We do not yet have a final tally of how much monies will be required for Owen's family to be by his side, as the trial could last for 3 months (if Owen survives). But at the Campaign Goal we have set, we feel it is possible to get his Mother Jem and his little Brother Derek at least "TO" Washington, DC to be by Owen's side. Along with having accomodations and daily needs set up for as long as possible during those 3 months. 

The Campaign Goal is set at a specific amount, but we all can go well above and beyond that Goal. There are no real limits within this 30 Day Campaign. Maybe it will require more than our Campaign Goal, maybe not. At this point, we are just not sure. So please, feel free to Donate! Donate! DONATE! 

But know this:

Every single dollar spent will be accounted for and logged at a special website link which you will find here on the Indiegogo Campaign Page once generic expense reports can begin to be generated. (This will include documentation of the donation made to the Charity below)

 Every single dollar Not Used, yet acquired through this campaign, will be donated to "Balding For Dollars" which is a funder for BC Children's Hospital

These are the wishes of Owen.

This will touch so many Lives, you probably couldn't even imagine the ripples of Your affect.

In the ever Soul Stirring Words of Owen Barret, a 15 year old Leukemia Warrior... "FUCK CANCER!"

owen peace


how to 

Hey, so maybe you can't help financially? Or maybe you have and still wish to do even more to help Owen and His Family?

Shout out! Shout to anyone listening...

"HEY! I am passionate about this! Might you get on board?!"

Share this campaign with your friends, family, email, social media or word of mouth! Tell everyone you know. 


Share our Indiegogo Campaign Link:


Join our Official Facebook Campaign page:

Owen Barrett's Official Campaign to Fuck Cancer

Follow the Campaign on Twitter:



Did we mention to SHARE?! Let's get the Barrett Family to Washington, DC so that Owen can have that strength of support and power of love surrounding him during his Trial.

barrett familyThe Family

Derek Barrett (son) - Jem Barrett (mother) - Owen Barrett (son) - Don Barrett (father)

"So apparently, after I beat cancer 4 times, it didn't get the memo it can't kill me. Time for round 5. Final round." -Owen Barrett

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