Otto Petcare Systems for dogs and cats

Activity tracker + Connected food dispenser for dog and cat with webcam- for a healthier, happier and longer life - together.

The first fully integrated and connected Pet wellbeing solution in the market. 

  • Activity Tracker - Monitor and compare your Pet's exercise levels from anywhere. 
  • Pet Food Dispenser - Feed your pet remotely with the right quantity of food, and connect to the webcam to check him. 
  • Data Cloud - Compare your Pet's exercise and weight with other pets the same age, breed and neutering state, and connect to other pet owners.

The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) - clearly states that in order to "keep your Pet Healthy and Happy" you should "Design a diet and exercise plan to meet your pet’s specific needs".

We want to make this possible and more accessible through an integrated system that balances exercise (energy expenditure) with food intake (energy consumption). We want pets to be happier and healthier, and to make that possible by providing owners with systems that enhance the understanding of their loved ones, and tools that enable them to take closer care of them, wherever you or they might be.

You've just returned from a longer-than-usual walk with your dog, but aren't sure how much extra nourishment they might need … and when your cat keeps staring at the food box, is that because they're still hungry from an all-night walk, or just being greedy? 

With approximately 80 million US cats and dogs assessed as overweight or obese, and 12 million UK pets overfed with fatty treats, pet obesity epidemic is one of the biggest welfare issues affecting our pets today. (2012 US National Pet Obesity Survey and UK PDSA Animal Wellbeing Report 2012)

Using the latest technology in accelerometers and gyroscopes, we have developed a tracking device that attaches to your pet’s collar, collecting complete data on their activity.

Connected wirelessly to our Cloud Services, the Activity Tracker contrasts this data with your pet’s specific breed and age, letting you know whether your pet is getting the right amount of exercise for their target range whilst providing you with feeding advice.

Secure, comfortable and adaptable to any dog or cat collar – our device’s small internal battery lasts for 6 months, so you don't have to worry about frequent recharging.

Spontaneous after-work drinks, travel delays, a meeting that’s overrunning, a last-minute confirmation about that date you were hoping would happen… 

Modern life means it’s not always easy to be where you initially planned. Keeping your pet's weight and health in check means a balanced diet: The right amount of food at regular times, with the right amount of exercise.

Running on pre-programmed information about your pet’s specific nutritional programme, the Food Dispenser will ensure that your pet always gets the right amount of food, at the right time, and as often as it needs - throughout the day.

At the tap of a finger you can command the system to dispense food to your pet. You can access the dispenser’s secure webcam link to make sure everything is running as smoothly as it should. You can activate the dispenser-microphone, to listen to them. You can even trigger its loudspeaker function and talk to your pet through its meal. Make sure your pet always eats in company – right from your mobile phone application.

Connected to the Activity Tracker device, the feeder will use live data to recalculate the exact quantity of food your pet needs based on their calorie expenditure over the last 48 hours.

It can be hard to give your pet the close attention it needs, monitoring and cross-checking both activity and feeding patterns. Your vet may need specific information on their recent behaviour to make an effective, detailed diagnosis. Observation of abnormal activity, when you aren't physically nearby, can help detect a potential health problem. 

The Otto Cloud Services transform a wealth of data into specific, practical advice for you and your companion. Exercise levels are relayed to you through digestible graphs, downloadable as reports to share with your veterinary professional. Information on your pet's breed, age, weight and food brand will be configured into an individual feeding programme - with no need to weigh out - and this can be tailored even further by live data from the Activity Tracker. These calculations are all done by the intelligence of the Cloud system, yet you maintain complete access and management control through your personalised web page, tablet and mobile applications.

We partnered with the wonderful team at LFLECT (www.lflect.com) - led by Elena Corchero, former MIT Media Lab Europe Researcher and alumni Central Saint Martins MA Textile Futures - to create a series of rewards to our Indiegogo backers and supporters.

LFLECT is a British brand for high end visibility products. Winner of the "Best use of Materials" award by "BluePrint" at 100% Design Competition.

With LFLECT you can safely take your dog for a walk or let your cat venture outside. The reflective characteristics of the products will give high visibility to your pet and warn incoming cyclists or cars.

If you back us with more than 79£ you will be amongst the first people in the world to get their hands on the Otto Petcare Systems devices, and have the opportunity to become part of the Founding Club.

Nuno Santos - Team Leader 

Digital Strategist and Innovation Lead, Partner at BrandEmotivity. Advised for some of the largest brands on Innovation and Digital Disruption. Grew-up having dogs as part of the family, and got used to different types of breeds and their different habits and personalities. 

Laurent Cuzin - Marketing / Social 

Entrepreneur with more than seven years experience in founding and launching new businesses and products. Keen eye on design and user experience. Pet lover, founded the first european social network for pets' parents - Woopets - back in 2007. 

Mark Brill - Mobile Technologies

Mobile strategist, innovation consultant, lecturer. Chairs the Direct Marketing Association's Mobile and Connected Marketing Council, and Senior Lecturer in Future Media at BCU (futuremedia.me). Mark grew up very much as a dog lover - his family had two Cocker Spaniels. As an adult he switched his allegiance to cats, at one point living in a house with 13 of them. He is particularly obsessed with online felines, especially cat-based memes, which he tries to include in as many of his presentations as possible.

Stefan Wessels - Tech Officer

More than fifteen years experience in design and technology for web, mobile applications and gaming. Co-founded BrandSense, a sensors and algorithms innovator based in Singapore. Shared a childhood and back yard with close friends in the form of two Staffordshire Terriers, raised many puppies, been bitten by a Rhodesian Ridgeback and is looking for a yard big enough to keep a dog (and kid) happy.

Alex Crampton - Operations

Alex is a senior theatre Director and Producer. Vast experience in managing complex teams and skill sets to get projects done on tight deadlines. Doting owner of a very skittish, affectionate, and permanently confused cat, called Oreo. 

What we have done so far:

  • Detailed concepts and design; 
  • Activity Tracker prototyping; 
  • Activity testing with different pets, data results analysis;
  • Final designs and 3D prints of the Activity Tracker and Food Dispenser casings; 
  • Testing of the different components;
  • Set-up the production planning and meetings with production stream companies; 
  • Business planning and funding backers.

What will we be doing going forward:


  • Indiegogo Campaign Industrial Production Planning and Quantities Review; 
  • Cloud Services - set-up and cross device optimisation; 
  • HTML5 – Front-end development and optimisation; 
  • App Development - iOS App development, Android App planning.


  • Shipping the Indiegogo Rewards – Thank you for the LOVE;    
  • Confirm the quantities for the Activity Trackers and Food Dispensers first production runs; 
  • HTML5 front-end Finalise Development; 
  • App Development - iOS App development beta, Android App start; 
  • Packaging - start packaging production.

March and April

  • Hardware Certification for the dispenser - submission for worldwide certification; 
  • Food Dispenser Quality Control – Tests of the different separate parts and visits to the factories checking quality and ethical production; 
  • Activity Tracker Quality Control – Test the accelerometers and the casings resistance and durability; 
  • Cloud Services – Testing with different devices connection for live camera quality, data visualisation and social features; 
  • Logistics - optimise logistics and distribution, North America, EU, Asia; 
  • App Development: iOS finalised and submitted to Apple Store and Android App Beta; Packaging: 
  • Produce retail packaging, and test the “Opening Experience”.


  • Delivery of the Activity Trackers and start shipping worldwide; 
  • Food Dispenser Product Testing - finalise industrial prototype testing, test connection to the Cloud Services.


  • Delivery of the Food Dispensers and start shipping worldwide; 
  • App Development: release Android in Google Play; 
  • Celebrate with our Supporters on exclusive events in London and San Francisco.

Thank you.

Risk And Challenges

Production issues may arise that can accelerate of delay Otto PetCare Systems devices production and certification.

The rewards for the pledges that are not Otto systems components have no electronics, and will be delivered as soon as logistics permit.

The Activity Tracker mass production does not offer substantial challenges in terms of production and shipping, however, we work our planning based on the estimated delivery by the activity tracker supplier of the casing and electronics.

The Food Dispenser can suffer from delays if lead-times from different manufacturers affect the final assembly and certification. By using reliable manufacturers and components and electronics, we trust the planning proposed.

We will keep in constant communication with our supporters and warn them, and the market, as early as possible, of any unforeseen changes to this planning.

Team on This Campaign: