Open Source TumbleGonk

Release the C++ source code and art assets for the never published casual game TumbleGonk.


Short Summary

TumbleGonk is a commercially developed, complete, casual game. It has been decided to attempt to license the game as completely open source software. This campaign is to raise the funds required to release the source code and all related art under an open source license.

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About the game

The game is a causal ‘tile swap’ style game with polar based tile layouts that provide a unique gameplay style. The game features twelve unique levels of increasing difficulty.

TumbleGonk Screenshot

About the code

The game is written in C++ using the SDL 2 and associated libraries. It is cross platform and tested on Windows XP, 7 and Ubuntu 12.04. The game was developed in the Code::Blocks IDE. Git was used for revision control during development. The tutorial video is displayed in game using libvpx.

About the art

The graphical art for the game consists of both bitmap and source inkscape SVG files for all game tiles, GUI elements and fonts. The sound files are simple .wav files. The music included in the game is Creative Commons licensed and not part of this campaign.

What We Need & What You Get

The fundraising campaign will allow us to make TumbleGonk a free and open source game.
  • All C++ game code released under GPLv3 license.
  • All game art released under CC BY 3.0 License.

What you do not get

  • The game music (The music included in the game is Creative Commons licensed and not part of this campaign).
  • The tutorial video (This was never completed, there is a simple placeholer video).

The Impact

The TumbleGonk source code and art assets will be made available to the community.


There is a fully playable Windows version of the game avalible  in the gallery for evalution purposes. If you would like access to the source code to complile for another platform this can also be arranged.

Other Ways You Can Help

Help us promote our cause!  Post a link to this campaign on industry forums, blogs, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter!

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