Otaku, concept art

30 year-old virgin from Japan goes to America to get laid. Kick-ass fights and touch-boobs adventures await!
Arseniy Shved
Russian Federation
1 Team Member

April 18, 2013. Update 01

The first 5 contributions greater than $19 will be treated like $50. Get Large Bundle perk with an amazing 60% discount!


Hello everyone!
My name is Arseniy. I am a full-time game designer.
In my free time I am working on a crazy game called Otaku where you either try to have sex or kick someone's ass.


What's this all about?

The game is about Japanese virgin in his mid-thirties who hopes to to get laid in Miami. On this noble quest he will encounter drug dealers, big time criminals, idiots, DEA agents, strippers and the Federal Unit of Coitus Keep-out who stand for family values.

In order to complete this game I need money. And I need money to get that money. $500 would be a good start. Let me remind you: Florida, strippers and family values. Only $500. Of course you are free to donate any amount you want. Oh, have I mentioned strippers? OK. You have a donation to make.



I’m sure all of you would love to pin some asshole to a floor with a nail-gun, throw another through a window and finish the fight with some brutal fatality on that first dude. Out of nails? Not a problem! Pick up a piece of broken glass and stick it into someone's eye or neck, or use any other item around you.

In order to make it possible I am working on a system of contextual moves, so that almost every item in the environment could be used as a weapon. Imagine how much fun one can have in a hardware store, restaurant kitchen, hospital or sex-shop. Even the boring office isn’t boring at all if you look close enough. And by changing the environment we can make sure that every fight is unique!


Where will the money go?

$500 would allow me to hire an artist and work on a visual style of the game. His artwork will eventually be used on the web-site to demonstrate the direction we’re moving on. It will also be used as perks, but with some modifications.


Stretch goals.

$950 – Artwork bonus.

Affects the “Artwork”, “Small Bundle” and “Large Bundle” perks.
You will receive an additional artwork, also with a personal signature.

$1750 – Backstory and Progression bonus.

Affects the “Backstory”, ”Progression”, “Small Bundle” and “Large Bundle” perks.
You will receive 4 additional artworks – with backstory descriptions / several completion stages.

$2500 – Collector bonus.

Affects “Large Bundle” perk.
The PDF document you will receive will have a personal touch – a “thank you” on a front page.


Is there a bigger plan?

In order to complete the game I would need a lot more money. But it is really risky. The best way for both you and me would be to separate the work into isolated steps. Making one step would mean that the next one is ready to be made. If not – you would still have your rewards. Win-win for everybody.

The first step has been already made – I’ve written most of the story and documented basic game mechanics. I know what and where is going to happen.

The second (this) step is to hire an artist to work on visual style.
If we manage to collect at least $500, I will be able to hire an artist and you will get some cool drawings.

The third step would be to create a demonstration of game mechanics. This task will require at least $5000 and a team of 3 people, plus some contractor one-time jobs.
On that stage it would be critical to ensure that our gameplay will be of a high quality.

The fourth step would be to combine visuals, story and mechanics we’d have by that time and create a feature-complete mission, as close to release quality as possible.

And the last logical step would be to build a full game.

I think that this model is the most risk-free one for you. Every campaign will be based on the success of previous ones. And every campaign will be isolated in terms of rewards.


Wrap up.

I understand that at this point I have very little to show you.
But this is a good opportunity to take part in development of a game from its early stages.

I will be posting updates on a regular basis, so you will be properly informed on what’s going on.
Even if you do not wish to donate, please spread the word. I really need all the help I can get.
If you have any questions, suggestions or criticism – feel free to leave a message in the comments section.

Thank you for your time and see you in the updates!

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    "Artwork", "Backstory" and "Progression" perks with a $10 discount.

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