OSGEMEOS Transforming Industrial Silos at the Vancouver Biennale

OSGEMEOS have donated a month of their time to this amazing non-profit public art project. We need your help reaching our goal of $125,000 to cover hard costs.
Jason Rodham
Vancouver, British Columbia
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We reached our first $20,000! Let's keep the momentum going all the way to $125,000. 





We took the saying, “Go Big or Go Home” literally when we chose this project. Imagine a 360-degree, 70-foot (21 metre) tall outdoor mural that’s over 23,500 square feet (7,162 metres) in size. And it’s not just any mural.

This one is designed and created by OSGEMEOS, two uber-exciting Brazilian artists who happen to be identical twin brothers. OSGEMEOS, which literally means “the twins”, have taken the Contemporary art world by storm. This is their biggest project to date and their first in Canada. 

The mural will be painted on the six gigantic industrial Ocean Concrete silos on Vancouver’s Granville Island. The location attracts 10.5 million visitors a year from around the globe, so the mural is destined to become one of the most recognizable and iconic works of public art anywhere in the world. 


"Every city needs art and art has to be in the middle of the people"

“The first challenge of this project was to find a location that would fit with our idea. We did not want a conventional two-dimensional wall that we had done before - we wanted something different, special and unique. The Biennale has a strong connection with sculpture, so we decided to find a place where the painting can be transformed, creating a dialogue between the two-dimensional and three-dimensional worlds.  Another aim of this project is to bring new characters to Vancouver while sharing perspectives and cultures. The connection between water and land on Granville Island also had a lot to do with the choice of location - for us, the water acts as a vein, symbolizing life, and it is very present in our work.” - OSGEMEOS



"1 of 15 top documentary films of the year" - Huffington Post


Who says you have to be a gazillionaire to be a patron of the arts? 

Everyone is doing their bit to make this project possible, but we still have a little over $125,000 in hard costs to cover. Had it not been for the generosity of OSGEMEOS, Ocean Concrete and the curatorial, administrative and project management support from the Vancouver Biennale, this would have easily been a million dollar project. So we’re putting the “public” back into public art and asking the global community to help us. 

Our immediate goal is to raise $20,000 to help complete the project. Be part of the global team. Your $5, $10, $50 will get us there.  


The project is part of the Vancouver Biennale and personifies what our organization is all about, accessibility to great art where people live, work, play and transit. The “Be-en-ah-lay” is a registered Canadian non-profit charitable organization (Canada Revenue Agency #851954273RR0001), that exhibits museum-caliber contemporary art in public space, creating an Open Air Museum that is a catalyst for learning, community engagement and social action. 

The Vancouver Biennale has a proven track record delivering exhibitions of the highest artistic merit, in the most coveted locations. The Biennale features internationally renowned and emerging Contemporary artists that represent a diversity of cultural perspectives and artistic disciplines, including sculpture, new media, performance works and film. 

To date, 100 artists from 27 countries and 4 continents have participated in the Vancouver Biennale with 124 public art interventions. The Biennale has also facilitated the donation of $2.5 million dollars worth of public art to our host cities as a lasting legacy of our exhibitions, including the iconic A-maze-ing Laughter, which was the only work of public art nominated as one of the Greatest Places in Canada. 


  • This is a non-profit project for OSGEMEOS. 
  • Ocean Concrete has generously offered the silos at no charge and have given us considerable time, energy and expertise needed to turn an industrial site into a work of art.
  • The Vancouver Biennale is covering all curatorial costs, project management costs, promotional costs and administration costs throughout the 2-year process from curatorial vision through to the realization of the complete mural. The Biennale has also negotiated gifts-in-kind and deep discounts on most of the materials and labour required.
  • Hard costs for the project are:

             ·  Airfare (OSGEMEOS + 4 team members): $16,000
             ·  Hotel + small living stipend: $6,250
             ·  Paint and labour for prep work and base coat: $46,000 
             ·  1,400 cans of spray paint for detailed mural artwork: $21,000
             ·  Lift equipment rental: $17,000
             ·  “Plasticiens Volantis” inflatable parade: $20,000  
(Note: this is a 30-metre tall inflatable likeness of an OSGEMEOS  character that will be used for a Granville Island celebration event)

TOTAL Project Costs: $126,250


There are many ways to participate. Donate funds and receive one of our awesome Perks. Every dollar helps bring great art to public space.

It’s also a HUGE help if you spread the word globally among your friends, family, and co-workers by using Indiegogo’s (very neat) ‘Share Tools’. 

The more people who hear about our project, the more successful we'll be in reaching our goal. It’s as simple as that!

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  • $5CAD
    Good Karma

    Congratulations, you can now add “Patron of the Arts” to your LinkedIn profile and have eternal bragging rights with your friends by sponsoring 2.5 square feet (.76 metres) of the mural.

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  • $10CAD
    Your 15 Minutes of Fame

    Sponsor 5 square feet (1.5 metres) of the mural and you’ll get outstanding karma for sure, plus we’ll include you in a group shout out to our online network of 12,000+ people.

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  • $15CAD
    Cool Brew x 2

    Your donation gets you a voucher for 2 x 650ml bomber bottles of the small batch, limited edition "Random Tandem" white IPA beer from our friends at Granville Island Brewing. For Metro Vancouver locals only, we'll mail you a voucher and you'll have the perfect excuse to visit Granville Island, pick up your beer and see the Giants in person. Note: Donate $30 for 4 bottles, $45 for 6. Must be 19 or older.

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  • $18CAD
    Pantone Thank You Postcard

    Sponsor 8 square feet (2.4 metres) of the mural and you’ll receive a commemorative Thank-You postcard featuring the main Pantone paint colours used in the mural. Your friends will either be Pantone Green with envy, or Pantone Yellow with delight.

    84 claimed

    Meet You @ The Movies x 2

    Two tickets to the special screening of "Grey City" with OSGEMEOS, the must-see documentary film that takes you to the front line of the graffiti war in Sao Paulo. A top doc film of the year according to Huffington Post, it chronicles one of the most creative resistance movements in Latin American art. See you and your +1 at the Rio Theatre Sept. 3rd.

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  • $50CAD
    Sponsor 25 Square Feet

    Maybe it's a giant nose. Maybe it's a smiling button or the man-purse. Here's your chance to sponsor the part that makes you smile the most. Along with a Giant thank you, your name will be included in the official exhibition Catalogue.

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  • $100CAD
    Sponsor 50 Square Feet

    As thanks for embracing the vision and supporting great public art, we'll email you one heck of an amazing aerial photo taken at the official opening. We hope to have hundreds of people waving you a giant thank you!

    6 claimed

    Get "Rolling"

    This is a "One Chance One Day Only" perk. $500 gets you on a lift 70 feet (21 metres) in the air, hardhat, harness and paint roller in hand. Join the team of professional painters and make your mark on what will soon become the biggest mural in OSGEMEOS history. How's that for expressing your inner artist?

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    Estimated delivery: August 2014
  • $2,500CAD
    4 Buy 4

    If you think the Giants are cool, chances are so will your friends, family and colleagues. Be the first to donate $2,500 and then do a shout out to your network and everyone else out there with a challenge to match it. You only need 3 matching donations to sponsor a silo. We'll give you all the social media support you need to make it happen. We'll also give you all of the perks available, and all of the kudos in the official Vancouver Biennale catalogue.

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    The Whole Silo (First 3)

    From now to the end of time you get to point to one of the Ocean Concrete silos and tell friends, family and anyone else who will listen that you were the sponsor. As an added bonus, you’ll also receive 2 tickets to the Exclusive Movie Screening with OSGEMEOS and be given a VIP Pass to the September 7th unveiling and be included in the group photo. You will receive donor recognition in the official exhibition Catalogue and on the Vancouver Biennale website. Only 3 silos available at this price.

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  • $5,000CAD
    It Takes Two

    Here's a chance for you and a friend to sponsor a silo. Be the first to donate $5,000 and then do a shout out to all your friends and everyone else out there to match it. We'll give you all the social media support you need to make it happen. We'll also give you all of the perks available, and all of the kudos in the official Vancouver Biennale catalogue.

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  • $10,000CAD
    Your Favourite Giant

    From now to the end of time you get to point to your favourite "Giant" and tell friends and family that you were the sponsor. We'll give you all the "perks" available, all the kudos in the exhibition Catalogue and a certificate for 10 for an unforgettable group bike tour of the Biennale exhibition with the President and Founder of the Biennale.

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  • $60,000CAD
    Looking For A Love Match

    Surely there's someone out there, maybe a philanthropist, a business leader, an art collector or a company looking to give back in a meaningful way. You get that great public art builds communities, supports the economy, and is a catalyst to learning about the world around us. So far, 372 people have donated just shy of $60,013. It would be really cool if you matched them and we'll gladly make you the hero of this campaign.

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