On the Sale of Swords

Medieval short film about a mercenary taking his fate into his own hands.
Jeremy Williams
Dallas, Texas
United States
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On the Sale of Swords in the next short film from the creators of "Witchbane: Hunters" and director Jeremy "Phoenix" Williams. It is a medieval film with a focus on sword fighting action.

A sellsword is hired to help a knight transport a prisoner to his fate, a bard with a loose tongue and a weakness for the daughters of lords. But the knight could put the sellsword's profit at risk, as well as the life of their prisoner.

On the Sale of Swords will showcase the fourteenth century combat art of Fiore dei Liberi. Fans of fantasy shows such as Game of Thrones will feel right at home with this short.

      We'll be bringing back "Witchbane" actor Eric Weiss as the titular Sellsword. He's done work as a knight at Medieval Times in Dallas and is an incredible stuntman as well.

Playing the Bard will be a new up and coming actor named Aaron Stewart. He will be bringing to life the always smirking and arrogant Bard. A prisoner being transported to his punishment by the Sellsword and the Knight.

Playing the Knight will be the instructor at the DFW Schola Saint George Medieval Renaissance Swordsmanship and with his help we will be showcasing the fourteenth century combat art of Fiore dei Liberi.

As far as crew there will be director, Jeremy "Phoenix" Williams, whose work can be see at www.AshesRisingFilms.com

As cinematographer there will be Lee Clowers, whom we have worked with quite a bit on multiple projects.

Doing the music and sound design will be Gavin Salkeld. Gavin Salkeld has been creating music since 1997. He started out making dance music, before moving onto composing ambient and electronica. His output blossomed during the mid-2000s, and to date he has self-funded and self-released seven home studio albums. Gavin’s first love is composing for film and in a little over five years he has composed original music for over 50 productions. He is perhaps best known for his numerous collaborations with horror film producers ScreamKings. His most recent soundtrack was for the Next Horizon Pictures film, “The Stone Sisters: Exodus”, which is now available on CD from his website. Gavin works freelance and collaborates with filmmakers around the globe across a variety of productions, whilst continuing to release his soundtracks and non-film albums on CD. See more of his work at www.salkeldmusic.com


In order to make this, there are several things we need to get, mostly, we need to get people paid. Too often are people asked to work for free when making a short film, and even though the budget is tight on this, I want to be able to pay people, as well as have money to get some of the equipment we need, festival entry costs, etc. here's a list of what we need the money for:

  • Renting lenses to use on our Blackmagic camera
  • Music and sound design
  • Location sound
  • Make Up artist
  • Securing the filming location
  • Props and costumes
  • Paying cast and crew, even if it's just a little. Even if it just matches minimum wage, I want them to be able to do this. The more we get past our goal, the more we can pay everyone.
  • Film festival entry fees
  • DVD and Bluray production
  • Transportation and food for cast and crew

Even if you can't donate, please share this page, as well as our facebook page:

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