Outline In Color dual EPs!

We want to record both an acoustic and full band EP with Drew Fulk in North Carolina.

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Hi, we are Outline In Color, an unsigned, DIY band from Tulsa Oklahoma.  We are raising money to go record a dual EP with Drew Fulk this summer in North Carolina. All of our releases have been self produced, and to take this band to the next level, it's time for us to record with a professional engineer.  For most bands, the record label fronts the recording costs, but in our situation this is not an option.  This is a huge opportunity for us, and we don't want to miss this chance. 


We are asking for $7,000. 

Travel costs:  It's a 2,200 mile round trip for us, and beyond gas costs, there's vehicle       maintenance, tires, etc. 

Lodging:  We're a long way from home in North Carolina, so the burden of putting a roof over six heads for 3 weeks falls on us. 

Food:  These same six guys have to eat.  A lot.  Every day.  We're guys, you know how it is.  Just feeding Austin is a difficult task, but there's not another option. 

Recording expenses:  Studio time is very expensive at a professional level.  We owe you the best written and produced songs possible.  With no record label backing us, it's a lot harder for us to put out music than most bands.

Here is the deal: $7,000 covers recording expenses and NOTHING MORE.   We are paying for every other expense out of our own pockets.  While we wish we could save enough to pay for it all ourselves, we simply cannot, which is why we are calling upon YOU, our friends and family.  


For every level of pledge, we are offering incentives, from special run shirts to a day in the studio with us, to our van and drums!  We have these incentives listed on the right side of this page! 


We are writing and releasing TWO EPs.  One is all acoustic, and the other is full band.  With such an interesting project comes interesting challenges.  Helping us record these EPs in a professional studio gives you a better final product, and will give us the opportunity to take the next step in Outline In Color's journey.  We've successfully released an EP, singles, and a full length album with no record label backing us, imagine what we can do together <3

Other ways to help:

Even if you can't help us financially, there are other ways.
     - Share this page!  You can share it directly to your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr,        
     - Tell your friends about us!  We wouldn't be here without you, and we always 
        need help spreading the word!  Share a song, album, video, twitter link, anything!
     - Talk to us!  Talking to us helps us know what we need to do next, and is also a 
        way for us to get to know each other!  You are our family, and we love you!

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