Om Shan Tea Revitalization

Help Om Shan Tea reopen it's doors

Our Story

Om Shan Tea has been operating a teahouse in San Francisco for 2 1/2 years. Offering organic vegan food, healing gourmet teas and diverse cultural events, this teahouse has been a source of healing, enrichment and transformation for many people. Numerous people have described the teahouse as their favorite place in San Francisco and there are 58 5-star reviews on Yelp.com.

While the teahouse has recently been breaking even and moving towards making a good profit, previous debts have mounted up and it has now become difficult to continue without a financial boost. On September 26th, Om Shan Tea closed it's doors to the public. We are launching this campaign to help revitalize and reopen the teahouse.

The Impact

We want the teahouse to continue to benefit the community. In addition to the healthy food and teas, the teahouse also plays an important role in the San Francisco creative, performing arts, spiritual and healing communities.

Open Heart Poetry, our weekly poetry night is central to the bay area poetry scene.

Our weekly temple dance night has featured many of the top dancers in the bay area and is a major hub for the bellydance community.

We have hosted numerous musical concerts featuring world renowned talent including the country's top throatsinger, Sufi Qawwali music featuring Nusrat Fateh Ali Kahn's tabla player and dozens of other respected musicians and performers. 

We have hosted numerous spiritual events including buddhist teachers Namkha Rinpoche & Lama Troma Rinpoche, Ecuadorian Shaman Flavio Santi, Filipino healers, Native American spiritual teachers, and numerous others.

We have hosted meditation, qi-gong, martial arts, nutrition and tea ceremony classes and class field trips from  schools and universities.

We host a weekly Alcoholics Anonymous group that draws more than 20 regular attendees. The teahouse is also a destination for many needing a healthy alternative to drug and alcohol culture.

Om Shan Tea is central to bay area tea culture communities. We have introduced thousands of people to tea ceremony and tea culture, and our tea library and tea classes help people to learn more about tea.

What We Need & What You Get

We hope to raise a total of $20,000 through loans and donations to pay off outstanding debts, and to make the improvements neccessary to make the business sustainable and successful. We hope to raise $5,000 through this IndieGoGo campaign, but we also hope to raise more through fundraising events and business loans.

Other Ways You Can Help

Please share this campaign with others using the social media links provided. Even if you are unable to contribute, please tell those who are financially abundant and who want to support ethical business, community and holistic wellness. We are also looking for loans and are open to people organizing benefit events.

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