Operation Tranquility

I am starting a nonprofit that will provide free beach retreats for wounded warriors and their families as well as special needs children and their families.


Short Summary

My name is Catrina.  In March 2010, my husband was injured in Iraq and medically evacuated to Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, TX. This is where my family spent the next 22 months while he recovered. Spending this time there i saw firsthand the stress a wounded warrior family endures, not only with my family but with multiple families I met while there. A wounded warriors family is impacted in many ways; physically, emotionally, and financially. Experiencing this personally, I realized the need for families to be able to relax and "get away from it all." After my husband medically retired in 2012, we moved to the beach in Wilmington, NC. I have always loved the beach and thought of it as the perfect place to "get away from it all." Walking barefoot in the sand, listening to the waves roll in, looking out at the endless water watching the beautiful sunrises and sunsets, it is pure relaxation. i decided providing free retreats at the beach would be the perfect way for these families to relax, have fun, and spend quality time together. 

In 2005, my amazing miracle, my son, was born. Due to him being premature, he was at the doctor constantly. I have volunteered with Easter Seals, The Special Olympics, and worked with special needs families alot in the past. I know these families also deal with similiar stresses as a wounded warrior family does. This is why I want to incorporate special needs children and their families into my retreats. 

What We Need & What You Get

The donations I am asking for will be used for legal fees to get the 501c3, trademarking costs, and marketing to the public for fundraising efforts for the retreats. If there are any additional funds left,  it will go directly towards the actual retreats (Hotel, food, airfare, activities). 

The Impact

The impact this will have on families will be everlasting. While we were at the hospital, a few nonprofits in Texas provided day retreats for those families in the hospital. It really helped allow us to temporarily "forget" about doctors appointments, financial burdens, and the daily stresses. Many of our wounded warriors deal with PTSD and depression and these getaways were a way for them to feel comfort and happiness. These retreats will allow families to focus on each other, possibly mending a broken family, improving morale, or even preventing a suicide knowing that there is happiness that can be found In living. 

I have helped other charity organizations, such as MOMS USA, who raises money to send care packages overseas. I have helped with many fundraisers and am known for my good heart and pay it forward attitude. North Carolina has a large military presence, and I know i could impact many many families.

Other Ways You Can Help

I truly appreciate you taking the time to look at my cause. If you can not contribute financially, please feel free to share this with others. In the future I will have a facebook page for Operation Tranquility, sharing the impacts we make on families. Be sure to check back regulary and "like" the page. Have a fantastic day, and remember to "pay it forward" because even a small act of kindness can have a huge impact on someone else! 

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