OVO: the First Autoplay Online Video Player and App

Collect and Organize Online Videos Anywhere, Anytime to Autoplay on TV via a Simple Click


Tired of the small screen on your mobile and looking for an easy solution to watch online videos on TV? Taking forever to find what you want to watch in front of TV after a long day? Losing the online video you were watching and don’t know where to resume?

We hear you. Our dream is to make watching online videos a simple enjoyment. After working in multimedia for years, we still could not find a device that is simple enough to our family and friends. So we decide to create our very own online video player, OVO, to build an easy connection to online videos on TV.


Unique User Experience
Unique user experience by OVO·Q and OVO

Just collect online videos with your smartphone via the OVO·Q, our mobile APP that collects, organizes, and shares videos from online media, while waiting for a bus, taking the MRT, or eating in a restaurant, and you are only one click away from enjoying selected videos comfortably on your sofa.

It is also easy to share videos with the elderly and children at home, who only need to click on the OVO to play your videos. As parents, you can protect your kids from inappropriate content on the Internet by providing selected videos easily accessed by them.

Collect and organize online video anywhere, anytime to autoplay on TV via a simple click
Absolute Convenience
UI of OVO·Q: Cloud Service+ OVO Apps+ Media Apps (DLNA-compliance Apps)

Our OVO provides many handy features so users would not be limited by space, time, or screen:

OVO·Q Cloud Services

  • Autoplay: play selected online videos simply by pressing on the OVO.
  • Resuming: watch videos continuously at different locations. (Twin pack is recommended!)
  • Switch Play: switch video play between your handheld device and the OVO.

OVO Features

  • Mirror Screen: mirror your screen to TV.
  • My Media: share media contents from your mobile device to TV.
  • Media Apps: play media contents to TV from 3rd party Media Apps, including DLNA-compliant and proprietary services. More content services will be provided, including Apps offering substantial Chinese videos.
  • OVO Remote and OVO Setting: turn your smartphone into a remote controller when playing selected videos on TV, or change your OVO hardware settings.
OVO network
Simplicity isn’t simple. But through the OVO network, watching online video can be a simple enjoyment.
Beautiful Design from the Inside Out
OVO: Beautiful Design from the Inside Out

The egg-shaped OVO not only provides a stylish look, but also fulfills engineering purposes. Its vertical design allows room for a tilt WiFi module so that higher signal quality can be achieved. With a cantilever power button built at the bottom, the OVO also enables better usability – you can activate the device simply by pressing gently on its top, with no need to pinpoint your fingertip at a small switch.

OVO’s vertical design allows room for a tilt WiFI module to achieve better signal quality, compared to horizontal models.
Open Collaboration

We will provide OVO’s API for developers to build video linkage to the OVO·Q. While App or Web developers can add a function icon to their user interface, system integrators can utilize our product and services to meet their display needs in chain store, classroom, or digital signage applications. You are very much welcomed to be one of our OVO beta developers, and we are looking forward to discussing more exciting ideas with you!


We are almost READY and will enter Mass Production with Your Support!

Designed in Taiwan, a place known for expertise in volume production of high-quality IT products worldwide, the OVO comes from joint efforts of top experts in design, mechanical engineering, and production since its early development.

We have completed two prototyping phases and solved most of the mechanical and electrical issues. Almost all of the components come from suppliers that we have closely worked with for years. We are conducting a detailed review with our tooling vendor and defining the PCB testing interface with our manufacturer. Our engineering samples are expected to come out in September, before we enter mass production in October. All we need is your support to make it happen!

Can you tell the differences in shape between the two eggs above? It illustrates our 'OVO Attitude'!
Can you tell the differences in shape between the two eggs above? It illustrates our 'OVO Attitude'!


  • Full HD Media Processor
  • DDR3 2Gb, NAND Flash 2Gb
  • WiFi 802.11b/g/n, 2T2R
  • HDMI 1.4 output, Type A
  • Power DC 5V/1A input, Micro-USB
  • IR input, reserved for external IR receiver (see FAQ)
  • 61.85 mm (h), 63.32 mm (w), 72.78 mm (d)
  • 77 grams
Can you tell the differences in shape between the two eggs above? It illustrates our 'OVO Attitude'!

Back us to Build a Ubiquitous Digital Life !

The demos you see in our video are real working prototypes. Your support is very much needed for us to move forward. We are striving to provide complete device coverage and services that are fast, stable, and secure, as soon as possible. Please help us!

Our plan is as the following

  • OVO embedded software and OVO·Q cloud service: currently a working version, to be followed by engineering sample in Sep., and mass production in Oct.
  • OVO·Q Android and iPhone App: currently working version for Android; beta version to be released in Sep., followed by product launch in Oct.
  • OVO·Q Web services and browser extensions (Chrome, etc.):currently in early development; beta version to be released in Nov.; product launch expected in Dec. (With your help, we could accelerate it!)
web browser extension: add your videos to OVO·Q via a simple click
Web browser extension: add your videos to OVO·Q via a simple click
We Have a Big Dream, and You can Help Make it Come True!

We have experienced engineers and designers, but not enough. With your support, we will be able to deliver a great product that allows people to enjoy, share, and connect with each other more easily.


Q: Will the OVO and OVO·Q support my iPhone/Android phone?

A: Yes, we plan to develop product and services supporting both iPhone and Android phones for iOS 5 and above, and Android 2.3 and above, respectively.

Q: What accessories will I need to use the OVO for TV?

A: A HDMI cable and a WiFi connection to work with the OVO’s built-in WiFi.

Q: What content will I be able to watch?

  • OVO·Q cloud services: content provided by media with open APIs, including YouTube and Vimeo, and App or Web developers adopting OVO’s API.
  • Media contents provided through Mirror Screen, My Media, and 3rd Party Media Apps.

Q: What does the IR port do?

A: While you can always turn your smartphone into a remote controller through OVO·Q, we do not rule out of the possibility to provide an independent controller with an IR receiver under customized circumstances.

Q: What file formats will the OVO support?

A: The OVO will support most major online video formats and videos produced by smartphones and tablets.

File Formats Supported: 
  • Video - AVI (Xvid, MPEG4, H.264, VC-1), MKV (MPEG4, H.264, VC-1), TS/TP/M2T/M2TS (MPEG4,H.264, VC-1), MP4/MOV (MPEG4, H.264), RM/RMVB
  • Photo - JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP
  • Subtitle - SRT, SUB, SMI, SSA, ASS (limit to specific DLNA apps that support subtitle, such as Nero MediaHome)
  • MPEG4 SP, ASP@L5 up to 1920x1080p30
  • H.264 BP, MP, HP@L4.1 up to 1920x1080p30
  • VC-1 SP, MP, AP@L3 up to 1920x1080p30
  • RM/RMVB up to 1920x1080p30
  • JPEG baseline, BMP, PNG, GIF up to 65536x65536
  • Progressive JPEG up to 2080x2080, TIFF up to 3264x2176
  • SRT, SUB, SMI, SSA Plain text only, ASS baseline only
  • Not Supported: VC-1 CP, DviX, GIF animation, Dolby AC3, DTS and protected premium content

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