Online Training to Make Sites and Apps Accessible

Let's create online modules on how to make sites work for people with disabilities.
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Final Hours of this Campaign: Please contribute now!

"This project is pure genius!  I am happy to contribute."

-- Brian Sullivan (Founder of Big Design Conference)

Most sites and apps are built by people who haven't included disability as a design consideration - and Knowbility is out to change that.  We want to provide designers, developers, and managers with just in time resources that help them understand web accessibility. 

When web professionals consider accessibility as a design requirement, they become better at what they do. Almost all sites and apps are built with the best of intentions. Designers and developers balance their understanding of the needs of customers with their own business goals. But it is important for the online world to remain a place of inclusion - that's a fundamental principle of the web. It should not be a place where people with disabilities have to overcome unnecessary barriers simply to apply for a job, take an online course, post to social media, or order a doll for a niece's birthday.  Inclusive design often gets overlooked because of a lack of awareness, experience, and training. 

 With foundational training, we can make web accessibility a fore-thought rather than an after-thought.

Online Training to Build Accessible Sites & Apps

The simple fact is: We can prevent most online accessibility barriers!

Knowbility's goal is to create an accessible LMS with online modularized resources to give web pros the necessary information to build smarter, more accessible sites and apps. Most businesses don't deliberately  create such barriers, they often quite simply do not fully understand the issue. Many need reliable guidance about how to create accessible web sites and apps. With your help, Knowbility can provide that guidance.


Courses will be delivered on a fully accessible platform in a highly interactive and engaging way. They will teach principles and techniques of accessible information technology - things you need to know whatever your role in the communication process. The training program will be based on workshops that Knowbility has delivered for more than 10 years at AccessU. Once we have built the accessible LMS platform we will share it with other accessibly experts, jsut as we do at AccessU and create an fully accessible online space to share knowledge, experience and skills.  Web managers, designers, developers, writers, and other producers will understand why and how to design inclusively--and discover rewards they may not have anticipated. 
Our success depends on you!

Help Us Get Started

We need you to help us get started.  The cold, hard truth is we need:

  • $50,000 to develop the first set of courses and the LMS.
  • Your contributions will be matched by government agencies and philanthropic organizations .
  • Check out the unique perks you will receive for your financial contribution.
  • Once you donate, boost your perk with our  . The contributor with the highest amount of referral donation funds gets their perk upgraded.

Here's a video about Access U, one of the perks:

We can do so much with this money.  The barriers of inaccessible technology are both formidable and unnecessary.  With your help, we will teach web accessibility to those who have the ability to bring down technology barriers - the makers themselves.  We can educate those who put information online about how to reach ALL the world, including people with disabilities.  Will you help us create a suite of online resources to make this transformational IT accessibility training available?

Other Ways You Can Help

We know that you may not be able to contribute financially, But that doesn't mean you can't help out in other important ways.  Here are a few ideas:

  • Embed the video campaign of your sites and blogs.
  • Share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and so on.
  • Announce the campaign at meetups and conferences.
  • Instead of a birthday gift, ask someone to contribute to this cause.

Let's make a world of difference. Let's open the door to make sites and apps accessible to everyone.

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    Accessible flash cards!

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    Advisory Council

    All of the above perks. Plus: you get a seat on our course development advisory board, which will make your mark on accessibility history. It is your time to make a difference.

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    One year course access

    All of the above perks, PLUS, as a founding major funder, your company will have access to the online courses during beta pilot and for one year for up to 25 people once produced.

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