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Build powerful projectors from commodity parts.
Chris 'Universalist' Werner
1 Team Member

The 3D printable projector system

You probably know, that you can build a simple projector from nothing but a light, a simple transparency and a camera lens.
All you need is the right connector, and GuerillaBeam is just that.

GuerillaBeam is:

  • totally modular, allowing the the use of any lens and any light
  • portable, by using high powered flashlights (standard configuration)
  • most affordable, since it doesn't need any expensive components
  • eco-friendly: Get it digitally and print it at your place
  • Open Source, at least with you help :-)
This is how complete GuerillaBeams can look like:

You can, of course fit any other (cheaper) lights and lenses:


Have a look at the adapters for M42, Canon EF, and Pentax K-mount lenses:

A glance at the slide production from transparency printed at home work (yes GuerillaBeam uses classic slide frames!):


Some pictures of projections:



With a bright LED light (Cree XM-L(2) is recommended) and a reasonably fast lens you can easily project everywhere (except in direct sunlight).

Why support this campaign?

  • Get an awesome projector!
    Print it yourself, or get a GuerillaBeam made by me (with love)!

If the campaign succeeds I will remake the GuerillaBeam in Open Source Software and publish it under an Open Source License.
GuerillaBeam will be free for everybody, and there will be countless possibilities for improvement and modifications!

Supporters will get the 3d printing templates for GuerillaBeam, regardless if the campaign succeeds (under CC-BY-SA license).

Every physical GuerillaBeam comes with a Slides Production Kit, which contains everything needed to start making your own slides.

You can also get a select flashlight which I will purchase directly from the manufacturer in a bulk order.
This way we can get factory upgrades, reliable quality and a good price.
If enough people order a flashlight with me, i could negotiate for upgrades like better batteries or chargers.


  • LED powered (i.e. by flashlights)
  • can use practically every 35mm or APS-C camera lens
  • uses 35mm Slides (max. 2mm thickness), which can be printed at home
  • image area of 22mm diameter
  • outside diameter of 73mm
  • weight of 100g to 200g
  • diameter of 73mm
  • universal 53x3 screw mount for lenses, lights and accessories


Currently the available adapters are:

  • M42 and T2 mount
  • Canon EF mount
  • Pentax K-mount (any Pentax lens)
  • Different XM-L T6 X8 flashlights (UltraFire, Trustfire, different models)
  • ThruNite TN30 Flashlight
  • different smaller lights
All adapters are form-locking and positively locked by screwing the adapter into the GuerillaBeam base.
Making new adapters is quite easy, and often one adapter fits multiple accessories.

Features in progress

  • Set up a nice online cummunity for sharing slides and 3D-Files
  • Adapt fixed LED lights (i.e. 50mm-Spots)
  • fix tripod mount (didnt print well the last times I tried)
  • Adapt more, better and more affordable lights

Planned Features

  • Build a GuerillaBeam with even brighter COB-LEDs
  • Film loader for projecting from film strips instead of slides
  • Digital projection. Complicated and eats a lot of light, but should be doable
  • Online support forum
  • Continuous improvement


When trying to build my own Image Fulgurator i seriously damaged my flashgun.
Looking for a replacement, I found that my flashlight (a TrustFire X8) could replace the photo flash, and project a bright constantly visible image.

I experimented a lot, and finally found a solution to project without having both of my hands tied to the device.GuerillaBeam constructed from bellows

The results were pretty spectacular and many people wanted such a projector for themselves. Unfortunately the design was most delicate and hard to copy.

Striving for a better variant, I made technical drawings, talked to a toolmaker, a prototyping facility and a 3d printshop. Frustrated that every iteration would take weeks (and significant costs), I quickly bought a 3d printer. 

In the two months since then, I went through around 5kg of plastic, ruined one 3D printer, upgraded to an Ultimaker, and produced around 30 prototypes. Today I have pretty much perfected the design - now its for the crowd to decide what the GuerillaBeam becomes.

Questions and anwers:

  • What lenses should I use?
    In general, long focal distances and large aperture lenses give the best results. Long focal distances (100mm or more) are good, since they focus on a small and therefore brighter spot and large apertures give a brighter image.
    Some recommended lenses for getting started are: 135mm f/2.8 (ebay), 50mm f/1.4 (ebay) or 200mm f/4 (ebay)
  • What about zoom lenses?
    Zoom lenses work, but usually have a rather small aperture, Prime lenses (without zoom) ususally give much brighter projections. 
  • I already have a bright flashlight, will it work?
    It depends. If your flashlight has more than 500 Lumen and can project a small uniform spot over a large distance, it should work.
  • How do I make slides/gobos?
    You can print them yourself on transparencies (templates/transparency sheets are part of the package). You then just cut them out and put them into a slide frame.
  • Will GuerillaBeam damage peoples eyes?
    No. But it can temporarily blind people, so some caution is advised.
  • Why this campaign?
    Because this way, I can enable people to build and/or buy it at the same time.
  • What do you need €10000 for?
    I plan on giving out at least two dozens of physical rewards, so most of the money will be used to produce those.
    What's left is thought to fund the work of turning GuerillaBeam into Open Source, and maybe even cover some development costs.
  • What if the campaign fails?
    Maybe I'll try again, maybe I'll resort to just selling my own projectors. (Not as cheap as the rewards of this campaign, of course).

Last words

Feel free to comment or ask any questions in a comment, via mail (universalist@gbeam.de) or on Twitter
Or just go ahead and click on CONTRIBUTE NOW. Thanks alot!

Risks and Challenges

Regardless of the success of the campaign all rewards can be produced and shipped in time. 
However there is the possibility of delays, for instance if my 3D printer breaks, if there are serious problems with suppliers, or if the demand is so overwhelming that I can't scale up production quick enough.

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raised in 1 month
11% funded
No time left
€10,000 EUR goal
Flexible Funding This campaign has ended and will receive all funds raised.
Campaign Closed
This campaign ended on May 6, 2014
Select a Perk

    Guerilla Kit

    One complete GuerillaBeam set with 1000 Lumen flashlight and everything needed. Includes 135mm f/2.8 lens Limited (I am short on flashlights), immediately available and ready to ship tomorrow!

    1 out of 1 claimed
  • €17EUR
    Gobo Production Kit

    Support GuerillaBeam and get everything you need to create your own slides (except scissors and a printer). Already included in every Guerilla Beam kit, it includes transparencies, and slide frames for at least 23 gobos. Please add €5 for shipping outside Europe.

    1 claimed
  • €42EUR
    Private Copy

    Get STL-Files for printing the Guerilla Beam yourself (non-commercially under CC-BY-NC-SA license)

    5 out of 3331 claimed
  • €97EUR
    GuerillaBeam Flashlight

    Support GuerillaBeam and let this super-bright flashlight be you reward! Good quality flashlight, featuring a Cree XM-L2 LED, which is the most efficient 10W light source available today. Runtime of at least 1 hour, luminous flux ~1000 Lumen. Includes batteries and charger. Please add 15€ for shipping outside Europe (not applicable if ordered together with a GuerillaBeam kit).

    0 out of 101 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • €101EUR
    Unlimited Copy

    Get STL-Files for printing and selling the Guerilla Beam yourself (under CC-BY-SA license).

    3 out of 31 claimed
  • €353EUR
    Sharpshooter Kit

    One complete GuerillaBeam set with 1000 Lumen flashlight and everything needed. Includes a long range 500mm f/8 lens. Limited (I am short on flashlights), immediately available and ready to ship tomorrow!

    0 out of 1 claimed
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