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OurHive™ believes memories are precious to all of us. Help us bring our platform to the market, spread the word and support memory loss research!
Kyle Strickland
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Introducing: OurHive™

Table of Contents

I. What is OurHive? 

II. Become a Supporter on Many Levels

III. The Features 

IV. The Rewards


VI. Special Thanks

I. What is OurHive?

OurHive™ is a new mobile platform that allows users to easily organize, safely share and securely archive their family memories, all within their own personal, private family network.

Because memories are our business, a portion of all OurHive™ proceeds will be donated to Alzheimer’s and memory loss research to help find a cure. Contributions to our campaign will help us get into business sooner and will help our platform be more successful as a result. Your contributions will help bring us to market and success in a big way.

Help OurHive come alive. Contribute now! 

The search feature of OurHive - the simple yet powerful solution to organizing your endless library of images, videos and other media!

II. Become a Supporter on Many Levels

OurHive has launched a Pre-Release Campaign to drum up excitement for our groundbreaking software before we release the free app in July. To bring it to market, we are pre-selling some of the items we will feature on the OurHive Mobile Market, as well as unique packages for those who truly believe in our platform. 

The app itself will be free, but every gift and fully-customized item purchased through the OurHive Mobile Market contributes to a greater cause - our sustainable platform supporting important research and charities.

An example of a beautiful, professionally bound photo book - one of our Perks and an item that will be in the OurHive Mobile Market.

The app is still being developed. By contributing to this campaign, you help spread the word, and you can even give us feedback on our Beta App version before the official launch in July!

Purchasing one of our Perks is just one way you can support OurHive's campaign. Our company mission is to build a community around the importance and value of family memories. If you find this to be an important aspect of your life, please share it with your family and friends! 

III. The Features

OurHive is the newest camera app for mobile devices, as well as for desktop computers. We know there are a lot of camera apps out there already. What makes OurHive so special?

1. The Camera Screen - The base of operations

The app itself is going to focus on the camera screen as the main stage. All of the special features, sharing capabilities, different modes, settings and tagging - these will all take place in the same frame. Using industry leaders as the model, we have come up with our own intuitive interface to keep it as simple and recognizable as possible.

Instead of trying to figure out how to create beautiful, searchable memories, you'll be able to focus on capturing them!

2. The Media Library - A familiar place for your memories

The iPhone and the Android platforms both use very similar tile screens to display the thumbnails of your images and videos. We aren't trying to reinvent the beautiful and powerful wheel that these two giants have settled on, so again you will find comfort and familiarity in the OurHive Photo Library.

3. The Search Feature - The powerful differentiator!

Search engines rule our lives nowadays. The concept of search is not revolutionary, but searching your own personal media? That's an amazing development in the world of technology, especially when we are creating so much content every day from our mobile devices.

The Search feature will be as powerful as your tags and media - something that OurHive helps automate and streamline.

4. The Power of tagging your media, and having it tagged for you

After snapping a family picture, a screen with different fields will appear over it to help you tag your memory. Most of these will be filled in with information for you, such as facial recognition tags, location information, date, calendar information and more. 

In a few more keystrokes, you'll be filling in the rest of the relevant information for the picture or video you've just taken, organizing it based on this information as well as making it easily searchable later. 

The best part is that most of this will be filled in for you! 

We are developing and working with existing technology that will integrate facial and pet recognition into the camera, as well as integration with your geolocation and calendars, so that every bit of information that can be auto-filled will be. That will make it easier for you to organize more without any extra work.

When you've snapped a picture and filled in a few keywords, all of it becomes searchable, no matter where you view or move the file. Desktops, tablets, smartphones and more will all carry the same tags and information you attach to the images in OurHive.

Tagging your media takes seconds after each picture, not hours after the fact.

If you organize while you create your memories, suddenly you have solved the most difficult riddle of our time - how do you organize the mountain of content being created every day when we create quintillions of bytes of data each year? Easily, with OurHive!

5. Facial / Pet Recognition

As a feature that can be turned on and off, imagine how easy it will be to find pictures of your loved ones, children or even pets when your camera recognizes and tags them for you! We will release more information on the facial recognition feature as we near our release date. 

6. Cloud Storage - Secured Memories for Generations to Come

What is better than organized images? Safety and security for those images as well! Our phones are fickle shells that can be broken, lost or stolen. Don't lose your memories with the phone! OurHive is incorporating a storage solution that backs up your shared photos so they are safe, secure and accessible from any device that OurHive is accessible from. 

7. Your Hive - Privately Share Family Memories

The Hive is a feature of OurHive that allows you to share your stored images with family and friends you invite. Unlike popular social media sites, with OurHive you can be certain of full privacy and control of your family memories. Some things are just too important to share with the whole world - show only those you want to with your Hive. 

8. OurHive Mobile Market

The OurHive Mobile Market is the place where you can turn your daily snaps into beautiful print items and gifts. We will be offering a wide variety of items in the Mobile Market, such as some of the items seen in our Perks. Each item will be fully customizable and can be designed and managed directly from your mobile device or internet browser! While you've seen this service provided elsewhere before, the difference is our commitment to premium quality. You can be assured that everything in our Mobile Market is of the highest quality available, and that you will look like a professional photographer when you turn pictures you've taken on your phone into a beautiful printed album and more.

V. The Rewards 

1. Cause Supporter:  As a supporter of our cause, you will receive a place on our weekly Video Shout-Out, shot from the top of a Los Angeles skyscraper. We'll shout our appreciation of your help out to the world! 

2. Brand Supporter: In addition to a Video Shout-Out, the Brand Supporters will receive a super-retro OurHive Original Supporter Trucker Hat.  Each will be branded with the OurHive Honeycomb and inscribed with the OurHive Original Supporter tag! Show off your support for memory loss research by supporting our brand.

3. App Supporter: Becoming an App supporter will allow you to be one of the FIRST to test out the OurHive app before its final release! You will be more than a valued contributor - you'll be influencing the app itself. We'll let you provide all of the feedback you want, and will use that information to make the final release the best it can possibly be.

Along with the a Video Shout-Out and the Beta App, you will also receive an OurHive-branded phone case for your iPhone, Samsung or other smartphone to help protect your precious digital memories. 

Note: The limited models that we will provide will be: iPhone 4/4s, iPhone 5/5s, Samsung Galaxy SIII, S4. 

If you do not have on of these models of phones but want to contribute at the App Supporter level, we will send you a custom high-quality USB Flash Drive instead!

*Pre-Release app will be sent via email approximately two weeks prior to the final release date of our app. Date will be confirmed and updated in this campaign as soon as we have a hard date nailed down! 

These renderings do not necessarily represent the final product that will be received. You'll receive updates once you contribute and before we order them!

4. Photo Album Supporter: 

Supporters of this Perk will receive credit to create their own premium, completely custom Photo Album through the OurHive Mobile Market.  Enjoy the ability to create a beautiful family photo album straight from the OurHive app, which will be printed at our local high-end print shop and shipped directly to you! Your own mobile photos will make up your customized photo album, making you look like a professional photographer!

Here are some examples* of the variety and customizability that will be available through the OurHive Mobile Market.

*Options shown may or may not be available in Mobile Market - these are just examples for now.

5. Tons of Goodies Supporter:  

For your support you will receive ALL OF OUR Lower-Level PERKS , and then some! 

You'll receive: 

- TWO Premium Photo Albums (a great gift idea), 

- The Beta App

- The OurHive Branded Phone Case (or USB), 

- The OurHive Original Supporter Trucker Hat, 

- A Video Shout-Out 

This package really has a lot of goodies! You'll be our biggest fans.

*New Perks from our Mobile Market will become available as we get closer to the release date, so stay tuned!


How long will it take to get my reward?

Rewards will be processed within two weeks after the close of our campaign. For Perks not available through our Mobile Market, expect arrival within four weeks of the close of our campaign. For Perks that are customizable and procurable through the OurHive Mobile Market, expect delivery based on the time you customize the product and order it. 

What about shipping costs?

Standard shipping will be included in all perks listed. International shipping will have an extra charge based on which product was ordered and location.

When do the Video Shout-Outs take place?

Video Shout-Outs will be filmed every Friday during our campaign. We will be posting a weekly summary of everybody who's contributed that week. 

VII. Special Thanks

OurHive would like to extend special thanks to:

  • PrimeTime Media Group
  • Thomas Kihneman, our Campaign Video editor 
  • GG for her Star Role in our Campaign Video
  • Estha T. 
  • Jerry S.

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Select a Perk
  • $10USD
    Cause Supporter Package

    Show us your love and we'll show you some too! Every supporter will get a personal Video Shout-Out from the rooftop of a downtown Los Angeles building, and when we say shout-out we mean it - we'll shout to the world how awesome you are.

    1 claimed
  • $25USD
    Brand Supporter Package

    In addition to a Video Shout-Out, the Brand Supporters will receive a super-retro OurHive Original Supporter Trucker Hat. Each will be branded with the OurHive Honeycomb and inscribed with the OurHive Original Supporter tag! Show off your support for memory loss research by supporting our brand.

    2 out of 300 claimed
  • $60USD
    Beta App Supporter Package

    Contribute at the App Supporter Level and be the first to see how easy OurHive will make organizing your digital life with the OurHive Beta App! Along with the a Video Shout-Out and the Beta App, you will also receive an OurHive-branded phone case for your iPhone, Samsung or other smartphone* to help protect your precious digital memories.

    1 out of 300 claimed
  • $150USD
    Family Memories Package

    Contribute at this level and receive a premium, completely custom Photo Album through the OurHive Store. Enjoy the ability to create a beautiful family photo album straight from the OurHive app, which will be printed at our local high-end print shop and shipped directly to you. Quality comes first at OurHive, so you can be sure that this album will be fit for your coffee table or office. You'll also receive a Video Shout-Out and the Beta App!

    1 out of 200 claimed
  • $300USD
    Tons of Goodies Package

    For your support you will receive EVERYTHING we are giving away, and then some! You'll receive TWO Premium Photo Albums (a great gift idea), the OurHive Branded Phone Case (or USB), the OurHive Original Supporter Trucker Hat and the Beta App. This package really has a lot of goodies!

    0 out of 50 claimed
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