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What is the Outdoor Exchange?

The OX is a new company with a bold mission: we want to enable you to get outdoors. We will provide you with amazing gear for your next adventure, without the cost of maintaining and purchasing expensive equipment:
  - go fly-fishing on a Tuesday morning
  - kayak with the family on a lazy Sunday afternoon
  - backpack on the Appalachian Trail with your best friends

We provide you with the gear, whatever the adventure, to make amazing memories. Our memberships, currently sold exclusively through IndieGoGo, start at just $100 per year for access to all our amazing gear!

The OX has heard You, Loud & Clear - Free Shipping Program!

After numerous questions about shipping, we have decided to offer the OX Trailblazer Program, which offers shipping on most items within the continental United States for just $74 for an entire year! 

You MUST be a member to take advantage. So if you haven't bought a membership yet, do not wait! If you have, take advantage of the separate perk. It's $74 right now either way!

Act fast on this exclusive IndieGoGo offer. We expect our ranks to be full of Trailblazers in no time, and once the campaign is done, the price will rise!

The OX in the News!

We've been noticed by a couple big names, so go out and check out some of the great write-ups on us. We couldn't have said it better ourselves!

Urban Daddy

Outside Magazine


What Does a Membership Get Me?

A membership allows you to reserve a number of items from our online catalog for free, depending on your particular membership type. Our inventory includes hundreds of outdoor products split among the following collections:

  • Camping

  • Paddle Sports

  • Water Sports

  • Fishing

  • Beach

  • Hiking

  • Backyard Fun

  • Biking

  • Snow Sports

If you're into Pictures, This is an Example of what we Offer

All you need to do is reserve your gear two days in advance. Then, you can pick up your gear at any of our storefronts, have it shipped to a particular destination, or arrange for convenient delivery. Then enjoy the outdoor gear for a full week! Once you return the gear, repeat week after week to maximize your membership for a whole year.

Sounds Great... But What Does it Cost?

Right now, we’ve got three different levels of membership.

  • Our “Basic” membership includes one item per week.

  • The “Twice as Nice” membership includes two items per week.

  • Finally, “Outdoor Enthusiast includes four items per week.

We’re still a new company and will be fully operational in early July 2014. As a way to say “Thank You” to all our early adopters who get a membership through IndieGoGo, we’re offering all three memberships at 50% off! So once July rolls around, Basic Membership costs everybody else $200 per year, but everyone here gets it for at least $100.

But we’re not even slowing down there, let alone stopping! As part of the deal, exclusively available through IndieGoGo, we will guarantee your membership price for life! That’s right, no matter what else happens in the future, as long as you keep renewing the membership you buy with us here today on IndieGoGo, it will never go up in price.

These deals are exclusive to IndieGoGo! The deals will never again be as good after our campaign here ends.

Price Comparison

We want to make sure you know how great this deal is, so here's a quick example. Let's say you went on four trips requiring equipment rental: 

Trip 1: Kayak and Paddle rental for 4 hours, $90

Trip 2: Beach chair and umbrella rental for 1 day, $30

Trip 3: Week-long snowboard rental, $300

Trip 4: Bicycle tune-up for a mountain biking trip, $80

That's $500 for a year's worth of trip rentals! 

With the OX, you can get all those items over the course of that same year for just $100. 

So we hope you see that by joining the OX you’re getting an incredible value! For the same price as a base membership, you get that same kayak you would at the beach or the guided tour for an entire week, not just a few hours!

We also eliminate the hidden costs of ownership. Let’s say that you bought that $1000 kayak… after enjoying it, you have to clean it and store it. That’s time and space being taken from you! Instead, you could’ve had ten YEARS of gear access through our base membership for the same price, and never had to worry about the unintended consequences.

How Do We Reserve our Gear?

Visit our website for frequently asked questions (and answers!). And for a quick tutorial, we’ve put together the snazzy GIF below:

What About the OX's Future?

We've got big plans for Geographic Expansion, Philanthropy, and our Community Marketplace 


We're currently located in Northern NJ, but have our eye on several potential spots for expansion, and expect to be there soon. A few are below so you can get an idea: 

  • Oregon
  • Seattle
  • Denver
  • San Fran
  • Austin
  • Los Angeles
  • Chicago
  • Florida
  • Pittsburgh
  • Boston
  • Charlotte
  • Washington, D.C. 
We'll be travelling cross-country this summer to visit our customers! Let us know where we should be next! 


As we expand into other geographic areas and increase our membership base, we plan on giving back to the community via gear donations and volunteering. For example, we are already helping the Brooklyn-based Trail Blazer organization, which gives inner city youths the opportunity to experience the great outdoors. 

Our Community Marketplace...

Yup! Imagine turning that snowboard, backpack, or tent sitting in your closet into cash during the 50 weeks it's not in use. Our first step is to lend out our own awesome gear for you to go out and enjoy. As our membership base grows and we get to know each other better, we're hoping you'll help lay the foundation of that collaborative consumption community by starting to rent out your own gear for other members to savor. With your help, we can bring the sharing economy to the great outdoors!

This Sounds Awesome! How do I Buy a Membership?

Buy a membership today with our exclusive IndieGoGo perks! Our prices will never get any better, and the lifetime guarantee on membership prices expires when this campaign does. 

Did we mention that, based on what you liked most, we’ll recommend new items we bet you’ll love? Discover more activities with us!

Like the idea, but not ready to be a member? Buy our "Try Before You By" voucher.

Know someone who loves the outdoors but hasn't heard of us yet? Spread the news by following us on social media (links below). Like the campaign, and tell your friends!

And we would love to to hear from you. Leave some comments to let us know what you think, how we can improve, and any questions you might have that we didn't answer. 

Come Out and Meet the OX

We've been going to outdoor events, and continue actively participate in the community. Here are some of the past and future festivals we'll be at: 

NYC Outdoorfest 2014

Brooklyn's Northside Festival

South Jersey's Beardfest

Enjoy the Outdoors with Your Family!

Remember Share us on Social Media!

1. Share the Outdoor Exchange campaign with your friends.

2. Hook your following up

3. Pass along the latest and greatest from the OX

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  • $5USD
    Virtual Fist-Bump & Sandwich!

    Can't buy a membership but think what we're doing is great? Donate $5! Your donation is a worth a virtual fist-bump and a free grilled KIELBASA at one of future events!

    40 claimed
  • $25USD
    OX Bandanna

    Show your support for the OX and help spread the word! Wear our bandanna on your next adventure and snap a pic. Send it to us and we'll feature you on our site.

    72 out of 100 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2014
  • $50USD
    "Try Before You Join" Voucher

    Interested, but afraid of commitment? Buy a one-time use, one-item voucher and give us a try! This voucher is good until July 2015, and if you buy a membership after using it, we'll put this $50 towards your membership. There couldn't be a easier way to try us out! Only available through IndieGoGo!

    20 out of 50 claimed
  • $74USD
    Free Shipping - Trailblazer

    Add $74 to your membership purchase to get free shipping on most items within the Continental US! Must be purchased in conjunction with a membership.

    10 out of 100 claimed
  • $175USD
    "Twice as Nice" Membership

    Our intermediate annual membership includes two items per week from our extensive inventory. A great value that will take care of many trips! Includes an OX bandanna.

    8 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2014
  • $250USD
    Outdoor Enthusiast Membership

    Whether you are a family of outdoor adventurers or a solo survivalist who wants incredible value, our Outdoor Enthusiast Annual Membership includes 4 items per week from our extensive inventory of gear. Includes an OX bandanna.

    30 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2014
  • $1,000USD
    Outdoor Enthusiast + 2 Lessons

    A limited offering, only available through this campaign! This includes our Outdoor Enthusiast Annual Membership as well as two instructional sessions for the outdoor adventure of your choice!

    1 out of 3 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2014
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