OTTO: Android Car Infotainment System

The Safest, Connected Driving Experience Featuring a Detachable Android Tablet, Voice Controlled Apps & Human Speech Response!

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November 20, 2012


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November 17, 2012



We all live in a connected world with our mobiles and other Internet enabled devices. So why is it then that once we enter a car, all of that seems to either stop or become a messy and unsafe experience? Why shouldn't you be able to receive a Skype call just as easily as a hands free mobile call? Or have an email read out in a human voice instead of fumbling for a mobile phone in your lap (illegally)? 


This project is about taking the things we like to do technologically and making them user friendly, safe and legal in an automotive environment.

Our aim is to lead the way with a connected vehicle solution that embraces  technology in a manner that allows users to safely do the things that they would otherwise attempt to do discreetly & dangerously on a mobile device.

We want to see distraction related accidents reduced but it is our belief that this cannot be achieved through introducing restrictive laws that cannot be adequately policed, but by harnessing technology to enable the functionality that people now demand in a way that is safe and makes sense.

So how do you encourage drivers to use such a device? Well firstly, you make it very, very cool! Next, you make it user-friendly and finally, it has to do the things that we now expect to be able to do, regardless of driving a vehicle or not! 

Gizmosis has been researching and marketing car computers and other connected devices since 2007 with the aim of truly understanding the needs of users, as well as waiting for the technology to mature enough for it to become a mainstream product...that time has finally come! 

  • Android has matured into a functional and widely used OS
  • Mobile phones are now able to act as wireless hotspots removing the need for additional data devices
  • Data plans have become more cost effective. 


What happens when you take a car entertainment system and mix it up with the best features from a mobile phone?

Well, you get OTTO!

otto is a great car entertainment system that includes:

  • AM/FM Radio
  • DVD
  • GPS
  • Bluetooth
  • MP3
...but wait, there's more!
Main Menu 

There's An Android In My Car!!

You also get a device running Android OS that allows you to download and fully customise your driving experience. With over half a million apps available, there is no limit to what you can do!

Some of our favourite activities include:

  • Listen to radio stations from anywhere in the world
  • Talk to friends using communication apps on handsfree
  • Have emails & text messages read out to you
  • Have Facebook updates read out to you
  • Listen to your customised list of podcasts

and so much more!


Turn your mobile phone into a mobile WIFI hotspot and your car is ready to connect to the world.

Mobile Tethering

The other great benefit of an app driven system is that it never becomes outdated. Whereas most car entertainment systems are heavily reliant on their hardware, there is no shortage of new apps being constantly released to add additional functionality.


Ever since Michael Knight aka David Hasselhoff appeared on TV in the 80's driving a heavily modified Trans Am sporting the ultimate in artificial intelligence, it was a dream to recreate this.

In fact, several years ago, we released a Windows based car computer that you could converse with:

Watch Cybershack Video 

The idea of what you could do in the car was catching on... 

Watch Sunrise Video 

Then a shift began towards app based platforms and we aligned ourselves with this new direction.

With around half a million apps available on Google Play (formerly Android Market), there is no limit to how you can customise your experience.

Many were trying to achieve an in-car experience that parallelled their mobile phone experience however the results ranged from cumbersome workarounds to just being unsafe!

Whilst many states are debating the use of technology in vehicles and some even trying to legislate against it's use, the reality is that many people will still try and check messages on their phones in their lap and continue to pursue other  dangerous behaviours.

So rather than pretend that it won't happen, we have taken the step of actively trying to find safe ways of keeping connected.

Voice Settings


In order to make this a reality, we need your help!!

Firstly, we want your ideas. We want to hear what you would want in a system like this. What features, apps and design elements would you like?

We have developed a user environment where key functions such as media controls and information feeds can be easily accessed through our custom UI as well as via voice command and text-to-speech.

Now we need funding to get this produced!

The otto hardware is already rolling off the production line.


Funds will be used to build the software design for otto as well as fulfil the minimum order quantities that we need to manufacture at a reasonable cost. We also need to receive your input for features that you would like incorporated and then build these in.

In return, we are offering the Indiegogo community the opportunity to be the first to get hold of the new units at a heavily discounted price. The rewards provide a significant saving off the launch price and even greater savings for those who act earliest!

You will also have your name forever credited with contributing to the product's development. You will be recognised on our website's product page as well as here on our campaign page.

For those that are pre-ordering the new unit, you will also be on our beta test list and will be amongst the first to try out new apps and updates before they are released to the general public.

Stretch Goals

If we are able to reach our goal of $120,000 then we will be able to deliver an awesome product.

If we are fortunate enough to exceed our goal then we have plans to introduce even more features into OTTO including:

$150K - we will create the software development kit (SDK) so you will be able to create your own apps to work within OTTO's safe operating environment

$200K - we will integrate even more functions into OTTO's voice control at launch including Twitter, news feeds, AM/FM radio & many others 


The Geeky Stuff...(aka "the specifications")

Main Unit

Model: otto Head Unit v1
Work temperature: -10°C~70°C 
Storage temperature: -20°C~85°C
Size: 200*178*100mm 

OTTO Unit 

Power Supply
Working (operating) voltage: DC 10V~16V
Working (operating) current: 1A~10A
Standby current: 6mA~12mA  

Interfaces (ports)
Power: BATT、ACC、GND   
Speaker: 4x45W quadraphonics   

2 video output, 1 video input, 
1 rear view camera input, 
1 four channels audio output, 
1 subwoofer output, 1 stereo input.   

Steering wheel
The AD port of the steering wheel with two connections, IR infrared input interface. 
USB x 1   
iPod x 2
Antenna x 1   
Power Amplifier Control x 1   
Headlight detection x 1   
Brake testing x 1   
Reversing test x 1   
Phone mute test x 1   


MP4/ DVD/ VCD 1.0/ 1.1/ 2.0/ 3.0 versions, DVD, CD-R/ CD-RM/ MP3/WMA/ JPEG/ WMV/ MTV/ AVI/ MPG   


Baud rate:9600bps 
COM port:2   


Steering wheel
Supports High resistance steering wheel, 0V~5V simulative keypad voltage

DVR Black Box Recorder
120 degree wide angle camera for recording road traffic

OTTO Contents 

Android Tablet

Model:otto Tab v1  
OS:Currently Android 2.3 / Plan to upgrade to 4.0  
Work temperature :-10°C~70°C
Storage Temperature:-20°C~85°C  
CPU:Telechips TCC8803 1GHz Cortex-A8 inner core, 45nm  
ROM: Flash 4GB (2GB,8GB,16GB & 32GB are also compatible)   
Battery:3.7V/2800mAH Polymer lithium Ion Batteries
GPU: OpenVG 1.1 / OpenGL ES 1.1 & 2.0
WiFi: Atheros 6302 WiFi802.11b/g/n  
GPS: JRC G591 receiver module
Loudspeaker: Internal 8Ω/1W   
Camera: Rear view camera with 20K pixels   
MIC: Internal MIC   
Motor: Internal vibrating motor      

OTTO Tablet 


Screen size: 7 inch   
Screen resolution: 800*480 TFT   

Push buttons
Power, Volume +, Volume -, Return, Menu

Touch pen (Stylus)   
Reset hole
USB: Mini USB*1 (USB2.0 OTG) 
Earphone: 3.5mm standard earphone interface 
DC: 2.5MM, 5V charging port 
HDMI: HDMI standard port, Type-C 
Car multimedia: Patented double 22pin ports to connect with the head unit
Power adapter: 5V/2A AC plug 
USB cable:   Standard configuration 
USB OTG cable: Transferring OTG to HOST

Software configuration
OS: Android 2.3 / Plan to upgrade to 4.0  
Language: Multi-languages supported 
Input: Android keyboard   
Flash: Supports Adobe FLASH10.1   
Browser: Google Chrome browser preloaded 
Gmail: Google email 
E-mail: Email app   
Map: Google maps 
Other: Plenty of standard apps included plus download any compatible app from Google Play

Note: Individual hardware and software specifications are subject to change


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