Open Source GSM Modem Library to send SMS and dial USSD codes

Java and .NET library with a clean API to send and receive SMS and to dial USSD codes

I am a paraguayan, +10 year passionate programmer. About 1 year ago I left my job to seek to work on things I can be more passionate about and I am doing great since then, the challenge is to find work I can truly enjoy.

I started this fundraise because in doing this library I will be working on something I am truly passionate about and I know  I can provide a high quality project to the open source community by working fulltime in the open in a library to control GSM modems.

I am a Java expert and I am very confident in .NET C# and so I want to build a library in both languages with a deadly simple API. Expect no buggy unstable software, no surprise-API, no nonsense docs.

If you help me to reach my goal you will be incredibly awesome! and you will prove to yourself and to the open source community that a great open source project doesn't need to start free.

You also will get this perks:

  • Have an open source library to control GSM Modems to send/receive SMS and dial USSD codes. The source code will be hosted on GitHub. It will have the MIT licence.
  • A GSM Desktop Software that you can use as a marketing tool to send bulk text messages to a defined list of contacts. The messages can be static or personalized for each contact. The software will allow you to backup the contacts and text messages of your simcard.
  • A GSM Modem Server that will expose through RESTful interface the capabilities of the modem to easy send/receive SMS from virtually any language.

The desktop software and gsm modem server will not be open sourced projects but I will grant you a lifetime licence to use them and personal wholehearted support, I can even skype you if you want :)

The funds will ensure I can work fulltime for about 8 months on this project. I will eat a lot of pizza and drink good coffee. I can confidently say that within 3 months you will have a working and stable version of the library in one language. Then about 1 month more I will use to port the library to the other language. Next I will work on the server and desktop softwares and keep polishing the library. 

In the end you will have a fully unit tested library easily extendable to accommodate the small singularities of non fully standard GSM modems. You will also have good documentation of all features and examples of how to use each and every feature of the library.

If I don't reach my funds goal, I will still work on the library but depending on my budget it might take longer to complete. You can find more background on why I am doing this in my blog. You can also read my boring resume.

Please don't hesitate contacting me if want any more details at hofmanndavid@gmail.com.

Here is a a little taste of the API I want to have ASAP:

Some taste of what is comming...

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