Old Dogs & New Tricks - Season 2

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Old Dogs & New Tricks

Outstanding Dramedy Program * Outstanding Ensemble Cast      -- LA Web Fest 2012

Leon Acord #3 on PlaceVine.com's "Top Ten Emerging Web Series Stars of 2012"

“A web series worth watching”  Deep Dish Blog 

Old Dogs & New Tricks is the comedic, serialized story of four gay best friends in West Hollywood, each stumbling towards 50, and how they react (or overreact) and adjust (or not) to middle age in a youth-obsessed town and industry.  In a place called Boystown, do gay men ever grow up, or do they just grow old?

“Original LGBT programming LOGO should be running” Back2Stonewall 

Our Pilot debuted July 30, 2011 to immediate success.  Our five-episode first season debuted Jan. 8, 2012, earning rave reviews, attracting devoted legions of fans and bloggers, invitations to festivals, over 14,000 hits to our site, close to 50,000 overall views on our YouTube Channel, and a 98% ‘Like’ rating from YouTube viewers.

 “Actors who know what they’re doing” MatureGuyz

"Our show is, first and foremost, a comedy grounded in reality.  We’ll continue to be funny and occasionally jaw-dropping, but as our boys begin to face maturity, their stories begin to develop a little more gravitas." Creator/Writer/Actor Leon Acord 

“Brilliant, funny, well written—gets better and better” Steve Gray 



All four 'Old Dogs' are back (Leon Acord, Curt Bonnem, Jeffrey Patrick Olson & David Pevsner), as well as Ryland Shelton and Amanda Abel.  Special guest stars Thom Bierdz (Young & the Restless) and Bruce L. Hart return to Season 2, joined by new guest stars:



Days of Our Lives' IAN BUCHANAN!



Season 2 will shoot during the late summer/early fall 2012, and debut on Wednesday, January 2, 2013.


 YouTube Comments on Season 1:

“Extremely well-made, especially for this medium.  Well-acted and very funny!”  OnlyThruMyEyes

“it's well acted, well written, and the productions values are great … style and humour … has set high standards in the world of the web series.” 1000grok

“Amazing concept for a web series.” Kinda Gay Blog

“Great show about people of my generation.” Madbroh

“Clearly there is a talented Producer behind this fresh and very relate-able story. Can’t wait to see more!” MidiArchive

“Very fun. I like seeing this about gay men who are ‘of an age’.”  Mary Jesus Joesph

“So wonderful. Truly funny”.Fruitistic

“BRAVO!”  AnnConradt

“Awesome! I want more, more, more! These guys are hilarious”  sheknowsdotcom

“looking forward to more episodes! Wonderful characters … Excellent writing. Leon Acord is so multi-talented. Great fun!”  Themombom

“Hilarious. What a fun, likable group of "boys."  I can't wait to see more!!”  Shaela

“Loved it!!! WE WANT MORE!!!! And this is coming from a 29 year old straight man!”  Dvdvanity

“Thank you for bringing us something fresh! Funny, well cast and great production values”  KingHead

“Funny as hell and real”  daymude63

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