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Lauren Pears posted an announcement 1 year ago

What a week this has been! We’ve made our crowdfunding target with a little bit to spare.

Thank you all very much for your support funding and sharing our campaign and making this possible. It has been such a remarkable experience and I’m absolutely delighted that we will be opening a cat cafe in London!

So what’s next?

First of all: your perks!

If you ordered a toy, please email me at info@ladydinahs.co.uk to let me know which one you would like! We’re finalising the designs in the next week, and I’ll share them online. You’ll have the opportunity to change your mind if you like, because there are only 44 of you, we can be pretty flexible :)

Those of you expecting vouchers, we will post these to your shipping address. If you need to update your shipping address, just send an email to info@ladydinahs.co.uk and I can update that for you.

If you bought your perk as a gift for someone else, let me know and I’ll send a gift note along with the perk :)

Those of you with a High Tea or a Premium High Tea to claim, I will post you a voucher and send you an email in the future when our online booking system is up and running. You will be able to book your High Tea slot once that’s online.

Cat sponsors: I will be in touch with you personally within a week or two.

Please be patient, as all these personal touches take time. The latest delivery date we expect is March 31, so you should all have your perks by then.

As for what Lady Dinah’s is doing next? This week we’re registering the business, scouting for properties, talking to suppliers and getting everything ready to roll so that we can open as soon as possible!

Thank you all so very much. This couldn’t have been possible without you.

Yours gratefully,

Lauren Pears posted an announcement 1 year ago

Today’s crowdfunding summary: We’re at £23,661!

This much would just about cover:

  • Our first quarter’s rent and council tax (~15k payable in advance)
  • a fancy espresso machine and two grinders (~6k)
  • a commercial washing machine & dryer (~2k).

We still need to build a cattery out the back, install the cat toys and beds, get you guys some sofas: and some cats!!

Although you’ve already given so much already, I would like to prevail upon you again, just a little more, to share this campaign with everyone who you think would enjoy or would be willing to support a London cat cafe.

Crowdfunding is such an amazing process and as I approach the tail end of our campaign, I can’t help but reflect on the many ways in which it has already been a success for Lady Dinah’s. It’s not just about having raised funds: our supporters have been incredibly influential and helped us to make better and more informed decisions about the cafe.

Recently, we announced an overnight volunteer program and increased our supplier list of vegan food sources to accommodate the wishes and needs of our online community. We’ve continued our research into free-from food suppliers and ethical cat food companies. We’ve discussed the benefits and disadvantages of softpaws and made great connections with other cat businesses who will help us make the cafe even greater than we imagined. But none of this, we did alone. The expertise of the crowd has made this a crowd-designed business as well as a crowd-funded one.

The lovely comments you’ve shared have kept us working hard, strong in the belief that we’re creating a joyful place for people and animals to share.

So one last request, with the full weight of gratitude for the contribution you’ve already made behind it: Let’s really build our crowd now, as much as we can, and celebrate our success with our friends and felines throughout 2013 and beyond.

Thank you for everything so far. See you in the Cat Emporium.

xx Lauren

Lauren Pears posted an announcement 1 year ago

Hi Crowdfunders,

Our interior design partners in crime, http://koogatree.com/ would like to offer all of our UK supporters a shipping discount on all Koogatree products.

This represents fantastic savings, so contact me at info@ladydinahs.co.uk if you’d like to get the discount code.

20 days to go! Keep spreading the word!

x Lauren

Lauren Pears posted an announcement 1 year ago

Since we started this whole crowdfunding lark, people have been sharing their stories and photos about their cats with us. Whether it’s online, or even during a business meeting, we love the fact that our cat cafe gives people a chance to talk about the small furry bundles of delight in their lives.

Because we love these stories, we would like to invite you to share your stories with us, for a little prize. Announcing the very first Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium Short Story competition! Entries close on January 31 2013, 11:59pm.


The final winners will be selected by the wonderful Tom Cox, author of 500 Things I learned from my Cat, and the recently released Talk to the Tail (a copy of which will be available as the first prize!).

Also, if you haven’t joined us on Social Media, please do join in the conversation. We’re on Facebook and Twitter at the moment (with more ways to connect coming online after crowdfunding)


Keep up the great work you’ve been doing with sharing our campaign!

See you in the cafe
x Lauren

Lauren Pears posted an announcement 1 year ago

Toys perk now launched! Design work is underway, we’ll make you something pretty for £15 xx