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Operation Life Preserver is dedicated to preserving the personal life stories of World War II, Korean War and Vietnam War veterans for posterity.
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The Legacy

Years as a news anchor and reporter have shown me the importance of stories. And the most powerful stories are those about people. Yet we’re losing wonderful and valuable stories every single day, and they’re slipping by with hardly a notice.  We’re losing the life stories of our nation’s heroes from World War II and the Korean War, and they will be lost forever to their families, the community and the nation unless we act now. 

Our plan is to record the life stories of as many veterans as possible, and make these interviews available to anyone who wants to see them.  A group of videographers will operate within about a 100 mile radius of the Quad Cities area, on the Iowa and Illinois border, to record these unique life stories.  But the plan is to branch out quickly and replicate this effort in communities throughout the country.  Please join with us in saving these valuable stories by donating.

The Need

These are the stories of a generation that not only preserved freedom for America, but won it for much of Europe, Asia and the rest of the world, and passed the torch of liberty to future generations.  Society tends to celebrate the exuberant, splashy and oversized contemporary figures, but Operation Life Preserver celebrates the rarely applauded, but equally remarkable people who did the lion’s share of the work to build and safeguard this country.  Every day hundreds of these veterans, and their precious stories, slip away...which means every day we don't do something, we're losing a precious part of our heritage.  So, you can see why we need to act quickly and preserve those that remain!

The Promise

We are different from other efforts!  We honor these men and women, but we know they are not defined ONLY by their service.  They came home, built careers, raised families, and, in doing so, built America into the strong nation it is.  We want our kids now, and their kids, to hear the whole story.  Because what they did before and after their service years is also a part of their legacy.

Young people now, and future generations, will profit from the lessons learned of these brave and patriotic Americans.  These are not just stories of their military endeavors; their recollections give us a wonderful window into what it was like to live through pivotal times in America and the world.

No current effort is being made to actively target and preserve the life stories of this quickly dwindling population group in the way we are planning, but we can do it together!

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can't afford to donate, we understand!  Please spread the word through Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, email, bicycle, mule train, word of mouth....anyway you can!  Also, please be on the lookout for veterans whose stories we can preserve so, if you have family or friends who are, or who know, veterans of these conflicts, please keep us in mind.  As we have resources, we will branch out and save as many of these stories as possible.

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