Our School Won't Stand Up For Us: Help Re-Fund Sex Week UT

UT Administration refused to stand up for sexual education for students, and Sex Week's budget was cut due to political intimidation. Help us fund it anyway.


Update 2: Unfortunately, we weren't able to receive all of the money we were promised in March, so we are once again just short of our fundraising goals. Please support sexual health education and Sex Week by donating.


You may have been following the media coverage of Sex Week at the University of Tennessee, which has garnered significant backlash from our right-wing political leaders. Among these detractors is the notable Senator Stacey Campfield, who is perhaps best known for championing the state’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill and his public statement that you can’t get AIDS from heterosexual sex. Sex Week, per the mission statement,“strives to foster a comprehensive and academically-informed conversation about sex, sexuality, and relationships with the purpose of educating the University of Tennessee student body and the Knoxville community through innovative, collaborative, and entertaining programming and events.” Nobody at UT protested Sex Week. Students were looking forward to the week of interactive programming. Our state legislators used intimidation tactics to attempt to stop a program that students created, needed, and wanted. And it worked. Amid this outcry, our Chancellor chose not to support the work of its students, but to pull the portion of our funding that came from state tax or tuition dollars. This, while obviously cowardly and questionably legal, leaves Sex Week with a week of programming and a budget that’s suddenly $11,200 short. We want to make Sex Week happen regardless of the beliefs of out-of-touch state legislators and a university administration that won’t stand up for the work of students. We’re raising the funds back ourselves, and we hope you’ll share our message and donate.


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