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TJ is 8 yrs, he is Autistic and multi disabled. We are raising funds for a service dog who will have a positive impact on his everyday life and is a Godsend
Diana Haffey-Macecsko
Brick, New Jersey
United States
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Hi, My name is Diana and I am the very proud Mom of a very brave and amazing 8 yr old boy named TJ. TJ has many diagnosis'and has been disabled since he was 4 months old. Some of the obstacles that he conquers everyday are: Autism, Lymphedema of head,face, and neck, Tourette's Syndrome, Movement Disorder (non specified), Auto Immune Disorder, Penial brain mass & so many more. He has overcome signifigant delays with therapy, he receives MLD weekly for the lymphedema and has compression garments, he learned to speak through ASL, and even though he is in a self contained class, he is very bright. He is also the sweetest kid I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. He still has special needs and has been approved for a therapy/service dog. This dog will be trained specifically to help TJ for all of his individual needs.


    Our total cost for the service dog through Highland Canine Training LLC, in Harmony N.C.. is just under $9,000. The total cost will be given when they are done evaluating all of his needs that the dog will be trained for. Please feel free to contact Highland Canine to verify all information.  We had to raise $2200 which began the process of searching for TJ's service dog. As of 3/9/13 they have found his match with Dylan. Now we need to raise the remainder of the funds as 50% of the balance is due now and the rest is due when Dylan is ready for TJ which is apx 4 months from now.


   TJ's medical issues have really been very difficult. He is unable to spend much time outdoors from the months of April through October due to the complications of the lymphedema with the heat and humidity, not to mention a mosquito bite sends him to the hospital with cellulitis. He has also been hospitalized more than most adults in their lifetime due to illnesses. A cold turns into pneumonia, a 24 hr bug has him out of school for a week, and so on. TJ is constantly stimming, having tics and vocal tics, he does retreat to himself at times. Having this dog will do such amazing things for him. It will not be a pet, we have those. Dylan is trained specifically for TJ to know when he is in distress. Dylan will stop him from wandering, calm him during his stimming and extended ticcing episodes. He will be able to keep him present and not have him retreat to himself, and help him with his social ability. He will also help minimize the meltdowns that are heart wrenching to watch and he can't help. This dog will be so much more than any prescription drug could ever be.  All of these funds will go toward TJ's balance. We were very blessed that they have found a match for him quicker than anticipated, downside is that we need to come up with the money faster than we anticipated. We are not complaining,  Dylan is a blessing!!


   You can find Highland Canine Training LLC on facebook and feel free to contact them at 866-200-2207 or email training@highlandcanine.com   and you can verify that there is a dog for TJ that we are raising funds for. Also, please visit their website www.highlandcaine.com  to see the amazing things that these therapy dogs do for these children.

Thank you so much for your help. We can't thank you enough.  Please share our CAUSE 4 TJ's THERAPY PAWS and help my hero get his service dog, he has so many battle scars to prove he deserves this and it eats us up that we are unable to just get it for him because he needs him to thrive. With all of the hardship he goes through and he does it with a smile. The one thing that can help him and we need help getting it for him, and we do NOT want to fail him. He does not live the life a your typical 8 yr old boy and you won't hear him complain. He is so full of love, just to give you an idea of his personality, he came running into my room reciting a number over and over and over again. He asked me to call it. I said what is this number TJ? He answered I want to be a soldier of hope, please take the money from my piggy bank Mommy. The commercial was for St Jude's hospital.  He is amazing!!

Thank you again for any help whether it be donation or sharing our story, we are grateful! <3 



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