Ordinary Harry

We're making a short! It's a web-series pilot about a squib bartender and his wizard friends. We'd love your help!


Why We Need Money:

Through careful planning and years of institutional infiltration, we're able to make this film for next to nothing! We've already got the equipment, the location - even the cast and crew!

However, they're not all in the same place. Also, we have to feed them. Also, some of them need clothes and stuff?

That's where you come in!

From the Director:

Hello friends and fellow Potterheads!

We're hoping to create a show for fantasy and comedy fans alike. For those of you who've grown up with Harry Potter, or else have a love of magic and crude humor, this is the show for you!

We begin filming the “Ordinary Harry” pilot on December 16th, and we need a little help! Whether you're able to contribute or not, please help spread the word of our magical endeavor.

From the Producer:

When my family immigrated to Massachusetts in the early 17th century, they had a shitty realtor. 'Salem is beautiful this time of year,' they said, 'and the villagers are so polite!'

They forgot to mention 'superstitious,' 'violent,' and 'bat-shit crazy.'

In the four centuries since we've endured prison cells, gallows and bonfires at the hands of American muggles. All this abuse, and we're not even invited to the Quidditch matches.

Basically, it sucks to be a squib.

Special thanks to:

Ohio University School of Film

Studio 35 Cinema and Drafthouse

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