Original Plumbing Online - Help us move forward!

Original Plumbing magazine is growing up! As they expand their online community with a complete website redesign and relaunch, they need your help.


**Counting Down The Hours, We Made Our Goal**

We've done it! We made it past our goal of $20,000 with 30+ hours to go, and we owe it to our community believing in this project and caring about the work we do and wanting to see its expansion. We are so grateful for that.


Since we reached our goal, any money we make over $20,000 will go towards the paychecks of digital artists, so that OP's online presence will have fresh icons, banners and web-specific promotional images once the site is launched. 

We have one final day of funding left and perks for the taking. FOOD & FEELINGS dinner date perk with OP editors Amos & Rocco (we come to your city or Skype date you in a major way -- please read details to that perk to the right) , Queer Loot Grab Bags are left, Photo prints by Amos Mac & T-shirts and Totes you won't be able to buy after this ends in 30 hours!!

Last week we introduced our final new perk (limited to 20): The FLAMING FLAG perk is a unique flag set by Minneapolis artist Jared Wallace Maire that you can customize! Up to 16 letters, it can say whatever you'd like it to say. See photo below for example! If you didn't see our half-way-there video it is still under the "GALLERY" tab or you can always go here. Share widely. Let's finish this campaign off right! 

Original Plumbing Needs Your Help!

Hi, we are Amos Mac and Rocco Katastrophe and together we edit and publish Original Plumbing, a trans male culture print magazine that launched in San Francisco in the Fall of 2009. A year after the quarterly magazine was born we launched OP Online at originalplumbing.com featuring daily bloggers, first-person narratives, exclusive work from award-winning trans* writers you can't find in our print editions, photo galleries and most recently the "Talk About It" video campaign to share solutions around isolation and depression within the LGBTQ community.

In the past few years our website has turned dusty, grey and broken. It is disorganized, not sustainable, increasingly harder to find articles and has major video embedding issues. It does not do justice to the writers who have spent their energy writing for OP over the years. It is because of your interest and support that OP has grown bigger than the size of its tank! We need help tearing down the old OP website and rebuilding it from scratch -- keeping all of our articles, user comments and galleries in tact while expanding and updating in a major way! This is where you come in. We have listened to your feedback and are making huge changes for our website and online community. We need your help to relaunch OP online v3.0! Help us afford a more inclusive, organized and aesthetically pleasing website that works! 

What We Need & What You Get

We are asking for $20,000. This money is for: (1)  web genius named Majda, (1)  art director genius named Derek, and once the new site is up, (1) staff web administrator to publish pieces daily and to help us with the work that goes into making a successful community-based website. If we surpass our goal of $20,000, we will be able to pay (1 or more) digital artists to create icons, banners and online promotional images on an ongoing basis.

Over the past two months, we have been working closely with our web genius Majda, who has already started building the new site. We plan to launch OP Online v3.0 by April 1st, 2013.

We have some incredible perks for you --- stuff you can only get through this fundraiser! T-shrits, tote bags, out of print OP magazines, cheap advertising, dance classes, dinner dates with the OP editors and so much more.

Check Out Pix Of Some Perks:

Black tote bag with ORIGINAL in white text

Customizable Flags by artist Jared Wallace MaireA set of 3 stickers designed by Amos Mac

PHOTO FAN Perk! 3 5x7" photos by Amos Mac!

One-Month Membership To A Queer Site

EXCLUSIVE T-SHIRT Perk! Black T-shirt that reads NOBODY KNOWS in red, NKOTB-inspired font

QUEER LOOT GRAB BAG - You get 4 autographed items from an iconic queer artist

Rocco and Amos take you out to dinner!Original Plumbing collectors set! OUT OF PRINT issues + recents..


Public Thankings: We plug your name, organziation, band or blog to our network of 18,000+ (through the "Hello Darling perk -- just let us know in the comment section if you want us to shout-out something other than your user name)

Queer Loot Grab Bags!

Lmt. Edition Tote Bag, T-shirts and Stickers ONLY available here!

Advertisers Discount Pack -- A full year in print or online!

It's All About You

OP is the first space where we actually get to speak for ourselves and to each other. When we started making it, we had no idea what kind of response we would get. Almost immediately it was clear that this was what the commnunity had been waiting for. As mainstream media is slowly beginning to marvel at our mere existence, we have this space to talk about the entirety of our lives from the mundane to the complex. We want to keep growing and giving this platform to the trans* community. 

So, what do you get (besides the perks)?

  • A beautifully new designed and highly functional website with daily content.
  • A dedicated section to relaunch OP's "Talk About It" video campaign.
  • More user input, a free international community calendar that you can submit your event listings to, features on the "internet famous" trans* Tumblr-ers and YouTubers, different editors curating different topics.
  • Expansion to include content dealing with the trans* community in its entirety. That's right, we want the website to be a place where trans men, trans women, gender non-conforming and cisgender allies can all find their voice and comminuty online. We want OP to be a hub for all that is trans*. 

What If I'm Broke?

That's ok, we all fall on hard times. You can still help:

  • Post the campaign to your social media pages; ie Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter.
  • Tell your friends, family and community with money to give to this cause. That alone means a lot to us. 

Thanks For Reading!

And remember: we must reach our goal of $20,000 to receive funding! Spread the word, and thanks again for your continiued support of Original Plumbing.


Follow @FTMquarterly and check our Facebook page to keep in touch and to see our "public thankings" if you chose the HELLO DARLING perk! 


Team on This Campaign: