Operation Fix Toshiba

Toshiba doesn't want you to know how to fix their products. We do. You give us money. We take that money, buy used Toshiba laptops, and write repair manuals.

Stand up for the right to repair!

Toshiba just took down one of the most popular sources of repair information for their laptops, Tim Hicks’ laptop repair manual repository at Future Proof. Tim’s site is one of the only places online to get completely ad- and malware-free, manufacturer-authorized manuals.

At iFixit, we're outraged, but we're not surprised. As the largest online repair manual for electronics, we're well-versed with how far manufacturers like Toshiba and Apple go to keep service information out the public's hands.

So, we decided to do something about it—and we need your help to stop Toshiba's campaign of planned obsolescence.

Let's [un]screw Toshiba! We want to write a free and open repair manual to replace the manuals that Toshiba took away. We currently have manuals for just a few Toshiba laptops, but it's nowhere near good enough. We want to write more manuals, but we don't have the hardware! All we need is more hardware to take apart. That's where you can help.

Donate a couple bucks here. We will spend 100% of the funds on used Toshiba hardware; we'll write manuals for them.

We'll document every repair/replacement procedure in step-by-step guides with high-res, color photos and videos—which is a far cry better than what Toshiba offers in its manuals.

What We Need & What You Get

We're targeting our efforts at Toshiba laptops made within the last four years. We're going to start with the 50 most popular Toshiba laptops on the market. If we exceed $10,000, iFixit will broaden its efforts to 100 most popular Toshiba laptops—or however many we can afford with the money. Every $200 donated roughly equates to one used laptop. You give mo' money, we write mo' manuals. Simple as that.

Every laptop manual we write will help thousands of people repair their computers. But aside from that, there are other fun perks you can opt to receive in kind gratitude for your donation: 

  • Donate $1 and receive our eternal gratitude for making the world a more repairable place.
  • Donate $10 and get a free Self-Repair Manifesto. It makes a stylish, powerful addition to any room or workshop.
  • Donate $25 and get a free iFixit-designed Magnetic Mat—excellent for keeping tiny screws in one place when you fix your electronic gadget.
  • Donate $50 and get a free 26-Bit Driver Kit for repairing your electronics.
  • Donate $75 and get a free 54-Bit Driver Kit, custom-designed to help you fix most electronics on the market.
  • Donate $150 and get a free Pro Tech Tool Kit, approved by MacGyver-like repairers the world over.
  • Donate $500 and get a free laser-engraved, wooden case and 54-bit driver kit for the DIY electronics repairer with truly discerning taste. 
  • Donate $1,000 and video chat with iFixit co-founder and CEO Kyle Wiens, ask him all your electronics repair questions, get a virtual tour of the iFixit office, and also get the fun swag at the $500 level.
  • Donate $10,000 and we'll love you forever, write a blog post about your awesome drive to keep electronics out of landfills, and you'll also get all of the $1,000-level perks as well.

Repair Matters

The world needs to know how to fix these products. Electronics repair is critically needed to solve the e-waste crisis. Repair helps bridge the digital divide by keeping the secondhand electronics market alive. And electronics repair accounts for hundreds of thousands of jobs in the United States alone.

It’s time for us to stand up for ourselves. We have the right to repair our things, and to the information required to do it.

Other Ways to Help

  • Spread the word! We'll need lots of public support to replace all the manuals that Toshiba yanked from Tim's site. Share this campaign on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Send us your Toshiba hardware and we'll write a manual for it. (We’re looking for laptops that are less than four years old, and we just need one of each model. They don't need to work, but they should be intact. These are the devices we want.
  • Want to write a manual? Great! Let us know, and we'll send you hardware once we get it in.
  • Write Toshiba and tell them that their actions are reprehensible.

Team on This Campaign: