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A feature length documentary of souls meeting beyond gender, exploring the unconventional lives of hijras
Reshel Shah
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Introduction to Black Sheep

Black Sheep is a 70-minute feature length documentary following a group of Hijras and the crew as they create new bonds of friendship while they proactively, through empowering events, break the barriers of popular myth and prejudice. The cinematic journey will move beyond the gritty slums of Mumbai to celebrate the real-life joys and multi-faceted personalities of this unique community of trans genders in India. From empathetic glimpses into their everyday lives, the narrative will encapsulate a series of adventures ranging from photo-shoots to fashion and talent shows, to celebrate the glorious femininity of the Hijra protagonists. Empowering adventures will include a DIY makeover for their currently grim workplace to bridging the emotional space between society, the families and the Hijras.

The film will shine a light on these inspiring Hijras who have demonstrated the courage to go up against society’s strictures to fulfill their true destiny.

“Black Sheep” will underscore the importance of freedom and living true to one’s identity and confront the negative portrayal of this hitherto marginalized section of Indian society. The objective is not to sermonize or castigate. Black sheep will be a beautiful, poignant documentary that honors and celebrates the freedom to live true to one’s destiny. 

Why is this an important film

Undoubtedly other documentaries about animals, health and the eco system or even children will be something people may want to watch, however this film is not showing a form of sadness or negativity but instead celebrating the love of choosing your own destiny. 

Hijras are trans women who were yes once a male and became a female. Now in other parts of the world it’s slowly being accepted, In India it’s a long way away. Even with the supreme court in India given equal rights to Hijras the people of India have a long way to seeing them as equals. It’s sad to see other parts of the world giving acceptance and equality but not those trans women in India, we plan to change this with our film.

Many documentaries in the past have been produced in regards to Hijras, however with Black Sheep it’s not about repeating those films in showing Hijras as sex workers or carrying aids…because there is more to a person then just two aspects! This film looks at a group of Hijras as positives, the women of now and becoming their friends and celebrating life with them, something they have not even been able to share with people. 

Meet our women

Mariah is absolutely gorgeous and has some deep stories, one of them being not having met her mum since her gender change. It’s been seven years and she cries for her mother every night. We want to get Mariah and he mother to re-unite. 

Mariah as she breaks down telling us how she waits for the day to meet her mother

Manisha is a fighter, she has been fighting for equality for over ten years, that’s not easy and you can tell she’s tired. Manisha’s office and community gathering is her haven, where she feels at peace, we want them to re-design their office with our help so it reflects their gorgeous and fun filled personalities. 

Kaif is super talented she taught herself how to design clothing and sketching, she knows no one will ever hire her. We plan to organize a talent show where Kaif will get a chance to design the clothes for the fashion show for the girls to wear and show off, lets make her talent shine to everyone. 

Sneha was the first hijra we met, we all loved her straight away her eyes were so honest and her smile would brighten up anyone’s day. She’s polite, caring and respectful. However she wants a job that shows her as an equal. We plan to organize a training, computing and CV class to help the girls look for honest jobs. 

What we need

We seriously need your help to make this happen, we need to raise $20,000 to make this film happen and give those new experiences and stories to our ladies. Every amount helps from $10 to $7000 and the funds will help execute this film and the events we plan to do with the women from small things such as buying paint for their office to getting our film crew to capture it all in India. In total we plan to spend 30 days filming with five events.

It’s easy for us to go and just make these events happen and take back some iphone pictures and a life time of memories, but that’s not the idea, we want to share our memories with the world and how better then through film. When we smile we want you to smile, we want you to be part of the events as much as we are. 

The Events

In total we have 5 events we plan to do:

1.  Fashion show

2.  Calendar shoot

In total we met 12 hijras, we want them to feel so special and feel like beautiful women they are, sometimes they don’t feel that beautiful so we decided to organize a calendar shoot – each of them become a month and a fashion show for them to show off their confidence and talent.

With the best hair and make-up, venue, DJ, Host, photography studio and more we think this would be great for them. 

1.  Training and CV Class

2.  A talk with a college

We want a professional to come to their office and train them on how to use computers, write the perfect CV and how to prepare for an interview. Now the supreme court has given them full equal rights its time we push them to get jobs that can sustain their future needs and goals.  We are also going to organize a talk with a boys college where they give a talk about freedom and equality and become the mentors they should have been years ago. 

5. Re-design

When we met the girls in April it was always in this office/room that has some scruffy paint and chipped up tables and chairs. They love meeting up here and spend hours in this place. We decided we want it to reflect them with new splashes of colors, new furniture and more – we want them to experience creating a beauty for their home. 

Some of our perks

We have some cool perks to give away, and through these perks you get to have a piece of memory that shows you were part of this memorable experience for these women. 

For $25 grab the t-shirt we have had exclusively designed by the creative Jobert Garcia

We are so excited to have the Dubai based Physical Graffiti Band on board to be creating the songs for the film. For $200 you can grab the album created between the band and the director

And if you ever wanted your name in a film - now is your chance for $1000 grab your own title card in the film

Meet the crew

People have called our crew different, because we believe in what we are doing is true to the heart. We all come from a film background and have over twenty years of experience added together.  To us all this film is not about making something for money, for us this film is making smiles for others. Most of us all live in the Middle East, apart from Krishna Shroff our Co-Producer, so we are all coming in October to Mumbai to make this film happen.

The below video gives you an idea of why others are supporting our crew and film 

Below is another link from our music Composer Mahmoud Altaf - his blog talks about the film and working with the Director Reshel Shah Kapoor


Below is the music from the trailer - enjoy it :) we went for a emotional, happy and spiritual feel all wrapped up in friendship 

High res trailer 

We are super excited to have Physical Graffiti come on board as the official band of the film - check their music out below.

Other ways you can help

We absolutely understand that some people may not be able to contribute, and we thank you for even taking the time to read about the film and watch the video.

There are other ways to help:

· Share this page with others on your social media sites for further support

· Follow us on twitter @blacksheepfilm for updates as well as tweet about us

· Share our website www.blacksheepdocumentary.com

· Share our trailer https://vimeo.com/97156283 


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  • $10USD

    Get a shout on on our social media facebook and twitter page

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    Personal message

    get a personal message from the director, Reshel Shah Kapoor or co- producer Krishna Shroff which will be also linked to our social media sites and website.

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  • $25USD
    Printed T-shirt

    Grab a t-shirt with the film's poster and signed by crew and cast.

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  • $50USD
    Grab a printed still

    Get a printed still from the shoot

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  • $50USD
    One of the events

    Come along to the event and check out the girls showing of their talent in the fashion show, or them having fun in the calendar shoot. Please keep in mind you must pay for your own Visa, transport, accommodation and other expenses to be made by contributor

    0 out of 10 claimed
  • $75USD
    Personalised still

    Get a personalised still from the shoot signed by 2 of the hijras

    0 out of 50 claimed
  • $100USD
    Copy of the DVD

    Get a copy of the DVD signed by the crew, 2 weeks prior it going live.

    0 claimed
  • $100USD

    As we are doing a calendar shoot with the girls, be the first to grab a copy of it.

    3 out of 75 claimed
  • $150USD
    The poster

    Get the poster signed by the artist Bingu Ratnapala and crew

    0 claimed
  • $200USD
    The audio CD album

    Physical Graffiti are our official band - get a copy of the album from the film's songs and signed by the band https://www.facebook.com/physicalgraffitimusic

    1 claimed
  • $1,000USD
    THANK YOU credit

    Grab yourself a "Thank you credit" at the end of the film, as well as all the above perks.

    2 out of 20 claimed
  • $1,500USD
    THANK YOU credit at the start

    Get a "Thank you" credit at the beginning of the film with the opening title sequence, have a full screen card dedicated to your name, as well as all the above perks.

    1 out of 10 claimed
  • $7,000USD
    Credit in the film

    Grab a credit and role in the film. Get your name under the role of "Associate Producer" in the beginning titles of the film, , as well as all the above perks.

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