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As we close out our campaign -  We missed the goal for Indigogo,  AND we did find a solution that will get us to the next stage.  The funds we raised here helped bridge that gap!  Thank you so much!

Organic Soda Revolution                
Founded in 2009, Oogavé is a young, growing organic soda company based in Denver, Colorado and we could use your help!                 
As many people know, it takes the average company about 5 years to become profitable.  And cash flow is critical!  We've found ourselves short on cash, but long on opportunities and successes!  Sometimes you just need an extra push to get to the next phase!
If we were a big soda giant like P**** or C***, we wouldn't be calling on our organic-loving community for support.  Alas, we don't have deep pockets and gargantuan ad budgets like they do.  We hustle, negotiate and pour our hearts into this business.  We do it because we are passionate about having healthier options available for soda lovers everywhere.      


Why do you need the money?                
The "Big-2" soda companies each sell more in 20 seconds than Oogavé sells in an entire year, no kidding!  Oogavé is definitely the underdog and needs your help.  We began four years ago in Denver, CO with a mission to bring a healthier soda to market, not knowing anything except that we had an awesome soda on our hands. Needless to say, it's been a lot tougher than we anticipated.                 
In order to escape the shadows of the big giants and make sure we reach all of the consumers who would love to find us, it takes a lot... a lot of case sales and economies of scale.  That requires a lot of money, which is where we have run short.  We've always been a boot-strapping company and have turned precious few resources into great opportunity.  At this point we have fully allocated all of our own personal funds, our friends and family money, and our small investment capital.  We are nearing the goal line of cash flow positive, which will ensure our long-term viability.  Most start-ups take at least 5 years to stabilize.  This year is our 4th birthday and we are projecting another 18-24 months to become self-sustaining.             

If you want to support a mom & 'pop' operation (pun intended), care about the little guy, wrinkle your nose at corn-syrup, push for more organic food products, buy independent, dream big, and keep the dolphins safe, then we implore you to please participate with us at the highest level you can.  Each of these has its own reward for you, with great karmic implications!                                
What happens if you don't raise enough money?                
First and foremost, we will have a good solid cry.  Then, we'll pull ourselves up off the floor and take care of business.  All rewards will be delivered as promised regardless of the amount raised.  If we fall short of our goal, we'll continue to produce our awesome soda for as long as we can keep the doors open.  We are reducing all non-critical expenses and running parallel conversations with many new potential capital partners to help us grow.  We are confident that an investor will make up the difference with an equity investment and keep us moving forward.        


If you reach your goal, will you have all you need to move forward on your own?  Our goal is to raise $500,000 which will help get us to cash flow positive in the next 18-24 months.  Once we hit that tipping point we can grow organically.             
What will you use the money for?                
Your contribution will go towards the many operational costs of the business, including; overhead, marketing costs, sales promotions, tradeshows and keeping jobs alive in the organic sector.  We will be on track to grow our base of sales to a sustainable, long-term profitable level.  We also will be able to continue the development and launch of our diet version, Oogavé LoCa.  Just 10 calories!  Get excited!                
How can I get more involved with your efforts?                
Run to the top of your nearest mountain and scream, "I LOVE OOGAVE!!!" at the top of your lungs.  If this is not feasible, you can settle for telling all your friends about our great organic soda, blow up the social media universe (don't be shy about sharing on FB, Twitter, Pinterest, your blog, etc), get an Oogavé tattoo on your arm, or name your pet after your favorite Oogavé flavor.                

What's the story behind Oogavé?                
The idea for Oogavé organic sodas first came to Esteban Anson while running his small natural foods restaurant in downtown Denver. As a fanatic of quality, and a devotee of delicious and wholesome handcrafted foods, Esteban used only the best natural ingredients in his restaurant.                 
But when it came time to order sodas, Esteban and his customers were still frustrated by the lack of quality and choice in the world of soft drinks. Wanting to offer a variety of fountain sodas, Esteban was dismayed at the treatment and options available through the traditional “evil empire” soda companies. He didn’t want to sign his life away in iron-handed contracts, and he especially didn’t want to serve his customers anything made with processed sugar and High Fructose Corn Syrup. What to do? Esteban thought, "Why not make my own all natural soda? Heck, why not even make it organic?"         
Esteban was already a huge fan of agave nectar, using it in much of his baking and as a sugar substitute in many sauces and recipes. Esteban thought this wonder nectar just might make a delicious and healthier soda. And he was right! Read more at: http://www.oogave.com/index.cfm/about-us/           
















* All rewards are available in the US only.  Continental US only for Oochero Party.

*All shipped cases of Oogave contain 12 bottles each

*Custom Soda cases contain 24 bottles each

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