OPEN OCTAVE STUDIO: You are the music. We are the means.

Providing free, professional music software to musicians everywhere

Open Octave Studio

Fundraising for Open Octave Studio 2012 Release!


Open Octave Studio is a free and open source music production software and digital audio workstation (DAW) for Linux (working on porting to Windows and Mac)

Open Octave Studio doesn't charge any licensing fees but have lots of features at par with many other commercial solutions. The application is written in Qt and you can install 2011 or 2012 development version on Linux by following instructions from here. If you are using Ubuntu, a PPA is also available that is our current 2012 development version.
The source code is available through git:

git clone git://git.openoctave.org/oom.git

A Beta version of 2012 will be available soon with many new features! The brave can follow us using the git version of the source code.
You can get live help here Chat Live


Our Story


Welcome to The Open Octave Project! First of all, Open Octave Studio is Free Music Software (to be technical, it's an open sourced Digital Audio Workstation “DAW”). We're fund-raising in order to enhance our features so that the musicians who use Open Octave Studio have the best music making software that has ever been given away for free. We have similar features to Commercial music programs like Pro Tools, Cubase, Nuendo, SONAR, but the main difference is that Open Octave Studio doesn't charge any licensing fees. That's why we need your support.


Open Octave Studio was originally custom-written for Wendy Cherrett, but in October, 2011 it was officially released to the public.



Wendy Cherrett Studio

(Wendy Cherrett using Open Octave in her studio)

The Impact


There's a giant community of musicians who often feel hindered by how expensive it is to make music. Your support will empower  The Open Octave Project to provide a free solution that will allow students, schools, and musicians everywhere to gain access to the very tool that will allow them to let their music come to pass.


If we don't reach our goal, professional music making will remain proprietary, and mainly available for the rich and well-connected. We want to give every musician a chance.


You are the music. We are the means.



Where Will Your Money Go?

Using Open Octave Studio is free, but programming it is not. All of our Developers have families, bills, and when we can peel them away from their computers, they occasionally eat supper too.



The Open Octave Project will use your support to enhance our software from

“Great” to “Greatest”.

Here are some of the features that will be added or enhanced with your donations...




  • Video Tracks
  • Cross-platform: Windows & Mac Support
  • Surround Sound Mixing
  • Integration for Syncing with MuseScore Notation Editor
  • New Editing Canvas
  • Enhance the Default Sample Library
  • Audi Import / Clip Management
  • Large Time Clock Widget
  • Project Navigation Bar
  • Better Automation Tools
  • Better Plugin Support
  • Better Controller Input Support
  • all the bells and whistles requested by the Open Octave community

Video Tracks

(sample of what video tracks will hopefully look like)



Windows and Mac Port

(with your help, Windows and Mac will be able to use it too)




Surround Sound Support

(We want to add Surround Sound Mixing abilities for Film-making)


If we reach only a portion of our goal, we will still add a portion of this list into Open Octave Studio. Any money we receive will turn into Open Octave Studio enhancements.


What We Need & What You Get


Right now, we're trying to raise $50 000, and we're offering lots of perks to everyone who contributes.




We have lots of giveaways for every donation amount.


  • Thank-you on The Open Octave Project Website
  • Webinar & Live Training Invitations
  • CD giveaways (some autographed)
  • Introductions on Twitter
  • Public Recognition via website banners
  • Named-After-You Software Color Themes
  • Your name as a sponsor inside The Open Octave Studio software for all users to see



Other Ways You Can Help


Once you've contributed to the campaign, please consider spreading the word. Here's some suggestions...


  • Spread the word that you've supported The Open Octave Project and let others know, through Facebook, Twitter, your Website, Blog, or other Social Media. Links to the campaign, and to www.openoctave.org would be appreciated.
  • Consider making reoccurring monthly donations to The Open Octave Project. www.openoctave.org/donate 
  • Contact your local music schools, Universities, or other potential Open Octave Studio users. Tell them about The Open Octave Project, or about this campaign. 
  • Be creative. Anything you think of on your own that gets the word out is valuable to us, and we would really appreciate it. 
  • Also, remember about the IndiGoGo share tools!


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