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In March 2014 we ran a crowdfunding campaign to raise over £200,000 to build, a website that’ll help people work together more effectively. For a variety of reasons we did not raise the funds we needed, one of which was that we did not have a prototype.

However, we are using the funds we did raise to take the project forward. Over the past few months we have been establishing partnerships with local charities and NGOs. Together, we are going to develop the prototype, and test it locally in 2015. If you’d like to contribute to the development of  you can still do so on our website

You can also stay tuned with us via Twitter, Facebook orGoogle +

What are we building?

We are building a social medium that will change how the web is used and what we can do with it

Google is where people gather to search for stuff, Wikipedia is where people gather to learn about stuff, but there's no place yet for everyone to gather to DO. So, we are developing the place on the web where everyone will be able to gather to understand and address any issue.

Why is this needed?

A lot of resources are spent by governments, NGOs and private bodies organising partnerships between the public, private and voluntary sectors. Can you imagine how much of could be saved if everybody knew where to gather in the first place? We need to genuinely simplify the ease with which all relevant people can be involved in open, transparent, efficient and effective processes of understanding challenges and implementing change.

It can work. And just as with Wikipedia it took time for people to rely on it as a pretty reliable source of information, so too can we all eventually be using a web where finding THE place where an issue is being discussed and addressed is a given.

Working together in this way will fundamentally change relationships between politicians, citizens and NGOs. Things will happen more quickly, and solutions will be longer lasting, responsive to feedback and more effective. Even businesses will change how they do things, as they'll be able to make and sell products based on real community need rather than relying on abstractions from statistics; transforming the whole notion of social enterprise into an approach that is common sense.

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