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A whimsical tale for children and young at heart adults about endless horizons, the smell of maple syrup, why jackrabbits change colour & Canada.
Linnie von Sky
Vancouver, British Columbia
2 Team Members

el señor + mademoiselle

Yippie, hooray we made it. We're beaming and crying all at the same time. Your belief means the world to us and we are eternally grateful.

We're starting work on the FRENCH & INUKTITUT ᐃᓄᒃᑎᑐᑦ translation of Our Canadian Love Story.

Our little love tale has made it to indiegogo's homepage and took their twitter campaign of the day. Air Canada featured us in a fantastic interview and we're mighty proud of how much love and support you've shown us. It's been a remarkable ride as well as a full time job. 

You have made our publishing dream come true. Thanks to all of your donations Our Canadian Love Story will soon be printed and now el señor Giacomo and mademoiselle Jacqueline officially get to fall in love.

It only took 160 of you to make Rebecca and I dance across the rainbow...and then the contributions just kept coming. Remarkable. We're humbled and speechless.

Linnie's love letter to funders and to Canada:

♥ on march 7th you made our dream come true. rebecca and i are dancing across the rainbow and you’re the ones holding our hands. this dream has been about so much more than just publishing ‘our canadian love story’.

this book is linnie’s ‘thank you’ note to the many canadians that have left their homes and families, waved their loved ones good bye in the place they’ve known and adored, in the hope of turning a page and starting their own 'canadian love story'.

i cannot wait to talk to children and parents all over canada about the hardship they’ve endured to make a new life in a foreign place…a place we all want to call home…a place we take pride in…a place we finally hope to belong to…and a place we know we can give our all to. we’re not here because our homes aren’t livable, but because we come with the united hope of contributing in a place that will appreciate our efforts.

the reasons we come here are as diverse as the colours of the beaches around the world…our stories are our own…our pains are shared…and the hopes that unite us dance along the same spectrum of the rainbow.

canada does not make it easy…canada makes us prove the genuinity of our love…the intensity of our commitment to our immigration efforts and often tests us to the breaking point of our ability to prove our love to the new country we want to call home…

it’s sometimes a lonely journey until we find the many others that have committed to the opportunity to start afresh.

this is an education challenge…a chance to give those who need to talk the ability to share their stories and those who have been here for years a new perspective on the many facettes of what immigration means to those who commit to it.

all this and much more is what your belief has allowed us to accomplish…we thank you more than words can say…because it means the world to us…because it is our world…the world of a new life…far away from the life we know. ♥

Our promise to you continues to ring true:

For every $25 donation you contribute, we promise to send you a signed hardcover copy of Our Canadian Love Story. Unless we know you. Then we will deliver it in person.

All of our thank yous make beautiful gifts.

Of course there are many other special thank yous to be had...like signed and numbered copies of Rebecca's original illustrations for the book, thank you mentions, in print, forever or even your very own custom character.

I would be happy to customize my author's message for you or imagine owning your very own character. A twelve string acoustic guitar playing owl (already taken), a bongo playing panda or a trumpeting giraffe? Your character will be part of el señor Giacomo and mademoiselle Jacqueline's band. Of course we will introduce the cast in the thank you section of our book. Perhaps you'd like to dedicate a character to your child, your niece, your unborn baby? You could also dedicate the Thank You to your business, your rotary club or pretty much anyone you like.

More support equals a more awesome package for you filled with more love from us. 

By publishing Our Canadian Love Story we sincerely hope that our little tale will inspire dialogue within your families, schools & playgroups about what immigration means to the fabric of our joint Canadian life.

And if you’re feeling a little less philosophical: then it’s simply a whimsical tale about two jackrabbits who fall in love...with each other and with Canada.

El señor Giacomo and mademoiselle Jacqueline, the main jackrabbits of our tale, arrive in Canada much like you did…or maybe your mom and dad or gran and pop, or oma and opa, or nonna and nonno, or grand-père and grand-mère*…because somebody they knew said to them:

“There is a place where the horizon is endless. Where the sky dances with the light that is the music of our planet and where the ground is dusted in white diamond powder. And the best part is, that it tastes and smells like sweet sugary maple, right from the Atlantic coast on the East all the way to the Pacific coast on the West.”

Help them pack their bag in a land far away from ours. Learn why jackrabbit fur changes colour. Watch them chug a spoonful of courage and fly to Canada on an Air Canada Goose flight. And finally wave at them as they arrive at Terminal 1 of Canada International Airport.

Take a seat in the front row as they fall in love and start a band.

What will your belief & support help us achieve other than a dance over the rainbow?

linnie + rebecca

I wrote Our Canadian Love Story on three Air Canada puke bags. The story spilled out in one go and turbulences didn't allow me to reach for my notebook. You will agree that said bags are no suitable medium for a children's tale and even less so for a tale about love.

Rebecca is so magicaly gifted and I feel so blessed that she imagined my words into pictures.

Together we are on the road to self-publishing.

$10,000 will allow us:

* to start up Silk Web Publishing

* because important book sellers only buy from real book publishers

* keep it local and print with Friesens (employee owned and truly Canadian)

* written in Canadian air space

* illustrated in Canada

* printed in Canada

(for the same reasons we love & support farmers markets)

* print professional quality

* Hardcover: 100 lb. Matte over 100 pt. board; 4 process colours

* Trim Size: 8.25 x 9

* 32 pages plus endsheets, plus casebound cover

* 80 lb. Matte White; 4 process colours throughout

* Endsheets: Offset White; one PMS colour one side of each (solid wash)

* raise our voice

         * create a website

         * advertise to independent kid’s store, the library people etc.

         * bribe our favourite social media folks to toot our horn

* get our acronyms right

* ISBN, EAN, CIP want more?

* there’s a lot of stuff that goes on books and some of it costs money

When will you get to hold your thank you?

This is an all or nothing campaign. Because we have already made our goal we can officially honour all of your Thank Yous.

We are hoping to publish asap. If things stay on track we will be able to ship out your thank you much sooner than August 1st. It goes without saying that we will keep you posted.

Other ways you can help us?

* Raise your voice about what we’re doing: Our story makes for great small talk on buses, in cost-co line-ups or pretty much any time you find yourself in possession of a mega- or microphone (at an Indian wedding, a karoke bar…)

* Bribe YOUR favourite social media folks to toot our horn

* This is the time to rally up your mom, uncle and grandma to show them how easy Indiegogo makes sharing things on facebook & twitter.

Have we mentioned that we love you yet?

Thank you. So very, very much.

Let’s hold hands and run across the rainbow.

Penned from us to you with love and gratitude.

Linnie & Rebecca

Keep checking back to see where this can go...they sky is the limit & pretty please tell a friend.

*Unless of course you’re first nations. Then you constitute 4% of the population that has been lucky enough to call Canada home since day one.

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    Thank You

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    My sweet maple Valentine

    We will write your sweet sugary maple Valentine a special love note via Email TODAY! Let your darling know that he or she is the greatest. This personal message is also great for a child that you love so dearly it hurts. This is a gift that keeps on giving as they will be reminded of your sweetness again when the printed books are delivered later this year. 2 books + custom author messages (please add $10 for shipping orders outside Canada)

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    Testament to your awesomeness

    6 books + custom author messages + 1 signed and numbered copy of book illustration + thank you mention in the book. In Print. Forever. (please add $20 for shipping orders outside Canada)

    10 out of 50 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013
  • $500CAD
    Your own custom character

    8 books + custom author messages + 1 signed and numbered copy of book illustration + thank you mention in the book. In Print. Forever. + an animal of your choice playing an instrument of your choice in our book + a signed original illustration of your custom character for you to frame + shipping included

    4 out of 5 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013
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