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Oomi - Welcome Home 2.0
So easy anyone can set it up in under 5 minutes. Easy, fun, and nothing else like it.
Oomi Home
Chicago, United States
$1,791,235 USD total funds raised
3419% funded on June 20, 2015


The past week members of our team have been attending the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show. There, Oomi received an Innovation Award in the smart home category! Innovation Awards are given to products that stand out in their design and engineering. We're excited that Oomi has been well received and can not wait to show off more of what it can do!

UPDATE: November 19, 2015

We know everyone is looking forward to receiving their Oomi.  We are working diligently to get everything finalized to get ready to ship to our backers, but we have some exciting news to share.  Starting today, you can get a sneak peak of Oomi at Target Open House in San Francisco.  
Starting tomorrow, we'll also be offering a great deal on a limited number of Oomi kits - don't miss your one last chance to get a great deal on Oomi before it's available at retail. Check back here often!!! 

Thank You, ComOOMIty!

Wow! Look what you've done comOOMIty! You've made Oomi the highest funded smart home system on any crowdfunding platform. We are humbled and thrilled by the response to our simplified approach to smart home. You've fired us up to get moving on to the next steps in our journey to bring you the best smart home solution on the planet!

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See The Campaign


Your time at home is precious. Oomi helps you make the most of it.
Home Security: Notifications anywhere in the world.
Entertainment: Movies, Music and Internet at your finger tips.
Comfort: Your environment as your like it.
Ambiance: Lighting exactly the way you want.
Oomi does all of this simply and sets up in under 5 minutes. 


Setup in Action - Smart Home Made Simple


Oomi Touch is the ultimate controller. "No more of this 'smartphone control makes everything super amazing' nonsense." (thanks, Slashgear) Oomi Touch is stunning. It is encased edge-to-edge in glass with a fully capacitive display and tactile buttons for quick control of your entertainment. You'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Strikingly Functional

The responsive display of Oomi Touch is fully customizable so you can control what matters most to you.

Tactile Controls

Oomi has physical buttons to quickly pause your movie or skip to the next song on your playlist.

TV + Music + Ambiance

Oomi Touch is the only controller you need. Goodbye remotes.


Oomi is Useful

Oomi Cube is the brain of your smart home. Most smart homes would call it their "hub". Hubs usually don't do much.  Oomi Cube is packed with 8 environment sensors, a night vision camera, and a bit more. Having sensors inside of Cube allows it to know more about your home. When your Oomi Cube knows more it can do more for you. For example, because Oomi Cube already has a light sensor in it, your home can brighten your lighting when a room gets darker automatically.

Oomi helps manage your home


You are unique. Your home should be too. We made some incredible accessories so you can create a home that does exactly what you need.

Oomi Cam is the ultimate security accessory. It contains a siren, sound detection, and night vision, just to name a few of its features. It's also weatherized so that you can put it anywhere inside or outside your home.

Light affects the way we feel. Set Bulb to a forest green or songbird blue to change the atmosphere of a room. Wake up naturally with Bulb's gradual sunrise effect or relax after a long day with a warm sunset hue.

Plug is the easy way to turn an outlet into a smart outlet. Control a hard to reach lamp wirelessly or monitor the energy consumption of your appliances. Best of all, Plug has a USB port on the side to charge your devices without taking up an outlet.

Oomi LED Strip is the ultimate aesthetics enhancer. Put them under your bed or behind a cabinet to illuminate a room. Set your lighting to a dim lust red, or a powerful midnight blue. Strip is 9 feet long and trimmable so that you make it shorter if you need.

MultiSensor gives you more insight into what is going on inside of your home by detecting motion, temperature, light, UV rays, vibrations, and humidity. It can notify you if something suspicious happens or turn on your lights when you enter a room.

Improve your security by knowing when doors and windows are opened or closed. Put it on cabinets containing valuable or dangerous items to keep them safe. Have your pantry lights set to come on as soon as you open the door.

What if you could know about a flood before it was a problem? Now you can. Place Water Sensor under a leaky sink or in a flood-prone basement to get notified whenever water is around. You can also use Water Sensor to monitor the water level of a tank.

We have two special accessories

Streamer is the ultimate television companion. It streams HD media directly from the internet to your television. Quickly catch up on your shows on Netflix or HBO GO.

Oomi air monitors air contaminants to make sure your air is healthy. It senses PM2.5, which are EPA monitored particles that are one fortieth the width of a human hair.

Connecting accessories

With Oomi, adding accessories to your home is as simple as you would expect.

The Ultimate Controller


It might seem like a no-brainer that your smart home should work even when your internet is down. Oddly enough, that hasn't been the case. With Oomi, it finally is.


With Oomi your home is not only smarter, it is more secure.  But we recognize that everyone's security needs are different, so we have created three perfect options so you can create the perfect system for you and your family.  Out of the box, Oomi offers a numbers of security enhancing features at no additional cost:


Robbers target empty homes. Have your home mimic your lighting patters while you're away so it appears occupied.


With 8 different sensors including glass break and motion detection, you will know when something is wrong.


Oomi will notify you if anything seems out of place in your home while you're away.

If you want even more security, you can add Personal Home Monitoring Plus (PHM).

Finally, you can have your Oomi home professionally monitored by a UL listed central monitoring station. This provides the same emergency response service offered by most home security companies, but with Oomi you don't have to make an appointment or have a stranger in your home to install.
And, in most cases, with 24/7 professional monitoring you can save money on your homeowner's insurance.  Even better? Right now you can get a $40 discount off the regular price.

Pick the Perfect Security Package 


Oomi is coming world-wide

We also have phone apps

Oomi Touch will make you never want to use a phone app to control anything in your home ever again. That being said, we don't expect you to carry it around with you. We've got a great app that allows you to monitor and control your home from anywhere in the world.

Oomi is smart. Really smart.

With Oomi, you can design the intelligent home of your dreams.  But we offer you more than just the ability to create automated recipes based on “if this then that” logic. Oomi learns how you live. It learns what you do to keep your family safe and your home comfortable.  It learns how you like to relax, and how you like to have fun.  Then, it makes recommendations on what it can manage for you, so you can spend more time on the things that matter the most.

Security is important. We've got you covered.

We want your home to be secure.  Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. That's why we've created this magnetic lens cap cover for the camera, so you can be sure prying eyes are kept at bay.  We also use 128-bit encryption for every communication, both between devices inside your home and between your home and the cloud. These are just two of 7 unique security features we have built in to the Oomi system.  You can learn more here.


Too many manufacturers like to hook you in to their products.  They build great systems, but later reveal that ONLY the products made or sold by them will work. Oomi is different.  We made our system incredibly easy to use through our innovations, but we also realize that there are many great products made by many great companies.  Our goal is to seek out some of these great technologies, and then make it as easy as possible to use these products with Oomi.

Indiegogo - Core: Holographic Stereo Speakers ($1,400,000 Funded)
Indiegogo - Luna: Smart Bed ($1,100,000 Funded)
Indiegogo - Flic: The Wireless Smart Button ($850,000 Funded)

Integrate other products into your Oomi System

No one wants to be locked into a closed ecosystem. That's why we're integrating  Oomi with some exceptional technologies. We've built Oomi with the next generation of Z-Wave, the most widely used wireless home automation technology.

You can connect all sorts of things to your Oomi home, from door locks that secure automatically when you go out, to air conditioners that cool your home when you're coming back.

Inside Sneak Peek: Partner Device Integration


Oomi Door/Window Sensor

Oomi Cam

White Touch

White Oomi Accessories

Here's when things will happen



We are Fantem, the creators of Oomi. We believe that time at home is precious. It's when we get to pursue our passions, relax, and be with the ones we love. So we asked the question: how can we help everyone get more out of their time at home? Our answer: simplify aspects  of everyday life - like security, entertainment, and comfort - to allow you more time to focus on what matters most. We have created Oomi. With Oomi, we believe we can revolutionize the future of smart homes by removing the complexity and frustration associated with existing systems.

Winston Cheng
12 years experience in technology and entrepreneurship with over 8 years in smart homes. He has already taken 2 start ups to multi-million dollar profitability. Silicon Valley born and bred, he is a EECS geek from Cal Berkeley.

Colin Marshall
20+ years broad spectrum experience including business development, marketing, strategy, execution, entrepreneurship and investment. Georgetown University alumnus, he actually knows what a Hoya is.

Chris Hall
20+ years CE industry veteran, many spent with some of the worlds most recognized brands. Now focused exclusively on smart homes, he has successfully mentored several start-ups from the garage to more attractive digs.

Rodny Mella
Industrial design guru and artist, his 19+ year portfolio includes work with Disney and race cars.  With over 7 years in smart homes he now dreams of bringing elegance to the connected home.

Shivaun Ryan
Having completed her degree in IT and Business at Trinity College in Dublin, Shivaun now focuses her attention on the development of all things connected, specifically targeting end user adoption and ease of use.

Brian Hirsh
With his degree in Marketing and Economics from the University of Miami, Brian has dedicated himself to the creation and popularization of technology that redefines the way in which we all live our lives.

In addition we have over 150 other dedicated team members committed to building a smarter future.


1. Creating My Oomi

Tech scares me. Should I buy Oomi?
Yes! Oomi is incredibly simple and requires no technical knowledge.

Which accessories should I get?
It really depends on what you want out of your home. If you want to make your home more secure then Oomi MultiSensor would be the best option. If you want to monitor secure or dangerous areas of the home, then Oomi Door and Window Sensor is great. Oomi Bulb is ideal for those who want to change the ambiance of a room. Oomi Plug is fantastic for convenience as well as those interested in monitoring their energy consumption.

How many accessories do I need?
The more accessories you have the more robust your system will be. There is also synergy when a home has multiple accessories. We find that 3+ accessories is the point at which you really start to enjoy the benefits of having a smarter home.

Can I add more accessories later?
Of course! To add new accessories to your Oomi system simply tap them with your Oomi Touch. 

How do I select my accessories?
A few weeks after the campaign finishes we will send out an email to everyone about selecting their accessories. We'll include a link where you can let us know which accessories you want to be included in your kit.

How do I purchase additional accessories?
We'll be selling some additional accessories during the campaign through spontaneous flash sales at a discounted Indiegogo price. Additionally, we'll be introducing a few perks at the end for individual accessories.

How will I know about flash sales?
If you've bought an Oomi pack then you'll be notified via email. You can also follow us on our Facebook and Twitter pages to make sure you stay in the loop.

How much will more accessories cost?
We're offering all of our early backers the best price here on Indiegogo. After the campaign is over they will retail for $49.99 per accessory.

Can I get a second cube for my office?
You sure can! You can buy an Oomi system for anywhere you want to make smarter or more secure.

I want to get get notified, how can I join?
Donating as little as a dollar will get you on the Indiegogo list for all future updates. We'll also make posts on our Facebook and Twitter pages as well as to our email subscribers.

2. Purchasing Questions

How do I know my purchase went through?
You will receive a confirmation email within the first 24-36 hours after your purchase. Sometimes the orders take longer to process.

I haven't gotten my confirmation email yet, should I be worried?
We're getting to everyone's emails as quickly as we can, but it could take as long as 48 hours to hear from us. If it's been longer than that then something might be wrong. Not to worry, just email us at and we'll help get everything straightened out.

How do I select my accessories?
A few weeks after the campaign finishes we will send out an email to everyone about selecting their accessories. We'll include a link where you can let us know which accessories you want to be included in your kit.

How do I select my Oomi Cube color?
It's the same process as the accessories. A few weeks after the campaign finishes we will send out an email to everyone about selecting their accessories. We'll include a link where you can let us know which accessories you want to be included in your kit.

Does shipping cost extra?
Shipping for the United States is free. International shipping is an extra $39 per kit. Other limited time perks have their shipping cost listed in the perk description.

How do I add international shipping to my purchase?
You can pay for shipping by purchasing the International Shipping Add-On perk. 

I forgot to add my international shipping cost... what should I do?
Oops! No worries, you can go ahead and pay the shipping cost now. Make sure you are logged in with the same Indiegogo account you used to purchase your Oomi. When the campaign ends we will make sure everything is as it should be. If you haven't added the shipping cost or if you paid too much by the end of the campaign we'll send you an email and get everything worked out.

I ordered two perks, do I pay full price shipping for both of them?
Take $8 off for additional perks that ship together. If all your perks ship in October, pay full shipping for the first perk and take $8 off each additional perk. If you also have perks that ship in January (Oomi Cam, Oomi In-Wall Dimmer, and H2Oomi), again pay full shipping for the first perk and take $8 off each additional perk.

I'm ordering a flash sale perk but already ordered a kit, do I need to add more shipping?
Take $8 off for additional perks that ship together. If all your perks ship in October, pay full shipping for the first perk and take $8 off each additional perk. If you also have perks that ship in January (Oomi Cam, Oomi In-Wall Dimmer, and H2Oomi), again pay full shipping for the first perk and take $8 off each additional perk.

I overpaid shipping, what should I do?
Just hold tight, after the campaign is over we'll be emailing everyone who has overpaid.

Is there a monthly fee?
Nope. Once you buy Oomi you are good to go.

Do you have a warranty?
Yes, we have a 12 month warranty that covers any manufacturing defects. If you ever have a problem with any part of your Oomi system just contact us and we'll do our best to make it right.

Can I return my Oomi?
Unfortunately no, all of our sales here on Indiegogo are final. But, if you are having a problem or are unhappy with your Oomi you can always contact us and we will try to work something out.

I want to become a distributor. Who should I contact?
Please reach out to our team at

3. Privacy and Security

Can I turn off the camera?
The camera has a notification light hardwired into its power supply. This means that whenever the camera is capturing video, the light will be on. Additionally, we have a physical power shut off toggle. When toggled off, the power connection to the camera is broken and there is no way to turn the camera back on without having physical access to your Cube. We also include a magnetic lens cap for your camera which snaps onto the font of Cube blocking the camera all together, so we've got you covered.

What does Oomi think about Privacy?
We know that privacy must be taken incredibly seriously when it concerns your home. We will always be transparent about how your data is used to help you. Our policy is that your data belongs to you and should be used to make your life better.
If you have any concerns about your privacy please reach out to us and we will answer all of your questions as clearly as we can.

Does my data leave my home?
Oomi processes your data anonymously in the cloud. This allows you to control and monitor your home from anywhere in the world. It also allows your home to use our advanced intelligence algorithms to start automating your devices.

Do I need to have my data processed in the cloud?
No. We do everything to secure the privacy of your data. Still, we know that some people would prefer to avoid it all together. You are free to opt out of anonymous cloud processing at any time. Features that require cloud processing will no longer work. You may opt back in later if you choose.

Is my data secure?
To create a secure system we use 128-bit AES encryption for every communication, both the communications between devices inside of your home as well as those between your home and the cloud. We also have six additional unique security measures put in place to make sure that your system is safe. You can learn more here.

4. Technical Questions

Does Oomi support other smart home products?
Yes! There are some fantastic smart home products out there that you might already have. You will be able to integrate the most popular products into your Oomi system right from the start. We will continue to integrate others in the future as well.

Does Oomi support other Z-wave devices?
Yes. Oomi has the latest generation Z-wave chip in it and is compatible with all previous generations of Z-wave devices.

Will my devices be set to the right Z-Wave frequency?
Yes. We will ship the devices set to the appropriate frequency for your shipping address. If you want them set to a frequency other than the one for the area they're being shipped to, please contact us at

Will you have an Oomi phone app?
Yes. Oomi Touch is meant for inside your home. We're making iOS and Android apps so that you can monitor and control your home remotely.

How much will the apps cost?
They are going to be free, of course.

What happens if the internet goes out?
Don't worry, your house will still work. Some functionality does require access to the cloud and will be temporarily unavailable until your internet is back up. Most notably, the Oomi phone apps will not be able to control your home.

What if the power goes out?
If your power goes out then your Oomi system will temporarily be down. As soon as you get power again everything will be back up and running. 

What is the range of Oomi Cube?
Outdoors Oomi has a range of 100 meters. Inside your home the range depends on what type of home you have. The accessories build a mesh network, which means that the more you have the better signal all of them will receive.

Do I need to recharge my accessories?
Most of our accessories draw power from whatever they're plugged into. The two exceptions are Oomi Streamer which comes with a power cable and Oomi MultiSensor which uses a preinstalled CR123A battery. MultiSensor will work for over 2 years before needing its battery replaced.

Why Z-wave and not ZigBee?
A lot of people are curious about this one. In a nutshell, Z-wave offered what we needed. ZigBee is a fragmented standard. Even if we had the latest ZigBee chip inside of Oomi there would be many ZigBee products that wouldn't connect. Most of the devices people want to connect to their Oomi systems use either Wi-Fi or Z-Wave. We want to spend our time making our system more robust and intuitive.

Will you be releasing an API?
Yes, and No. We get this question a lot.  We understand that there are many users out there, especially early fans of home automation where API was all but required to do the things they wanted to do.  But we believe this is also one of the things that has prevented mass adoption of smart home technology - the perception that you need to have a technical background, just to do cool things.  We have elected to go a different route with Oomi, and at this time we are focusing our efforts on creating the best user experience we can so that all can enjoy a great smart home experience. We also want to be able to provide the best customer support we can. In our opinion, to properly support an API community requires dedicated resources to support that effort, not just leave it up to some chat rooms or a corporate FAQ that gets updated once in never.  So no, we do not plan to release our API to individuals when we launch. For some of you, we realize that may mean that Oomi may not be the best choice at first.  That being said, an API is something we value and is currently available to select partners, and will be available to end consumers in the future when we are ready to be 100% behind it.

Let us know if you think this campaign contains prohibited content.
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