Orapup - Bye Bye, Bad Dog Breath

How do you get your dog to let you clean its mouth? You don't. With Orapup, your dog cleans its own mouth.

UPDATE 2: You can still Preorder Via AMAZON by going to http://orapup.com There is still time to get your Orapup before Christmas! So hurry. 


UPDATE: If all goes according to schedule, orders in the USA will arrive before CHRISTMAS! 


But I don’t love doggie breath. Ridding your dog of bad breath shouldn't be a burden on you. With Orapup, your dog cleans it's own tongue, eliminating bad breath at the source—without even knowing what its doing!

If this concept geeks you out like it does me, keep reading.

The Story of Dr Bob

The Story of Dr Bob

I am 78 years old. My friends tell me I am probably one of the oldest entrepreneurs in America. They also tell me I may be one of the best looking, but they might be a little biased ;)

At the sunset of my life, I have become increasingly obsessed with leaving my mark on the world, but not in the same way a dog leaves his mark on the world. I wanted to do something more helpful and less bodily-function related. So, ten years ago when I learned that 80% to 90% of bad breath comes from a dirty tongue, I invented the Orabrush, the tongue cleaner that helps cure bad breath. 

Soon after launching Orabrush, customers started asking for a doggy Orabrush. Orapup was born. 

Orapup - Dog Breath Brush

But how do you get a dog to let you clean its tongue? You don’t! You let the dog do it. I designed Orapup's licking surface to be large enough for big dogs and for small dogs—and this was the brilliant part—all dogs in between.

Consider the perfect design and construction of this, the new best friend to man’s best friend.

Orapup Blue Design

*Note:The colors in these pictures are only a representation from the 3D model. They don't look near as vibrant as the real thing. 

Ultra-soft Bristles: Ultra-soft, pointed bristles clean deep into the uneven crevices of your dog’s tongue loosening stinky bacteria. I borrowed the bristle design from the surgeon's scrub brush, the same special bristles surgeons use to clean bacteria from their hands before they cut you open (sorry for the gross visual there).

Inline Scrapers: Four inline scrapers collect and remove the bacteria and residue generated from brushing, helping cure bad breath. I made the scapers obscure enough your dog won't even notice them, but they get the job done.

Handle Tilt: I tried loads of different handles until I had the perfect handle. It enables the dog to lick the Orapup in the vertical position. This is the position where the dog will extend the full length of it's tongue. It also keeps your hands from getting licked.

Flavor Packs: When we clean our own tongues or brush our teeth, we pull the bad breath causing gunk out of our mouth and then spit out the residue. Dogs don’t spit. I spent 8 months researching a flavor and consistency that dogs love and is completely edible and healthy:

  • Tastes like beef brisket
  • FDA approved ingredients
  • Anti-tartar
  • Natural enzymes help balance your dogs mouth and fight future bad breath


We want everyone who believes in this project to get a better deal on Orapup than if you wait for it to reach stores.

Here is a list of all of our possible perks:

Orapup Starter Kit

Includes Orapup and 5 Flavor Packs (this kit will retail for at least $15). Everyone and their dog will have one ;)

I'll Cuddle UR Face Off — Doggy Hoody

This reward is part of the $45 and $95 backer packages: 

I'll Cuddle UR Face Off - Orapup Hoodie

I Kissed My Dog and I liked It - Orapup T-shirt

This reward is part of the $95 backer package (American Apparel Womens model #2102, Mens #2001). OMD! Oh my Dog! What a delightfully inappropriate shirt!I kissed my dog and I liked it.

 Orabrush Tongue Cleaners

We are giving away Orabrush tongue cleaners with every reward. That way you won’t feel left out when your dog has squeaky clean breath and you don’t.

Watch this video to learn more about Orabrush

Choose your own colors

If you contribute $30 or more, you get to pick any of 5 colors (hot pink, midnight black, sapphire blue, blaze orange or voters' choice). Orapup backers get to vote for the fifth color and in so doing, leave their mark on the world.


Orapup Color Options

What We Need

We have finished the design, we have working prototypes and we even have a commitment from a national pet store to carry Orapup. WOOHOO! We have a local manufacturer lined up and now we just need your help to make our first run of product. Your pledge will:

  • Help us raise the $40k needed to move our prototype to production and make our first run.
  • Help us make sure we have a mold large enough to handle the demand.
  • Give retailers confidence to stock Orapup on their shelves.
  • Make us really super happy and thrilled. We will love you forever. No. Really. FOREVER!

Orapup is a Customer Created Product


  1. Bought and loved the Orabrush.
  2. Requested a similar product for their dogs via Facebook and YouTube (some even used their Orabrush on their dogs; not recommended).
  3. Submitted hundreds of name ideas for Orapup.
  4. Overwhelmingly voted on their favorite name: Orapup.
  5. Told us what worked and what didn’t as we tested different solutions.
  6. Are now funding the first production run of product!


When will my Orapup arrive if I get one through Indiegogo?

We are planning to get Orapup shipped to Americans before Christmas! That means you can get them as gifts for the dog lovers in your family. Some other countriess may get them by Christmas, but we can't garauntee it.

How much will Orapup cost in stores?

The Orapup Starter Kit will retail for $15ish.

When will Orapup be in stores?

We expect to be in US stores in 2013. Other countries will come soon after. If you want one this year, you will need to back us on Indiegogo :)

Is Orapup Patented?

Yes. I already have one patent that applies to Orapup's bristle and scraper technology and I have others pending to protect the concept of letting dogs clean their own tongues.

Do all dogs like the flavor packs? Will it work on my dog?

We haven't found one dog that doesn't LOVE it. We tried literally dozens of different formulations until we found one that is universally loved. If your dog doesn't like it, please send us a note so we can work harder at the perfect formula.

Does it work on dogs of all sizes?

Works on dogs of all sizes

Does it really work?

Yes! It really works! FYI: It won't work on dogs who have bad breath being caused by gum disease or rotting teeth, but in almost all other cases it will eliminate the worst dog breath. NOTE: it won't make your dog smell like mint, it removes the rank odor from the tongue, leaving a clean healthy mouth.


If you are a member of the media and have additional questions, please contact press@orabrush.com

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